CCP Hates Freedom, Freedom Hates the CCP

China a nation so rich in history and tradition that it has flowed around the world. A country of beauty and majesty and wonderful people of all kinds. But like here in America, China is lead by a ruthless murderous political dictator. Xi, and a party of sheep who follow everything the leader demands. A hive mind is all the CCP is and Xi is the “queen bee.” The newest Hitler in the World, the newest Stalin, the newest Chairman Mao how many people were murdered by these leaders of a hive mind government. Communists, Progressives as they liked to be called here in America, or Social Democrat or Globalist. All the leaders of these socials, communist movements were traitors to the people of their nation by enslaving them and by murdering anyone who the “queen bee” told them to eliminate.

News agencies in America are reporting that Hydroxychloroquine will kill you. Well as I remember there are quite a few “drugs” prescribed by doctors that kill people. Have you not heard the side effects in tv commercials. Misinformation is more dangerous than Hydroxychloroquine and the “Fake Propaganda” that the likes of major network news outlets spew out their dribble daily. This lie about hydroxychloroquine will kill you is pure deception because so many other drugs have side effects that will kill some people. The likes of Bernie Sanders and the Progressive democrats love this shutdown. People are suffering and they get paid no matter what. All elected officials and bureaucrats should be laid off and they can collect unemployment and stay home. People who are not cowards and not liars who are not trying to deceive the people will go back to work. People who can think for themselves and do not need propaganda news outlets like CNN, CNBC, and Fox Network is falling in line with a progressive globalist communist propaganda. Listening to and believing all these “news” outlets is more dangerous to your health. They can pretend they care but they do not really care how many people die as long as they can keep up the propaganda and destroy the framework of America we love and they seem to hate.

It is really hard to believe that Communist-run the Democratic party completely and the globalist run nearly all of the Republican party so we have two parties who care more about communist and globalist agendas than the agenda of the American Nation. Cowards and Traitors are all they are. In this “lock-down” we see the tyrants rise to the top of the heap and try and make use of the crises to line their own pockets and to destroy as much American liberty and freedom as they can. Spewing fear and paranoia, seeking to track people via the virus tracking of who you have been in contact with. It is none of the government’s business and certainly not the CDC. This is just another crisis they communist progressives like Nancy Pelosi and the Gang of 4 communist followers, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Maxine Waters don’t want to let go to waste. These are the communist enemies of America. Following Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals ideal dedicated to Lucifer just like his book Rules for Radicals. God hater, communists, glorified by the liberal left as a great community organizer but hiding in plain sight is the communist agenda of his beliefs. And his love of Lucifer and hatred of God and of course the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the likes of Mitch O’Connell and Lindsay Graham who are more globalist than nationalists. Mitch O’Connell lets things slide on by and ignores them and Lindsay Graham talks a big game but never shows up to play. We have seen nothing but talk and no action from either on the attempt to overthrow the duly elected president, Donald J. Trump. Did democrats attempt to overturn an election by illegal means is sedition and if they were working with others it is a conspiracy to overthrow the government and should be treated as such? Just by looking the other way I believe people in the Senate and Congress are guilty of incompetence.

Nancy Pelosi the self-proclaimed progressive is an incompetent elected official who is 3rd in line for the Presidency if something were to happen to the President or Vice President. She and Xi would truly be best friends as she would force America into communist slavery just like the Chinese Communist Party has done to the Chinese people for 75 years or so.

Here is a quote from the progressive loving Wikipedia “The CPC is officially organised on the basis of democratic centralism, a principle conceived by Russian Marxist theoretician Vladimir Lenin which entails democratic and open discussion on policy on the condition of unity in upholding the agreed upon policies. “

They left out one important detail and that is if anyone disagrees, or fails to follow the CCP mandates that person is denied basic human rights, freedom, and even the right to live if you fail to toe the line of the  murderous CCP parties “agreed upon policies.”

