Before Temptation (A Short Tale)

Before Temptation ( Short Tale)


As Eve sat listening to the serpent, she was very tempted to bite of the fruit. A fruit that the serpent promised would reveal all that she could possibly want to know about good and evil.

She hesitated, “go on” urged the serpent still laying near her. Yet still, she hesitated, she remembered the warning of the Creator of the Universe. “Don’t be childish,” the serpent admonished, “have you not shared the sacred love with Adam”? He whispered. Still, Eve hesitated, and suddenly she saw Adam walking toward her. Adam saw the serpent speaking to Eve as he approached her. He saw Eve place the fruit to her lips and before she bit the fruit, she saw Adam and dropped the fruit upon the green grass where hundreds of the fruit lay, ripe with the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent slithered off whispering to himself, “fools will never see the light” and disappeared into the underbrush in the garden.

As Adam approached Ev,e he saw that she appeared to be confused. “Eve, what is it, my love,” he asked. I almost ate of the tree the creator has forbidden up to eat of. I did not understand until now why he would want us to be denied this knowledge. Adam spoke to Eve and said, “Let us go from here and seek a place away from this temptation.” As Adam reached out and helped Eve gently to her feet. He said, “I saw you speaking with the serpent as I approached you,” he said, “What were the words he spoke to you.” Eve spoke softly and said “It is a great knowledge” is what the serpent said. “I understand now though it is a burden of knowledge that at this time we are not able to understand. The serpent mentioned the scared love, the sacred love that the lord is teaching us is far more critical at this time than the knowledge of good and evil.

The love for the spark of life which is scared in all things, down to the fabric of reality. The breath of life is continuous and never-ending. Once we understand.

The creator is teaching us how to use free will, but the real true knowledge is choice’s made with our own free will. Somehow the two are tied together, and the knowledge gained from the fruit of the tree may not be of love.

How can there be anything but the love I do not know, but it must affect our free will somehow. I don’t know.” she said at last. Adam smiled at her and gently touched her and slowly joined their hands together and said. “It is good you heeded the warning of the creator, but we must guard against temptation and avoid that tree.” Eve shook her head in agreement.

The serpent reappeared on several occasions, however, could not tempt the children of the creator. As time slowly passed in the garden with Adam and Eve practicing the scared love under the guidance of the creator they learned to understand the meaning of free will and how it affects them for good or for evil and how it can affect all other things. Including the plants, the animals, the mountains, the oceans, the sky and stars, and the universe. How everything is connected down to the tiniest speck of dust. It was perplexing and confusing, but the Creator showed only love and kindness. The Creator taught them that the scared love was for all things. He explained to them that their choices of free will that healed and held life scared were the true message of life. Kindness and gentleness is the Love that brings unity and peace in the universe.

The creator was pleased that his creations had not chosen to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The creator knew the serpent would try many times to tempt man and women and reality would choose its path.

The Creator knew he must give meaning to Adam and Eve. The serpent had made them curious, but they had not broken his trust. They were using free will in the way of the creator. Love for the creator of the universe.

So the lord gathered his children to him and began telling them how their practice of the scared love would spread across the face of the earth like the soft green grass. He told them that man was a fallible being and needed to learn love before he can become, a creature that had a higher consciousness with the capacity for great things or for greater folly for his lack of knowledge. He told them the exercise of their free will to resist temptation in the garden was a great step forward for The serpent sought to show you all that is in one moment of time. However, the knowledge of good and evil must be understood and mastered before you are enlightened and made genuinely self-aware.

You are in the image of me, but you are not me. You must learn to walk the scared path, a path of higher love. If you had eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you would have been corrupted and no longer fit to live in my garden. There will be many a poor soul lost on the path of unrighteousness. So that you will not get lost on the road of the immorality, I give you meaning to the power of free will to teach you how to learn the scared love that I have for all things. Just as I have free will, I have given man and women this same power to use for the good of all things. He told them the serpent would corrupt free will into satisfying lustful desires. The reason for free will is, so you understand you have different choices and it is up to you to make the right choices. When the serpent tempts you and suggests the tree of knowledge of good and evil is going to show you everything, he is right. That is not a lie on his part. He stated it was a great knowledge and again he is correct. But what he did not do my children was to teach you the joy of love, The joy of the lion when he roars, the joy of the sun when it shines, the joy of the grass under your feet. The pleasure of cool, clear water, the joy of the soft summer night. The joy of the rock and the dirt, the joy of the wind and the rain.

To understand the joy of love is to understand the joy of life. To understand the joy of the trees is to understand your own joy. The preciousness of life is not for just humans but is for all things, including the serpent. Living, loving, respecting, helping and trusting and believing in the love I have taught you will help you make the right choices. I will teach you of all the animals and those you can use, I will teach you of the plants and those you can use. Of how they can be used and how they are not to be used. When you understand the animals and the plants as well as the other living beings on the earth as well as those that I created but do not live. I will teach you of the earth and her wondrous offerings that you must learn to honor and respect as you do me. For the earth is the mother of you and as she bore you, she will also take you back in her sweet earth. I will send you out unto the earth to teach my message of the scared love and the choices of free will, but it takes time.

