Gods Peace

Gods Peace

The God of peace is just to all who accept his order. Just to all who have been misled, to all who are confused or stumbling. Those who’s confusion leads to violence for violence sake are against the will of God. Each human is given free will to choose his path in life, it is not up to anyone to force their dogma on others. This is the fundamental difference of belief in religion’s that would force themselves on others. From creation, God gave a man a choice and man chose wrong. However, the creator does not want to bully people into believing in him or honoring and loving the Creator. No the Creator wants each and everyone of us to choose with our own free will, love and peace and to be with God. Or choose hatred, violence and war or even complete indifference. This is the power of the human, the force of free will. To choose without the heavy hand of some authority saying you must accept their way and only their way.

Thus the hatred of what is different and violence against it is a deception of worldview. The mind places value on love and peace, it places no value on hate and violence. Yet people in the world proclaim their hatred and violence daily.

I know that all people can be beautiful and loving. However, hatred and corruption lead to bitterness and sorrow. Freewill is the power to choose freely, without threats. Love of brotherhood and unity. Love of parents, children, and spouse. Love of your neighbors, but most important is the love of the Creator.

With the knowledge gained from our ancient past, man’s rise with the of the knowledge of good and evil leads us down a dark path. However, the lack of self-control and the power of free will has led man to this end. A world where most cannot see the beauty of Creation. I hear people say they don’t believe in miracles, Yet they wake up to a universe that appears to be miraculous, at least from my point of view every day, our miracle earth and our miracle lives.

With free will we get to choose our paths in life, we are able to pick a worldview that despises love, that despises brotherhood and unity, and that means more war, and in a world motivated by greed, war is the elixir of profit. In the death of millions, billions in profit are made. We are all living in a world of hatred, neighbor killing neighbor, strangers killing strangers. For love has been abandoned and hatred has risen its ugly head like a hideous beast that consumes the world. Hate is the evil that eats men’s souls. Hatred is the enemy of all mankind and the illusion of war for profit is the worst kind of hatred. When corporate profits are placed above human life, that is a war against all humanity. An evil that lurks disguised as the patriotic defense of people luring them down a path of violence that they openly embrace.

Our lives are our own, we choose the path of life, and we must walk it, however with free will comes self-control, this self-control is your buffer against the world. As well as the worldviews that go against your own beliefs. Just as men are governed by society, so to the actions of nations and its decisions by the government must be governed by the hand of reason and self-control.

Individuals in power who take actions without self-control are destroying civilization before our very eyes. They have targeted their enemy, and it is anyone who does not buy into their “New World Order” of control, and that means anyone who believes in a Creator. Belief in God is an open act of war against a worldview of atheism, fueled by Darwin’s evolution and the big bang theory.

Many Christian’s fail to see the hypocrisy by which they live. Living in a world so cozy they are not even angered that their own government is butchering tens of thousands of innocent people across all nations. They say they are moral and just, but they are not. The country pretends to be honest and just. However, it is not.

Since I have learned that life is a choice of free will and with freewill the mechanism of self-control, I look around me and think! Something is wrong, something has changed. Is it the world or my worldview.

When people ask me why I am a believer in God. I have several answers. The first was when I was 14 or 15 years old, I was coming home late one night walking alone, and I felt something behind me, I turned, and there was a “ghost,” a beautiful woman, transparent, floating in the air footless. Though I was young, I found myself being logical, the moment I turned and saw this entity I knew I was in mortal danger. I could feel something wrong, though no threat was apparent. I must have run for two miles before I stopped and started walking and then walked another mile and stopped exhausted, I fell asleep under a sign that read Laurinburg, 18 miles.

The moment I saw this “entity” I knew to run, I knew it was not something I should try and communicate with, though it clearly thought I was, or perhaps it approached everyone. Though this really does not invoke belief in God for many, for me, it was enough to prove there was much more to this world than meets the eye. After many scientists proclaim their dogma is correct; yet few are ever able to look out and believe that something out there is greater than man. No science, no “proof” could convince me something does not exist beyond the reality we see and experience. As I read physics, quantum physics and began to see that even these “experts” were now doing experiments they could not explain the results, however, if one looks at things from the point of view of a Creator they make perfect sense. For instance in quantum physics states particles can be in more than one place at one time. Some quantum physicist now thinks all matter has consciousness, this to convinces me that Creation is real. It took me years to be at a point where I could look back and realize that seeing that ghost was the deciding factor in knowing there are different realities. It took many years for me to realize that scientific proof is missing a point of view that it can never accept, there are things in this world that some people see, and experience but science cannot put its finger on it so it must be a fantasy, illusion, a trick of the mind.