Hidden in plain sight is a group of people who our own Democrat party leaders love. They can make billions of dollars, and turn middle-class Americans into paupers asking for handouts from the almighty leaders of the American communist government. Democrats love communism, they love to play with words and call communism many names. Social Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, and even the world liberal is now more aligned with communist ideals than with ideal of individual liberty, and self-governance. Once the democrats regain the power they will punish everyone who refuses to toe the party line, just like their little Hitler friend Xi of Communist China.

If you really believe the democrats are for America look at their HERO Act, giving money to criminal aliens, their favorite scams, and of course keep funding abortion and call it reproductive rights. The murder of your baby is still an essential need for the Democrats in this made up pandemic. But don’t go into a church and pray to God, that would be too dangerous. Who put these fools in power in America? Did you vote for one of the little Hitlers? 

America is an armed nation and if the Democrats do not want to see civil war they better get their heads out of the CCP’s rear-end. The Democrats in power better wake up to the fact that we will not follow their beloved Lucifer loving Saul Alinsky. Nor will we follow them and trust them or believe anything they ever say again. I believe the democrat party is in league with the CCP to invade America from within, 5th columnist, enemies from within. And the democrat party is putting up for President a man who loves the CCP and who has never had a real job his entire life. He has never been successful at anything but suckering people into voting for him over and over and over while he and his family are getting rich off the positions of power he has held.

To all the major media mouthpieces we know you are lying, we know you are working with the communist democratic party. We know you are nothing more than CIA mockingbirds who will do whatever they are told and never question anything at all. Little cowards who are not a journalist but just big brother propaganda agents lying to the people and pretending they are telling the truth.


China Beautiful People Ruled by Cruel Masters

China, the ancient land long before the USA. They knew of the Lord Jesus Christ thousands of years ago. They have marked the day in time. The Chinese like all nations have a population that loves God and a population that does not know God and a ruling class population who hates God. Much is the same in America. You see the narcissist coming out in our social media, news broadcast, political officials. Much the same as the CCP, cruel narcissist rulers who hate all mankind who will not bow to their dreamed up authority to rule every human on earth. America has this same plague, look at the America Democratic party. They want to give power and authority to illegal immigrants and punish the taxpaying public, the middle class and force them to pay for all the things they wish to give away. Promises, promises, of free everything and the people who do not have any common sense, don’t realize that we are losing our freedom to the ideologues of social media, broadcast news, elected officials who care nothing about America or the American people as long as China and the CCP can keep forcing the Chinese people to work for crumbs while the Leaders sit in luxury and eat as much as they want and imprison or murder just as their beloved mass murderer Chairman Mao did anyone who dares disagree, speaks out or protest is an enemy of the Democrats and the CCP.

Is this is the model for America the social media, the news outlets, the elected officials on both sides desire? Police State America like Police State China. Well with 300 million guns in the hands of the American people who are patriots to the nation no wonder XI the dictator for life in a murderous regime of communist control is worried about Americans owning guns. 1984 is the world the people of China suffer under with the CCP control instead of the God Fearing, Nation loving honest Chinese. Now, this plague is beginning to take hold in America with all the traitors to America preaching their communist god-hating, abortion loving mantras. We see American mainstream media is protecting, defending the communist CCP murderers, and condemning God Fearing, freedom-loving American’s. Democrats are like a communist plague against freedom and liberty.  Democrats are a giving America to the world and telling the American taxpayer we must pay for the world. 3 trillion offered by the democrats to anyone who is not American. These elected officials are enemies of the people just as the mainstream media is and have betrayed our country and need to be held accountable for their nefarious actions.

