Children of God

Children of God

Every person born on this earth is a child of the Creator. Each of us is born by the will of the Living God. So we are all children of God. Yet, I would ask. Can you become a Man of God or a Woman of God? Of course, you can, but will you? Have you become a Man or a Woman of God? As little children, we all were with God. However, as we grow into adulthood, we find ourselves at variance with the Word of God.

We find our human desires do not abide in the Kingdom of God. He demands are a much different type of behavior for each of us. So much so that we as human beings seem unable to accept his way. We question everything but our own motives and desires. We close our mind to our own perverseness or own filthy lust. We close our minds to what is of God and choose what is not of God. We all do it. I do it, you do, everyone you know does it. Some more than others, some worse than others in our minds. Yet in Gods mind, we are all guilty because we have not lived up to the standard of God. No man is righteous, no human is holy, no matter if they pretend or have been appointed or have convinced themselves, no of us are righteous before God.

However, we can all become men and women of God. Spreading his gospel message of peace, truth, justice, equality, and forgiveness. It is enough for many to say I believe in Jesus and assume and believe they are saved. Yet I would ask only one question. Did not our savior say, “Do my commandments!” Sell all that you have and give it to those who are in need is the gospel message of love, obedience, forgiveness, and salvation. That Jesus Christ spread. In churches today where is the gospel message? The great churches today with their councils and declarations and their great pomp and circumstance, with their great rituals and dogma and requirements. How are they doing following his commandments? Are they preaching the Word of God or are they preaching the word of men?

What does the Living God, the Living Word, the Living Jesus Christ, what does he require? Did he build great churches? Yes he did, but they were not buildings, they are the people who follow him. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, this is the Church of the Living God. I am a helper to the Lord, and I gladly bow down to his majesty, his love, his righteousness. I bow to my King, and I bow to the laws of our father’s government. One God ruling all, One Jesus, high priest, guiding all. Those appointed ones building the foundation of the society of God. And all the rest of us who believe the Word of God. I gladly give glory to the Living God of Creation. The Alpha and the Omega, What was before and What will be at the end of human reality.

But the reality of the Creator is far beyond the minds of humans. He states what he requires, you reject it, you refuse to repent or change your mind. So ask yourself why you would think you are a Man or Woman of God? This is a question you must ask yourself. Are you truly following? Am I honestly a believer in God. In Jesus Christ the Son of God, and God himself, the Creator of all beings.

Are you of God? Do you obey his orders, do you follow his commands, do you bow to his authority and his right to that authority. Do you accept him as your leader, your king, your savior? Do you believe that the Word of God is from God? I can do nothing, you can do nothing, no other human being can do anything. God does all. So without God in our lives, we never have Jesus in our lives, without Jesus Christ in our lives without his love and the offer of salvation through him are we saved or lost? If we don’t have God in our lives, We can do many things that are not of God without God. However, we as followers of Christ can do nothing without him to guide and lend his power to our cause.

The power lies in belief, in belief comes the will, the will move human beings to do as God and Christ Jesus commanded. You hear people say it is good works that lead to salvation. Others say it is by faith alone we are lead to salvation. I say it is by the faith of Jesus Christ we are lead to works and salvation because we are to do all by the teaching of Jesus.

Why is this so complex for men? Believe in God, Fear God, worship God and have faith in Jesus and you will be lead by the spirit of faith to do good works in Jesus name. With faith, you act., with love you act. Following the commandments of Jesus, you preach to the people to bring them to the Creator. For all is done in the name of Jesus.

These good works so many feels are a requirement of God are nothing more than you being true to your faith, and since you are, you have a desire to help others, and thus good works are born out of faith, and love and the desire to help your fellow man. Therefore, it is a desire, not a requirement. If you have no desire to do good by others, you might ask yourself. Are you with God and Jesus Christ, or something else? Read You Bible.

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