Death by Guns in the Thousands


Death by Guns in the Thousands

Here in America, we have many deaths because of guns. Why? Because bad people do bad things. Yet in our society, where is the outcry for the thirty-five million aborted in the womb? Death by abortion is the vilest crime American’s have ever created. As a nation, we are deniers of truth and push forth the ideas that guns are the enemy of American’s. How can that be? Especially when thirty-five million have to be murdered in the womb, defenseless, helpless. Begging for an unheard voice to cry out to the powers that be why are you more concerned with the murder of thousands, and you promote the killing of millions? What a bunch of hypocrites? You are so worried about gun violence but have not qualms and demand we agree to give you the right to commit abortion violence.

Why are you allowed to have guns? Why is there an amendment that provides for the population of people to remain armed?  To stop tyranny by the government, state or local or federal. As well as personal protection.  To prevent people with ideas such as those of the leftist, communist followers to overthrow the government. Or religious faiths that wish to take over the country, Sharia, Jewish, Catholicism, Satanism. Science, AI. Guns are for protection from those who want to control you and or destroy your Country.

Guns are the foundation of freedom. A well-armed population deters the government authorities from creating a police state of total tyranny. We are already under the yoke of slavery by the Federal Reserve system, which in truth is nothing more than the plantation overseers of America. The UN has for years controlled American thought.

So on the face of it, we are all slaves. No matter what your color, beliefs, wealth or education. We are all slaves to a cruel taskmaster called Federal Reserve DEBT. Yet here you are bemoaning the guns laws in America. All the while pushing for the murder of the unborn innocent. While you bow to the power of the Federal Reserve Plantation Owners.

So is your enemy gun owners? Why are they your enemy? Are you so foolish to believe the government will protect you? If so, you are living in a world of illusion. Guns are what keep America free. Plain and simple. If you try and push too hard with gun laws the government hypocrites and the ignorant people will create an America that will be ripped apart by civil war. No gun owner is going to give up their guns willing. People say that the police will go door to door and confiscate guns. That will work in a few areas but then the police will run up against a well-armed public, and many police officers will die defending the tyranny against gun ownership. If the leftist communist thinks that the American gun owning society is going to bow down to their tyranny of gun confiscation you genuinely are either ignorant or hoping to create a civil war in America.

This liberal left is daily betraying freedom for tyranny.  Liberals would take every gun to save one life, while they murder ten’s of million’s innocent in the womb. You hear them say, the unborn, they are not people. Really! You are complete in denial of reality. You murders of children. All you women who demand the right for women to choose to murder her child in the womb and then demand guns be taken from people are the most uneducated, ignorant people and hypocrites of the highest order. To believe abortion is a viable option to save yourself from your own misdeeds. If you don’t want children, keep your legs closed. And you men who tango with the ladies and leave them pregnant and not caring how they will cope and you abandon them, and suggest or pay for an abortion you are the vilest of the vile. Fathers who will not take responsibility for the children they create are the world’s greatest cowards. They deserve no respect, for they give none. These fathers who abandon the women and the children to go and do as they please are all cowards. Letting the state and the federal government raise their children. Little boys pretending to be big tough men who do not and will not support their own. So you tell the women to get an abortion, so you do not have to grow up, but can remain the irresponsible little boys that you are. Because men take care of their women and the children they have together. Just as the women take care of their men and their children.

Little boys run off or tell the woman to get an abortion. Total cowards.

Armed citizen’s and those who agree with their right to own and bears arms are the backbone of your freedom and every individual opposed to the right to bear arms is against liberty and the rights of the constitution. So you by de facto approve of the murder of ten of millions of innocent, helpless beings because, you say, they’re not human when every day we see premature “humans” born months before their due date. Yet you would accuse gun owners of murder. This is the communist in our society raising their ugly lying heads. Just as they lied to us in the sixties.

Well, that time has come. A well armed, the well-organized militia will resist all government attempts to confiscate guns, and if it means blood in the streets of America then you will know it is because the liberal, democratic, left; the communist have lied to you all, and you believe their liberal college lies about the beauty of socialism. Well then let’s make the first step in socialism, distribute all the wealth of all the all college professors. All you liberal college students drop out and make way for an illegal immigrant to get a higher education, they need it more than you.  All elected politicians and the bureaucrats in all federal, state and local government. All your congressmen give up everything you have, you can move into a cardboard box in LA, or SF and live just like your constitutes are living now under your leadership.

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