I Search The Back Streets


Search the Back Streets of God’s Kingdom

As a child I was raised in a believing Baptist home, I was brought up in the Church. Yet I never felt right about Church. I know that man suffers under the burden of sin daily, yet as a child, I was not aware of the “daily sin” of humans. As I grew and realized that the people of the church were talking and acting like they believed in God but yet I heard things that told me they did not.

At ten years old or so I went home and told my mom that the Church did not make sense because people were worshiping on one day and committing sin’s the next day. I never saw the sin’s, I was too young to understand until the age of adolescents. People were blaming God for their suffering when it was apparent that they brought it on themselves. Having been born with a double harelip and a 3/4 cleft palate I have suffered plenty. I heard the slurs “he looks like a monster,” or “he is so ugly,” but I never blamed God. It seems the woes of life are usually brought upon people by themselves, and the errors they make are human errors that are correctable errors if they will only take the time to understand. But the world rushes by, and people don’t have time for God or Jesus Christ, this being that so many do not believe in, but yet they will go to Church and sit and listen and feel nothing because they have not heard the Word of God in their church. They listen to a priest say mass, they don’t understand it. They listen to the preacher give a sermon, and they don’t’ understand it. Even the men preaching don’t understand for they believe in their own power instead of the power of the Living God. Now at ten years old when I pointed out the hypocrisy of the church members and their actions my mother told me. “You don’t need to go to church anymore.” And I have not returned to a church to worship in all these years. My mother asked me after I was grown and moved out when I was going back to church, and I told her never. Nor do I feel the need now, because anywhere two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name, Jesus will recognize them. So why would I need to go to a building on a day of the week that is not the Lord’s Day? Why not gather with fellow believers in a private home, or a field, or park, anywhere, it does not really matter. These priests, preachers, pastors who are hung up on building the great churches to god are nothing more than Towers of Babel. Why are men building these buildings of God? When Jesus said to sell everything you own and give it to the poor. Does the hungry in your community benefit from the building of your new church? Does the parentless child gain a father in this building? Does God really care about buildings? Or does God care more about people?

“I AM.” searches the back streets of his Kingdom to find those who are lost on the back streets of reality. Are there not unfortunate enough to go around? Is there not enough confusion and suffering? Is there not enough love to go around? Those who are homeless, why not build a home? Children or not being educated in our public schools, why not start a school to teach our children.

Why not build a hospital or doctor’s office. Is the church nothing more than a building that people attend once a week and try and pretend they are doing the work of God? God does not care about your church buildings, he cares more about the body of the church, the congregation, the people. If you can be saved in a field do you think God would care if it was in the fields or in buildings?

Why don’t the church leaders go to where the people are instead of hoping the people come to them. If they are to be fishers of men, should they not go to the sea? Do you expect the fish to walk out of the water and attend your church? Those souls lost to the idea of going to church have no intention of going to church. Just as I will not participate in churches whose leaders do not preach the full Word of God. Churches passing judgment upon fellow men and women. Church leaders condemning any who do not follow in their footsteps even when you can plainly see that those are not the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Follow God and believe in his word. On the back streets, you will find the lost souls of God. These are people we wish to reach, we must go to them. Reach out, don’t just sit back and wait for the fish to come up out of the sea. There is no evolution, and it will never happen. You must go to the sea to fish.

Throughout middle America is many people lost in the world of this reality and never seeing the truth beyond their eyes. Just as waves of the TV or radio are not recognized by the human eyes, the appearance of reality exists in the TV. We see something that the human body cannot perceive without the process of a wave to particle conversion in the human eye. But the unseen reality still exist even if we cannot see it. So too the Spirit of Creation. This incredible reality of existence that lives and breathes before our very eyes, just as we breathe the breath of life even if we cannot see. Read Your Bible

2 thoughts on “I Search The Back Streets

  1. Again you are right about the homeless being the last first and yes read the Word, but Bro when 2 or 3 ar gathered in His name surely. It would bless you to have a bible study with believers if you dont already.


    1. Hey,
      Of course. Yet when God said to me write I simply do what the Lord says. He has not told me to have a Bible study he has told me to write and inform people. Because his people will die from lack of knowledge. God will do what God needs to do and I will do what God tells me. Which is write.
      It is that simple.
      Seems to me God wants to warn people that the churches today are so corrupt they are leading the people away from God. He warns us to be aware of false teachings.
      Well here in America 5013c non profit’s churches are all Government Churches, not churches of God and making people aware is paramount.
      Enjoyed hearing from you.


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