Fascism, Communism and Socialism the Government of Cowards

Fascism, Communism, and Socialism the Government of Cowards

“When Fascism comes to America, it will (be in the name of/come under the guise of/be called) anti-Fascism!”
Attributed to Huey Long in 1935 by various writers in 1938-1943

“When Fascism comes to America, it will come as liberalism.” Ronald Regan

        “Tear down the Southern Civil War Monuments they are symbols of hate.” Young Liberals shout. “Hate speech is not free speech.” They shout. These voices of hate that pretend to be voices of peace are nothing more than the replication of the Hitler’s Nazi Brown Shirts Terrorist of violence against people who they will not allow to disagree. What hypocrites are the liberals, marching in the street against “free speech” which they redefine as “hate speech.”  There is no long list of hate speech certified and used. Hate speech does not exist, only hateful speech exist. So political correctness is nothing but brainwashing, another enslavement of your mind.

Antifa, the resistance, black lives matter Using the very “free speech” allowed nowhere else in the world to destroy the very foundation of that freedom, never considering their “right” to free speech. Instead only considering their hatred of anything they dislike.  Like God, freedom, free speech, justice, and the right live as you choose to live.

Liberal Democrats are nothing more than Communist pretending to be protecting the liberty of all. Blind, ignorant, fad hoping, liberal communist. They shout down southern history. But demand they are allowed to murder their babies in the womb. They shout, down with so-called offensive monuments, never realizing our history is how we learn to avoid the same issues in the future. Denying the reality of history does not change history or people’s minds. If you think any white supremacist is going to change their minds because of your liberal communist, fascist ideals of denying “free people” the right to “free speech,” you have already enslaved yourself in your ignorance and bigotry.

      Abraham Lincoln & Martin Luther King both stood for freedom. Including freedom of speech. I doubt either of these two men, would approve of the actions of liberals against Confederate monuments, or Confederate flags, but primarily against free speech. I believe both men would use the ideas of the past to shed light on the present so that every race could learn from their mistakes of the past and continue to strive for coexistence in peace. This hatred against all things southern, all things white male is nothing but a new form of bigotry and hatred. See what brainwashing has done to you?

Freedom of people, of any race, is hampered more by the control of the “elite” and the system of slavery we are all born into. The yoke of the taskmaster’s whip now falls on all humanity. Who among you will deny that all people suffer from the yoke of control by a “small number of people,” who say these laws are in effect now. These rules are in effect now. You must obey.

Hate abounds in the hearts of liberal fascist communist.

I know who your really enemy is, I know who lies to you, I know who enslaves you from birth, and I know who would enslave your mind to lies of deception taught as truth. They are the Globalist, the Democratic Party that has turned into the Communist Party and their Antifa HITLER YOUTH. Taught by the most offensive group of people alive in America today. Liberal College Professors, Hypocrites like these College Professors and Student Communist, or political communists like Diane Fienstein, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters,  Chuck Schumer, and all the other Republican and Democrat communist globalist across the entire country.
Along with the globalist, ACLU, NAACP, the CFR, Commission on Foreign Relations, the UN, The World Bank, The Federal Reserve, and many US CONGRESS, many in the US SENATE, and many on the US SUPREME COURT, as well as the state elected officials of whom many are liberal communist, who would deny you all rights if they have their way. Do not offend anyone. Well, you sicken me with your crybaby liberal attitude of equality for all. There has never been equality for all; there never will be equality for all as long as humans exist. Especially under a Communist GOVERNMENT, you will not have equality for all. You will have “justice” for the rich, the powerful and the well connected. The rest of you liberal communist who wishes to refuse people the right to free speech and the right to bear arms will be just as suppressed under the yoke of “democratic communist equality,” as the rest of the population. Equality is the illusion in your mind.

Tear down all the monuments so you can deny the history, You bemoan ISIS blowing up ancient pagan buildings. People who murder children, women and unarmed men. But you would deny free speech to someone who disagrees with you. Just like in Nazi Germany, you young liberals are now the Hitler Youth of Today, brainwashed into believing right is wrong, and wrong is right. Who are you to deny anyone the right to speak in the “Land of Freedom,” what hypocrites you liberal Democrat communist have become? You would deny the truth and accept a false reality as if it never happened. Because it might hurt your feelings, you live in an illusion. Let us deny our history, and we will be doomed to repeat again, again, again. Just as today you are a slave to the monetary system of debt and taxation but you think you are free. Think a little harder, you are a slave. The Federal Reserve and the banking system have shackles around your mind and your liberty. Globalism is Communism and the Federal Reserve is simply an extension of Globalism.