Oh how easy it is to dismiss, people’s experiences as a delusion, yet they are as real as any theory ever put forth. Perhaps the evolution of man is not physical but a mental development. Now that it has been displaced into the physical many cannot disassociate the material and the spiritual.

Also, prophecy has a large part to do with my self-realization of reality. For many, this is hocus pocus, and I don’t mind that is how it is seen because in my mind it’s merely a part of the unknown reality that I have already accepted. And though many will take exception to this way of thinking, I believe that many of the native tribes have a prophecy that applies to the existence of man. The Hopi prophecy of, There will come a time when man will have two choices, life or death, the path you choose will lead to one or the other, and in this time there will be a web that covers the earth. WWW equals World Wide Web, this web we are using is a network that covers the whole earth today. I find this sort of irony, and I think of the unknown reality I was shown in the form of the ghost. Though most prophecy, not in the Bible is obscured and clouded, on occasion is crystal clear.

It most often does not come true. However, Bible prophecy always comes true.

Perhaps the most essential prophecy is “there will be a great explosion of knowledge,” and from the reality I see, There has been and continues to be an incredible explosion of knowledge, and so it seems to this end we have reached.

From the concept of evolution, it has taken billions of years from the emergence of life, It has taken millions of years for humans to evolve. It has taken hundreds of thousands of years from man to evolve from discovering fire, creating language, inventing the wheel, forging steel. From evolution’s point of view, this period of man’s history is hundreds of thousands of years just to get from point A to point B. In the last 200 years of man’s existence, man has gone from point A to point Y in knowledge. That is an incredible explosion of knowledge. At this time man believes he is on the verge of discovering knowledge right through Z.

An explosion of knowledge just as foretold. So in a span of time of only 150 years or so man has had an explosion of knowledge that if one looks back in history from a technology and anthropology point of view, man has advanced more in 200 years than he did in the previous 6,000 years. Funny thing is I consider myself a man of logic and reason yet I find that truth is revealed if you look and are willing to “evolve.” This evolution humans speak of is an evolution of the mind, but science is hung up on the evolution of the body. If you seek but are unwilling to “evolve,” then truth cannot be seen.

Civilized man acts as if he has the answered every question there is, man purposes that he has the power to see all. The scientist who makes such ignorant statements as “We can prove mathematically that God does not exist.” Really.

Statements made from this point of view that all things can be logically explained by natural phenomenon, yet the fundamental questions of life and reality are not understood on the most basic level and cannot be explained. So in a reality of this nature, man is ignorant, yet he feels he can explain. Though he has yet to do so.

I have come to a belief in Creation, through knowledge and with the reality all around me. Ones eyes must be open to see, ones world view must be open to a reality that must be sought out.

The laws of man are well and good till they spit in the face of the Creator. Man, each and every human soul has free will. What you choose to say, what you choose to do, all reflect that part of you that you have chosen to share with the world and make no mistake you have show what your are to Creation.

I find it interesting that life exist on multiple planes of reality in quantum physics and people can accept that. In quantum physics, science teaches particles can be in more than one place at the same time. Some scientist teach that each atom may have consciousness. This scientific theory goes against the laws of logic and reason. In quantum physics, it exist as a unexplained phenomenon. For believers in Creation, it makes perfect sense, God can be everywhere at once, God knows all things.

But no matter what you believe, it is not up to anyone but you to bend your will to him. To bend your knee to God.

If love is a message of peace and friendship, neither Islam, Judaism or Christianity are listening.

Peace is the message of our Lord Christ Jesus, Love and brotherhood and sisterhood is the message of God. Do not be afraid of those against God. No need to be upset or angry at them. If they wish to hear your message, speak. Remember anger leads to unrighteous decisions. Peace and love lead to the path of God.

So in the time when the government again will persecute you. Believe not in the laws of man, but in the laws of God. Who’s doctrine is of love, peace, unity, harmony with the demands of God.

Man is not the instrument of his own salvation, not through Darwin’s evolution or the Big Bang. God is the greatest mathematician of all for he creates and allows us to create as well, art, dance music and so much more. God’s Peace is offered to all who accept him, his son, and reject the conflict in the human mind called doubt. Read Your Bible and believe it.

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