China filled with beautiful people with a long history are being treated like dogs by a little Hitler name XI. He and his CCP dictators are enemies of all people of the world just as the Democrats and the globalist wish to tell the world what they can think when they can do and if they don’t obey punish them. The power-mad narcissists are in control of the world. Stand up and speak out against these enemies of the people, enemies of God, and most importantly of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray for our enemies like Xi even though we believe he will destroy as many lives as he can before he dies. It seems the goal of the CCP, the Democrats, the Socialist, the Communist, Globalist, and the Social Media outlet and the Main Stream media is to control the very thoughts the people have as well as their actions. And if the people dare disagree, social shaming, fines, penalties, jail time and murder. The New Normal is a dictatorship by the powers that be. Lies about reality are distorting the truth and people cannot see the truth for all the lies hiding the truth. This lock-down is just a lie. The real issue is little Hitler’s in the position of power think they have the right to make up rules for human behavior because of a virus. Please is anyone who is fooled by the virus scam, look at the economic problems nearly every country on earth, nearly every state, every city, nearly every large corporation, and nearly every household in America were broke before the virus and by shutting down the economy they can blame bad economic policy on the virus and nearly everyone in America will be living in poverty going forward because of elected and government bureaucrats their “official decisions”. Raising the debt limit year after year after year and never balancing the budget. Going further and further into debt and now letting a virus be the scapegoat for all the political left-wing, communist/globalist loving elected officials budget decisions. And foremost the Federal Reserve and the Central Banking System. Stealing the wealth of nations. It is time to confiscate the assets of all Central Banking investors who have swindled Americans and the World with the Central Banks. IMF, ECB, WMF, the Federal Reserve, and forcing fiat currency on the public without public consent. One giant Ponzi scheme by these bankers, investors, governments, and “too big to fail” corporations.

Why does the Federal Reserve have the right to steal the wealth of the world with “fake money?” Zero and ones on a balance sheet are not wealth creation, it is theft and Central Banks like the Federal Reserve, the IMF,  the World Bank, and all other nations “Central Banks” are all thieves, being allowed to steal the wealth of the world for themselves and their cronies. Corruptions abound with the narcissist who is in control of the world. Like Xi, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Obama, Biden, Nadler, Cuomo, and all the little Hitler governors and mayors across America. These people have marked themselves “enemies of the people” as power has gone to their heads and we can see how they act with dictatorial decrees of tyranny.



Checkmate: Liars Revealed in Government Coverup

All charges have been dropped against General Michael Flynn. Why? Because of the liars in the US Government, the FBI used their power for the political assassination of another patriot American. Using their power of position in the FBI and these people have turned America into a puppet state where they frame anyone they point their lies and deceptions upon. These agents should all be charged for conspiracy. A conspiracy of entrapment to remove General Flynn from his position of power. Why? Because he knew what people had been doing from his position in the pentagon. How many more people must suffer at the hands of a corrupt deep state officials?

The enemies of America are revealing themselves.

Do You Need To Murder Me Because I Believe and I Trust the Lord Jesus Christ?

I see the world refuses to believe the Lord Jesus Christ. Nearly everyone has rejected or pretends to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and many will fail in their faith or lack of faith when the hard choices must be made in your journey down the path to the righteousness of God, with the Good Shepard leading us the unrighteousness to the righteousness of God the Father that we might be saved.

Hocus Pocus many people shout, nothing proven, nothing gained. Let us cast spells to bring forth the spirits to guide us to live forever. Ghosts, spirits, entities, aliens, demons, Satan, angels, Nephilim, Seraphim, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, “I AM”, God they all exist. That is why the minds of men are so confused they choose to believe one or the other but not both. Yet if humans would look at the world and see all of these things exist.  Many things are happening that we cannot see, both never the less they are happening.

The “New Age” is rising. The spirit of Aquarius, the spirit of antichrist is rearing its ugly head in many places around the world. In America, abortion is promoted like it is a lifestyle choice instead of what it is, individual selfishness. Narcissism at its highest level and today abortion are promoted by politicians as a women’s reproductive rights. This abortion agenda is promoted all over the world by foul people. These people who promote abortion also use population growth as an issue for their agenda.

So as the world turns we see the people who push for abortions many are against gun ownership. So murder your child in the womb. We will take your guns and murder you when we do not like what you are saying or doing. Little Xi Jinping’s abound in this world. Many governors are proving themselves to be little Xi Jinping’s. Wishing to be dictators for life with their police state mentality. Is this what Nancy Pelosi and most democrats want? Amerio-chin, the new communist state of America. With Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and AOC, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the Gang of 4. America’s new Chinese Communist Party puppets. Along with the social media outlets, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and search engines Google, and who knows how many other social platforms are marching to the communist beat of censorship and pretending it goes against their guidelines, hah hah. What they are saying is it goes against the Chinese Communist Party guidelines of President for life, little Hitler, Xi Jinping.

