I Choose To Believe God

                                                  I Choose To Believe God

Deep in the recess of the human mind dwells self-deception. On the conscious mind dwells self-denial. Many have chosen or are choosing to ignore the reality all around us. We pretend, like the college professors and the scientist, we have it all figured out. But do we? Could lies be the truth we have been told all of our lives? Was truth hidden? Now do lies cover up all that is the truth, all that every was truth and our reality is one giant lie? Looking back in history we see stories told but yet as time goes on more hidden truth is revealed and we learn that the history of man is simply one of manipulation by rich and powerful people since time immemorial. How is it that lies are accepted as truth? How is it that we hear local news about, lost dogs, new sandwiches, charity events, sick children, petty criminal offenses. Yet we never hear of the “leaders” being arrested for the crimes of fraud, corruption, sex-offenses, do they not commit crimes like the rest of humanity? Why are these people not arrested and put in prison like the rest of the criminals in our society? Oh, they are protected, I see. Using their power and authority to disregard the law. In fact, they are enemies of the people and enemies of God. “Spiritual wickedness in high places” leaves little to the imagination if one thinks of the rich and powerful in high places and the wickedness of the morning star, the fallen one, Lucifer. Thus humanity is convinced by its own self-deceptions about the reality of existence, even in the light of the truth. The organization of the universe is created out of the chaos of a “big bang”, um that seems counter to all explosions in the history of man. Objects are propelled outward and destroyed, not organized into anything. How is it that God said he created the Universe but a man still accepts his own self-deception of a “big bang”. The religion of science like all others religion’s has its moments of truth, yet like all religions, it fails utterly when it pretends to understand and does not. The world believes scientist will cure all of the earth’s ills. Ignorance is the truth of believers in such nonsense. Science will destroy the earth and every living thing on this planet if it is is not reined in, it’s power limited. Why are scientist allowed to risk the destruction of humanity and why are the wealthy backing them in this destruction of humanity? More importantly, why are you helping them to kill you, change you, deny you your rights, imprison your children in lies and deception about sexuality? The religion of science does not believe in God. Most scientists deny God exist, as they go along trying to prove with one lie of theory, after another lie of theory and pretend it is the truth. Yet here we sit in the middle of the scientific nightmare of our reality. People see only the new modern, convenient, helpful things science offers. They accept the lies of science as they call the word of God a fairy tale, a myth, a lie. Science reaches out its hands and offers the modern, the convenient, helpful commodities in one hand and the poison of the body, the mind and spirit in the other. Poison the people with medication, they will not question us, scientist. Much like the people who never question the actions of their church, church leaders, and the preachers, pastors, ministers, priest who to lie to the people with words of magic instead of the Gospel of the Living God. Just as science looks for “new” mental problems our own modern society is creating. With poison in the food, poison in the water, poison in the air, poison in the so-called medicine they give you, you would think one would ask themselves why is society poisoning everybody and everything? You hear the mantra of saving these animals save those animals, but you hear nothing about why are these modern “scientific” factories allowed to poison everything and everyone. I choose to believe God, science is just one more deception against God, like the 5013c churches of America, Government Churches, for the Government, by the Government, to keep you hidden in lies and deceptions. “Let no man fool you by any means”. Read Your Bible!

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