      You, Hitler Youth going to the liberal colleges, sucking from the tit of the liberal brainwashed professors who are nothing more than communist sophist. Creating these fake realities they call their ideas. “New Communism,” “Strength Thru Diversity” “Black Lives Matter,” “The Resistance.” All sophist illusions that you interpret as reality. “Anyone who flies or has a Confederate flag on their car is a racist.” This quote was made in an RI liberal college by and liberal professor who is not aware of his own “ism” of hatred against the ideas of others. Let’s call it “liberalism,” the idea that everyone must accept the new paradigm of reality as spoken by sophist. Illusions of what is the reality without having any connection to reality what so ever. Just like this pope, when he makes his sophist illusions with comments like “fundamentalist are violent, even if they don’t commit violence.” Spoken like true believers in “liberalism,” taking lies and calling them the truth.

Young people of today, ask yourself a question? Is not your hatred, your own bigotry? Is this not your own “ism” of hatred? You think you hate, the hate, but you actually hate the truth. What could you learn from the “white supremacist” groups? You could learn that their hatred of Blacks, or Jews, is nothing more than a small, “tiny minorities” of white people, whose voice appeals to your counterpart. Just like the LBGT community of voices creating trouble for Christians. You offer them hate for their hate and you both hate. Yet you embrace your views of LGBT, illegal immigrants, communist professors who hate the very country that gives you the freedom you now experience, and all the while the college professors are living like true Capitalist, stuffing their bank accounts, like a true capitalist. Hypocrites are what they are. This hatred is killing America because you refuse to accept that this is a country of different ideas, different opinions, different, beliefs, yet all living in peace. Having the freedom to speak our minds, without Hitler Brown Shirt Thugs (excuse me) I meant black wearing, covering their face thugs. Tough in gangs and cowards by themselves. Because Fascism, Communism and Socialism are the government of cowards. Afraid of free thinking and free speaking people.

I have experienced an “ism,” in fact, all of us who get to live long enough probably experience some form of “ism.” This equality you seek is the stuff of legends and myths. Most of you have never experienced oppression or racism or any other “ism” because most of you are from middle-class America and you have swallowed the lie that my generation did from the Communist Professors.

Which was free love, experimental drug use, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” the LSD advocate college professor. Or experiments with the New Age gurus and witchcraft and homosexuality. Yea they lied to us too. They deceived us. They were the communist professors of their day and they just like the current liberal college professors are nothing but Communist LIARS. Just like in the sixties.

They offer lies as truth and truth as the lie. Call them out if you don’t believe me. Ask a UC Berkeley Liberal college professor to give all his money to you because you need it more than him. Ask him can you move some homeless people into his house and he can support them.

Ha, what do you think he will say?

Oh sure you will get your feelings hurt, but that is life. There has never been equality in the history of the human race, nor will there ever be. So stop fooling yourself and thinking you are going to be equal with the wealthiest people on earth, you are not. Why do you not protest the yoke of lie’s told to you in your high school and college classrooms?

If you wish to rail against something it should be the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM OF SLAVERY. The CFR, the UN or rather UNITED NAZI’S, NATO, IMF, The World Bank, and the IRS and a host of laws and regulations of other bureaucratic enslavement systems. Our reality is slavery, but you think you are free but you are not. Communism and Fascism and Socialism are even tighter forms of enslavement than you currently live under. Do you wish to tighten the control governments have over your life? Are you afraid to live on your own? Are you afraid to live free? It seems you are.

      They have enslaved you, and you believe down to your deepest core you are fighting for freedom. Think again.  You are struggling to further enslave yourself, blindly like many of us from the sixties. You are being played, we were being played, you are following the piped piper, you are brainwashed, you are living in the matrix. WAKE UP, Youth. Youth, WAKE UP. These lies you have heard all your life and your parents too are nothing more than part of the matrix you are born into and forced to live in. No choice is given to you, you are a slave. Do you know it? Step out of the Matrix of the education, and brainwashing you have been through. Are You Awake? Youth, Youth, Wake Up Youth! You are being lied to. Wake Up. Globalism is the lie of the “New Communism.” While the rise of your new ANTIFA Communism is lying to you and fooling you into committing violence and if the Communist (teachers) get their way, they will enslave and murder millions in their grab for power. Including many of you. Remember Trotsky.

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