It is not a virus that makes me anti-CCP and anti-Xi Jinping it is his and the Chinese Communist Party hatred of God, the Lord Jesus, anyone who has even a nonconformist belief is a target of a hate-filled, devious, manipulative, unjust, thief and murderer. So exactly why is the social media and tech giants of the world following and praising the CCP? Why are our political leaders, our governors working with CCP. They hate all the other American’s who do not want anything to do with the CCP.

It’s because you intend to follow the CCP model of social engineering in America? Anti-God, anti-life, anti-guns, anti-contact, anti-living? How long before you introduce bills to kill anyone anytime you deem it necessary just like the CCP? Do you need to murder me like Xi Jinping is doing in China to good Chinese people of all beliefs? I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ do you need to murder me America? Xi Jinping does. Does the progressive communist left, the democrats and their pretend conservative republicans intend to make America a police state where they can murder at will? Steal at will! These trillions of dollars that are being printed are all fake money. Every bill they press the less value the bill you have in your bank or pocket and all future bills are worth. They are slowing enslaving everyone with their lies and deceptions about “currency” and “money.”

Communism is the enemy of all mankind. Every person who is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, everyone who speaks in a positive light about the CCP or communism or socialism or fascism, progressives, liberals are enemies of people who love freedom. To gun owners, liberty or death is no joke. And since Xi Jinping is troubled by American’s who own guns, you can see why the Democrats who love the idea of a police state in America where they are in charge want to take American’s guns. Democrats are communist, maybe not all of them. Yet it is obvious all the leaders and “stars” are, no matter how they call themselves, progressives, socialist, social democrats, liberals, whatever they prefer.  These are the enemies of God, they hate the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. They believe they have the right to rule this world and the people on it in their misguided anti-Christ, new age beliefs. Abortion, homosexuality, trans-humanism, transgenderism are all anti-Christ and enemies of God. No matter how loudly they proclaim they believe in God, it is not what they say but what they do, what fruit they bear.

No matter how much propaganda comes out of the CCP mouthpieces that are Anti-American. American gun owners will not give up guns without a civil war or in the CCP case if they attack America ever gun owner will happily and will be called to arms. Young boys and old men, young girls, and old women we will all be their armed to the teeth waiting. Standing with the Full Armour of God, fearless in the face of your hatred of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Make no mistake though America’s political leaders were a bunch of stumbling fools, we are not lead now by a leader who is a stumbling fool and we stand ready willing and able to defend America but more importantly to stand up and tell the CCP that we love God, we love America, we love Jesus Christ, we love freedom. Now is the time to push back against the CCP loving democrats and vote them out of office, before the civil war does break out.


Police STATE AMERICA the New Normal?

Fools in government are demanding people believe their lies. Lies about the virus being the real issue. The virus excuse will be used to destroy your freedom, steal your wealth as the Federal Reserve continues to pump money in the “Stock Market” to buy up everything and put the bill on the American taxpayer. The New Normal is a lie. That is just another way to create a police state here in America. Communists globalist mentality. This is a communist attack. An Internal, communist attack by globalist, democrats, communist, socialist, fascist. Who are they? Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Bill Gates, China, Governors of states. Fauci? Are these people committing sedition and treason and getting away with it? These people are in league with the Chinese Communist Party. Raking in millions of dollars and betraying their country, America. Time to rise up patriots against the fear, lock-down, lies of government and globalist. Time to rise up against all those who hate the Lord Jesus Christ, “I AM.” Truth is painful and there will be no repentance from people who are a part of the hive mind of the Chinese Communist Party. Progressives, Socialists, are anti-freedon and must be voted out.

