Consciousness, The Mind Game

Consciousness, The Mind Game

The human brain is described by almost all scientist as a computer or just a bunch of neurons firing, or just a lump of organic material with electrical current flowing through it.

Is consciousness appears as merely a by-product of our existence? Apparently, evolution has an awareness of its own. Is evolution progression towards the higher being. It seems inevitable in a world that demands change. Or does it?

Though man is stuck in his material world, it is evident that many people leap beyond this reductionist view of our existence. Most of man’s stumbling blocks that prevent humans, in general, from advancing is their acceptance of the current belief system’s all around us, is themselves. Each of us must tear down the walls of “scientific facts and theory” and learn to see the world as it is. A man has not evolved. He is still struggling to even consider that he is cable of growing. The physical body may change, it is the individual consciousness that must develop. Our minds are powerful, yet the scientist realizes that we know very little about reality and consciousness. A scientist will tell you, consciousness, it’s all in your head. But does that really seem possible? According to science, man evolved differently from other species, and only humans have conscious awareness of their reality.

Then why do elephants pause, reverently over the bones of other elephants that have died?

Why do apes live in family units and develop tools? If only humans have conscious awareness. It would seem elephants would have no respect for old bones. Yes, the elephant is aware of the death in their family, and they respect and mourn the passing. Apes are making tools. Would you not call this consciousness?

The mind, the human mind plays tricks on all of us. Man himself has learned how to trick the human mind. We have learned how to trick the mind through visual and auditory senses on a mass scale. How you ask? Radio, TV, Movies, Compact Disc, DVDs. Etc. What comes out of them is not real. The electromagnetic waves that form the sounds and visual images from the radio, tv, moves, or CDs, etc. are not real. Did you think they were? You are affected by these electromagnetic waves, but are you aware? So how can they change you if they are not real? The images and the sounds are not real. The electromagnetic waves are real. But the mind is fooled into hearing and seeing, sounds, and images by the invisible electromagnetic waves because the waves are being manipulated.  Each frequency of sound effects beings differently.

“And God Said” This quote in the Bible shows the effects of a frequency of sound. Words were spoken, and our reality was created. Realize what that means, a frequency of sound was made, and this reality was created.

What is this reality? What is consciousness? What is thinking? We may believe we understand the process, but we certainly do not understand the mechanism by which we are conscious. Our human bodies can be aware of much more than the kitchen table. Human minds can be aware of more than our “reality.” Though most scientists refuse to accept this as they do not have “scientific proof,” Yet throughout thousands of years of human history, we have these tales of people in altered states of consciousness describing alternative realities that they can see.

Human consciousness; is it merely “our computer brain” receiving external signals that are processed by neurons firing and creating our reality? If that is all reality is, what is the point of it in evolution? Shouldn’t we be more like ants or bees? Why do we have individual consciousness? As opposed to a hive consciousness, The ant’s colony seems to be far more equipped for the world of “survival of the fittest.” Individual consciousness is profound, yet it is not appreciated by most humans. The ability to live and ponder your own reality is truly wondrous. Why should this be?

Why do humans ponder the unknown? Why do most humans feel empty without some answer that feeds their being? Why are science and society erasing the difference between reality and illusion, between fact and fiction?

We seem to be turning into a hive society. A society that allows for the systematic failure of individuals in the hive, no matter the cost as long as the job gets done. Reminds me of communism, socialism, and fascism, Mediocre is the new brilliant. Society is starting to say that the hive mind is the conscious mind, the individual mind is lost and confused by the point of view of the social engineers of fake reality. Virtual reality, the illusion of reality. Using their tools of fantasy, they are manipulating people to join the hive, and they are by the millions.

But if consciousness lies within each individual? So how is it, so many people are a part of the hive? By controlling all aspects of information as much as possible, people are fooled. Hear a lie long enough, and people will begin to believe it.

Billions of people from the beginning of time have seen “ghost” This is a part of human history. Yet no scientist can explain this type of consciousness. There are no scientific answers; therefore, “ghosts” do not exist. So our modern scientific reductionist view of reality is the view pushing its way to the forefront of human culture. This narrow-minded dogma of contemporary science reminds me of the religious dark ages of old and the narrow-mindedness of man’s religious laws. These are people with hive minds.

You might hear comments like, “We’ve got it right, you’re wrong, admit it and accept it or we will destroy you.” So reality can only exist on their conscious plane for these people. Their hive cannot accept individualism.

If the mind is tuned to different frequencies, reality can be altered. Just as when you watch tv, listen to music there is an illusion of reality, but it is
virtual reality” on a primitive level.

Man’s evolution is not of the body but of the mind. As we learn to control our thoughts, and we search out the path we must walk, we choose a conscious way. We know there will be many different paths and pitfalls before we begin. We see many paths as we come upon them. The choices made with individual conscious thought and self-awareness are the paths we walk. For most, it is a simple path, hard at times but simple. Yet man seems determined to hide away his reality into a box of his own making. Choosing only one reality, dismissing all others as non-realities. “It’s all in your head.”

But is our life more than it seems? The reductionist view of born, live, die, is it only two people mating, egg fertilized, and life is just this! Evolution teaches this as a basic view of life. However, there is no mention in the Darwinism of consciousness. Why would beings even evolve like us? People who question the very nature of their reality itself. Why would evolution bring forth beings who question the fundamental nature of the reality they are born into? Why are not all animals, including ourselves, hive beings? Is not the hive stronger in nature? Is not the hive stronger than the individual? If we are creatures of physical evolution, why would we question the fundamental concepts of life, death, and reality? And more importantly, wonder about God, a supreme being, a creator of all. Read Your Bible.


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