Be patient as you have been and continue to learn. Be not tempted my children for I will prepare you to understand the tree of knowledge of good and evil and with the armor of truth you will be able to understand the nature of reality and good and evil. Your enlightenment will spread among the lost souls of those that are and those that will be and help to guide them back to creation. So that you may understand more about who and what you are, you Adam and you Eve, I the Lord God, the creator and the power of the universe, the alpha and the omega, I AM. I have created you from the earth so that you may lead the lost back to my home. To help the unrighteous to recognize their sin and repent of their wickedness. You will be the messengers of the scared love of my kingdom.

I tell you all this so that you can know what the future is for you. So that you may not be tempted by the deception of those who would corrupt your righteousness. So you will be able to understand and recognize both good and evil, for you must be able to see before you can talk to those who cannot hear. Eve’s resisting the deception of the serpent showed great strength, and this is the power she will offer. You Adam showed great wisdom to move away from the temptation, and this is the power you offer. Together strength and wisdom are able to build the foundation of love. Just as you have free will so does the serpent, so do the ones of corruption. For the world is the home of man, but many have turned from the scared love to lust, to hatred, to power, greed, and war. The evilest is in those who speak the words and follow these paths of unrighteousness. I know many of the words you do not understand but the day will arrive, and all will be revealed. Respect for the word of the Lord.

The serpent wishes to destroy all things, but the scared love must be understood, followed, practiced and believed in. Humanity, brotherhood, love, true belief in the power of creation and the power of the universes can only be seen from the eyes of those who follow the beliefs of love. Hatred has no place in the hearts of those who have a true belief in the power of I AM. I will show you the secrets of all realities but slowly so that you may understand and learn to be one with me and be one with all things. You are the creations I had hoped you would choose to be. By giving you free will, you must choose. You have shown the belief I have asked you to see, and you have seen. The truth lies in your actions of free will. As well as all that will be and already are.

Love is the unity that man needs to fight off the wrong choices in the reality of good and evil. You will enter the world with the knowledge you need, but your choices of free will are the guiding forces of your soul. That knowledge I will impart to you slowly so that you can understand the result of the choices you make before you decide on them. By being exposed to this information all at once it would overwhelm you and leave you unsure of the power of love, it would leave you unsure of good or evil because you would have no experience to process this information through so you would thereby have to learn this information through the difficult process of experience. So when the time is right for you to know this information, it will be shared with you.

But the knowledge of good and evil is a heavy load. In the world outside this garden are many who have fallen from the realm of good and who now dwell in the realm of evil.

Thus they are not of my realm. Torn between a world of mistrust, lust, greed, and hatred. Instead of as we have in this garden a world of peace, love, respect, caring, and kindness, this is my world. I will give you a message that you will carry to all future generations as well as lost lost and fallen ones to guide them back upon the path of scared love. “Blessed are the children who follow my path. Blessed are believers.”
As time passed the serpent would come to Eve and Adam trying to tempt them, but he was sent away. On one occasion the serpent said to Adam and Eve. “You are automatons, mere puppets for God.” Eve looked over at the serpent and replied, “We are learning the way of love. Love of the word of our father. Love for the respect he shows us by giving us free will. But he is kind not to expose us to the truth of reality until we are ready to understand, see and follow the path of love.” Adam sat listening and said, “Here in the garden with our father we learn at the pace our father wishes to teach us. We both now know your way leads to the way of disrespect, rebellion, and hatred. Even though we do not fully understand why our creator teaches us slowly, we know the way of the creator is the way of beauty, joy, and love.” The serpent replied to them, “you know nothing and until you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, only then will you truly understand.” When neither Adam or Eve showed any sign that they were listening, he crawled back into the underbrush and disappeared.

A short span of time passed, and one day the Lord appeared and sat with Adam and Eve. “My children, I want you to truly understand the scared love. Creation and the power of the Universe are all one. You are made of the soil of the earth. You are a living creature who may only live if I command it. The serpent did not tell you this. He did not tell you of death. He did not tell you of wickedness and cruelty. He did not tell you of fear. Cold and hunger; he did not tell you of how much suffering you would endure if you ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He spoke softly and without rushing for time mattered not to him. “My children,” he continued, “a man and a woman must not only love each other, but they must honor and respect each other. Man and woman, their friendship and love for each other is the weapon against all lustful enemies. But you must love with joy. If man and women do not follow the path of the scared love, the earth itself will become poisoned and will not be able to sustain you, as she dies so to will all living things.” The gentle eyes of creation smiled at them and said. “Love all things, my children, as I love you. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is a choice of free will. It will teach you what you should do, and it will show you what you should not do. However, because it is a matter of your own free will you each must choose wisely. Many things that can destroy you, your love is not only physically, but your mind and your self-consciousness, your very soul. Freewill is what saves you from the evil that you know exist. Freewill allows you to choose the path you wish to walk. You choose the path of your own free will no matter if it is the path of evil or the path of righteousness. If you choose the path of righteousness as you gain knowledge slowly, you are able to resist the path of evil and live the path of creation, the path of love. Stay on the path of righteousness and believe in the love I have imparted to you. So that you and your children’s children’s children’s make walk a path of peace, a path of kindness, a path of love.”

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