Do what we say or else. The Political Class is the enemy of the people. The Globalist Class is the enemy of the people, people like George Soros, Bill Gates. They are in love with the communist style of government. Do what we say or else. It is time to call out all of the “govnuts” traitors to America and arrest them for sedition.  Now the “social media” outlets in America are social censoring its members. Just like communist China. The World’s greatest enemy is the leader of CHINA, Xi Jinping leader of the world’s greatest human enemy, the Chinese Communist Party. Great Chinese people are being punished for not thinking like, for not obeying this murderous regime. Xi Jinping is the leader of a Godless GOVERNMENT, destroying a great nation. Now you see this communist influence reaping the harvest in America. This is War, not against the Chinese people but against our own government leaders and of the world’s leaders. These are the most corrupt people on earth and are working hand in hand with

Xi Jinping the world’s greatest human enemy. CCP’s godless murderous leader.

Look at Baltimore Maryland using drones to spy on the people to keep them at a social distance. Fabricated tyranny by political nuts who are full of themselves and power is going to their heads. These “govnuts” as I have heard the political hacks called lately are simply trying to see how far they can push the people before they push back against the political hacks who pretend there is a great virus emergency. Listening to these vaccine researchers who lose funding when vaccines are not injected into the people. We must stay shut down until a vaccine is found. So you are saying that every American must stay in their homes until a vaccine is found is as stupid as a human being can get. These news outlets today spread fear, anger, and hatred and they are not worth a single listen. Don Lemon, Rachel Meadow, Jake Tapper, and a host of other CNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox morons pretending they are real journalists. They are nothing more than rumor mongers, like the personalities on the VIEW. Are all mockingbird CIA operatives following the party line? Mockingbird journalism is nothing but communist propaganda spewed daily to indoctrinate the American people into believing the lies they repeat over and over and over and over and laughing and mocking anyone who can see through their lies of  “fake news” and dares to disagree. Petty minds, petty thinking, solutions never offered, praise never offered, just a repeat of lies, fear, anger, and hatred.  People are in love with hate and anger and the “journalist” spreading nothing but deception and anger and hatred.

The problem is debt. Theft by political hacks, theft by corporations, theft by bureaucrats, theft by banks, theft by the Federal Reserve and all other Central Banks and World banks IMF, and many others banking and investments are nothing but theft of the populations’ wealth. This is why they shut down the countries of the world now they can steal it all because most people are now further in debt than they were just two months ago. Communist lies, selfish people in government, greed, corruption, and most importantly they do not fear God. We are now lead by people who do not fear God, they think they are equal to God. They actually believe we should obey them instead of the Lord Jesus Christ, I AM. This is why they hate you and all other believers and followers of “I AM.”



The Battle Between Righteous and Unrighteousness

The Battle Between Righteous and Unrighteousness

The right and the wrong are at war. Both beliefs hold to the idea that their idea is right and the other wrong. Both insist they are correct, and the other is wrong. So two believe they are right, and both believe the other is wrong. So the question of right and wrong is now not a question of morality, nor is it a question of truth. Now right or wrong depends on your feelings, or does it?

What is right about governments turning people into slaves to the welfare state? What is right about a government that prints fake money and lends it at interest and demands the business give the government a stake in their business. That is Fascism plain and simple. Steve Munchin. is a wall street puppet and now he says if a business takes loans they must give up interest to the government. Steve Manuchin is promoting Fascism. Government control of the private business. Is this what the end goal is? To create a socialist or fascist state. How can the American taxpayers but put on the hook to bail out the State of IL, or NY for the states’ horrible financial decisions? Giving  400k retirements to state employees. Try cutting the retirements of all those people. Try cutting back on government employee’s raises and benefits. How about all the elected officials take a 50% pay and benefits cut. And all the bureaucrats should be put out of government employment. Let them all get a private job and stop sucking the life out of the American taxpayers.

NY deserves to go bankrupt. They wish to abort babies, they wish to give illegals welfare, health care, money. They wish to spend their money frivolously on illegals and they want the rest of the country to bail them out of their own stupidity. Tell Cuomo NY needs to fail. Its been a failed state since Democrats took over the government in Albany. As well as IL and CA all of these states need to feel the pain of bankruptcy. Just as Boeing and many other corporations and Banks need to fail.

When bankrupt people and business and especially large “too big to fail” corporations are not allowed to go bankrupt, we the people bail them out. That is moral corruption. President Trump is moving us into bankruptcy not because he created the problem but because the nation has been bankrupt for years and not one large corporation is allowed to fail. But they need to fail because of bad decisions. America is broke and has been broke for many years. We are going the way of  Venezuala into abject poverty for the average person and unbelievable wealth for the political leaders who think they are entitled to everything we the people cannot afford to have. How do people go into politics and come out multimillionaires? A job that pays $175K per year turns into millions and millions of dollars for the elected officials. How long before AOC becomes a millionaire? How long has Bernie Sanders the socialist/communist been a millionaire?

America what is going on in your country? Ask yourself are these people honest, forthright, and trying to serve the people, or are they dishonest, deceiving, lying, and serving themselves in their position of power. Why does the socialist, give most of their money to charity? Should not these socialist live a more righteous existence? Yet they do not. They slander, they lie, they deceive, they are hypocrites.

They do not believe in God let alone the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the “Word of God”. Thus they see evil and good and good as evil. They think socialism is a great equalizer for humanity and indeed it is. It is a return to the feudal mentality of equal poverty for all except the socialist leaders. They reap the riches out of all the people they have driven to poverty. You see it already with the actions of Nancy Pelosi showing off her expensive home and her gourmet ice cream while many American’s are suffering because of ideals of the elites who have no idea what they are doing. Their lack of common sense is destroying this nation. Their grabs for power and control are destroying freedom, individual liberty, religious freedom, mental freedom with their hair-brained solutions to reality. Throwing money at anything and everything and putting the bill on the back of the American taxpayers. What a lie these people wrought. Now they think every one must be vaccinated against a virus, they have never seen and have yet to figure out a way to deal with it. I do not put poison (vaccines/medicine) as it is called in the world today, into my body just because some doctor or company develops some new poison that they prescribe.

How many people will be denied their civil liberties if they refuse to take the “Gates/Fauci Vaccine.”  Will people be ostracized out of society for not following the hive mind into vaccine fantasy. Human beings are very smart but do they really know as much as they claim to know? There are raging arguments about if vaccines help or harm. Why are small children given poison from the moment they are born. More importantly, why are thy marked with a social security number? Marked like cattle, lead to the slaughter doing what the “authorities” say or else. Why is poison revered as medicine? Vaccines are a type of preventive medicine and harm millions of people when given. Most doctors have some vague idea of what the meds will do but you do not hear disclaimers about the side effects for no reason. Because some people feel the side effects of the poison.

So common sense ask a question? Why do you think a vaccine from a group of people who are injecting harmful material into your body that they say will protect you? Do you believe them? Does the flu vaccine work? Are vaccines causing a surge in Downes Syndrome?  I do not claim to know. I simply know that man is a liar and I trust that Jesus Christ is telling the truth.

When has a doctor ever said to you this “medicine” is very toxic, its poison to the human body. but take it and it should make you feel better. Vaccines are toxic and dangerous to the human body, is it poison, or medicine?

Why would people think our lives cannot return to normal until we have a vaccine. Does the State and Federal government along with their CDC organization think they can vaccinate every person in the world? This is the absolute ignorance of a hive mind.

What happens when the virus mutates during, before, or after you develop a vaccine will it work or will it just be more poison to kill you off quicker. What happens when people refuse to take the vaccine? Is that person who refuses the vaccine now marked as enemies? Are they to be forced into quarantine because they refuse to take the poison.

People need to open their eyes to our true reality. We live in a world where people have been taught to hate America. Yet this hatred that is taught is the great lie. The people teaching you to hate America are the greatest liars in the world. Add them to the political class who think are they entitled and the media class who have become CIA “Mockingbirds”. Lying in the face of the truth that most people with common sense can see is nothing but a twisting of the truth to spin their own political or media agenda their master the CIA has told them to spread. Truth is damned. Just give the people lies. Tell it long enough and they will come to believe it to be the truth.

You see this with currency, you call it money. But it is currency. “Fiat Money” is fake money. A substitute for real money. The world uses a fake money system to buy real assets. Money is not pieces of paper, it is not credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, nor is it the Federal Reserve. Money is GOLD, Money is Silver. Now the government is talking about issuing a fiat digital currency. So now 0’s & 1’s on a computer screen have value! Not to me they do not. They are fake and you are being swindled if you fall for the government issued “digital currency” One more scam run by the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks, IMF, World Bank ECB, and all the major banks of the world. One more PONZI Scheme of fake money forced on the people.

0’s & 1’s typed into a Federal Reserve or US Treasury computer out of thin air is not real. And they want to charge you interest to type in the 0’s & 1’s. What a scam. This is the lie you are living under. Now the vaccine lie is taking hold and those people of the HIVE MIND those who cannot think for themselves will fall in line blind to the lies they hear every day from their HIVE masters.

Soon America will be a feudal state for the globalist, and the Federal Reserve Banks. Is it time to remove the Federal Reserve and their PONZI Scheme they are playing on the Amerian People. This Federal Reserve System of Central Banks is a lie to steal the wealth of everyone for themselves. THIS IS THE GREATEST ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.




Lock Down the Polticans they are a virus

In a world of hysteria, the government orders the lockdown of Americans. That is a denial of civil liberties, and freedom itself. Locking down business is illegal against the constitution. Facebook is a totalitarian social network following in the footsteps of the Chinese Communist Party.  Denial of civil liberties and betrayal of the Constitution. People should close their Facebook accounts so they are not subjected to the Facebook Communist Censorship. Bill Gates wants the world locked down until he finds a vaccine. Bill Gates needs to be locked down into an insane asylum.

Save us, Bill Gates, save us, we can’t live without your vaccine. Heil Gates.

Romans 1:22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”* though this quote is in reference to fools not believing God and worshiping anything but god. It could well be used for the same fools, such as Bill Gates who thinks he is a god. Go back to your billion-dollar home and stop pretending anyone with half a brain would listen to you about anything other than putting computer parts and programs together. The world does not need more Bill Gates vaccines.  And take your sidekick, Dr. Fauci, with you.

Take the criminal political elite and lock them down. Many democrat governors, many democrats congressmen, all of the bureaucrat’s democrats these are the virus that is killing America, the last bastion of freedom. These political elites even have the police thinking they can lock people up for sitting in their yard, walking around without a mask because they said so. The is political terror. The American people are being terrorized by the entire political class of people who push the hysteria of the virus. People die, viruses kill young and old since when did we lock down a country because people have died from a virus? This is not a pandemic this Spanish Flue of 1918 was killing health people 15-  34, if that were happening today indeed it would be a pandemic. But what are we seeing older people like myself and unhealthy people are suffering the brunt of this virus? If only the strong survive then isn’t nature just taking its course? If this virus kills roughly the same amount of people as the flu does each year. Then something much darker is going on. The US nor the world economies can be shut down and mass suffering will not take place. Mass suffering much worse than the virus. Mental Illness will rise, resentment, hatred, mass confusion, hysteria, violence, and rioting as food shortages occur and more deaths from the mental confusion of this political torture.

The democrats see this as an opportunity to install their socialist reality. Forcing people by threats of arrest and fines if they do not obey their orders. Well, it just shows how ignorant they are as people are not going to obey them after a certain point. And as government authority breaks down so to will the society because the powers that be are responsible for the actions they take and for every action there is a direct and opposite reaction so fully expect the people to come after the elected officials, the people who sit on the boards of banks and the federal reserve and the owners of these institutions. They can live in the fantasy of their Green New Deal, but the cold hard facts are people will not go hungry while Nancy Pelosi sits in her million-dollar home and eats ice cream. She may think she is the queen of America but she is not. She is the leading hypocrite in America.

There are many sinister forces at work in this world. Many people with motivations with dark agendas.  The majority of the people have been fooled into believing the deceptions and lies of media outlets, corporations, polls, elected officials. America still stands for the ideals of “soul liberty”. The right of each person to choose how they will live and believe. How they will worship God and how they will turn their backs on God. Each person has this fundamental right to choose their own path and though the government has some power they are not unlimited. Hilary Clinton said there are limits to the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Well, there are also limits to how much the people will take before the people decide political power has limits and the only limits are the ones the people will accept before they revolt.