The Light of Darkness: Revelation to the Mind of Humanity

The Light of Darkness:

Revelation to the Mind of Humanity

Human beings pretend they know all. Wise and unchallenged on earth. Seeming able to create unbelievable technology and yet not have any idea of the of how it. Is the mind so powerful? Is the human reality able to alter the wheel of time? Is the psychology of hatred so deep in our minds that the psychology of love is pushed into a deep dark cavern where only the light of darkness shines upon humanity? Minds reprobate to God, locked in a struggle against the truth that they perceive as a lie.

Where can the human mind look for comfort if you came from the muck? Where can human mind look for comfort if you came out of the chaos of the big bang? Where can human minds look for peace when the world is pushed into war after war after war. Where can the human minds look for love when only hatred of freedom is taught and preached across the world.

War is upon the earth. Peace has been taken from man, and the killing has begun. This is a war of justice as you see in society today people saying if someone is accused they are guilty, this the balance of justice that has turned into inequality for humanity. Prices are rising, war is beginning, people are feeling the injustice of humanity. Soon they will need a scapegoat just for the horrors that will come to earth. They will need an enemy to blame for the own misery and injustice and hatred. That enemy will be you. And the world will change as earth is plunged into all-out war. The day of man’s demise. The day of the rise of Baphomet.

Where is justice in a society bent on self-destruction? Where is justice when many people scream that they must be heard and no one else can have a voice. Where is justice in a society that thinks feelings are more important than common sense and truth? Where is justice in a society that thinks all people will be treated equally? How is that possible? Can a society tell a human being that they must believe what they are told or else they must die? Why yes it can. Look at Communist Russia, Communist China, Communist North Korea, Communist Iran. Should freedom ring across the world or only from coast to coast in America? Where is the freedom of society demanding we accept a lie as truth and truth as a lie. England is a police state, Australia is becoming a police state, Canada is a police state and very soon when people in power will create a police state in the land of freedom. Even today we live as slaves in a police state, but soon it will be a us against them mentality and all who are reprobate will hate those who are not.

Bring forth those with a reprobate mind and let them see the lies of the deception played upon them. Let them see the truth that they call a lie. Open the reprobate minds to the truth so that they will know they damn themselves with full knowledge of their choice. Lies told by Israel lies told by America. Lies told by all governments of the earth. We stand with Israel the children of God. Not as the War Machine to do your dirty work. That is your job. God has picked you to do this dirty deed, but instead, you have pushed it onto someone else. America is not the puppets of a nation that pretends to love God but spits in God’s face daily. No America is for the 12 Tribes of Israel. We are not for the police state government that controls the freedom of truth of God. We are not for that nation that hates God and lies to the world and pretends it is the servants of God. No, Israel as a nation is a lie. Israel as a people is the truth. Just as America as a nation is now a lie, the people of are the truth. Freedom, God, peace, unity. This is the truth of America. Not endless wars, not doing what Israel wants us to do. Not what the EU wants. No, it is more important to think of America as a nation that needs to uphold the values of God. Marriage between the different sexes, having a raising family, building communities, creating a peaceful environment for all to live with justice and peace. Not this world of

Republican and Democratic. We need to understand it is about truth. Both of these parties are lying to you. Yes, there are good folks in each, but most are just lying to you to further their own agenda. Taking up causes that are simple to please the masses who have accepted the lies of this mafia. These government officials who believe they have been given the right to pervert the laws of our nation so that they can weaken them and eventually destroy freedom. Everyone will be a slave in the New World Order envisioned by warmongers. A Police state is what they want to create here in America. They are very close to doing that. These people who are all ages, whose minds are reprobate stand shoulder to shoulder with the communist, socialist, fascist, globalist national socialist of the “New World Order,” there is nothing new about it. It is Roman, It is the Dark Ages, it is Communist. It is social justice hypocrisy.

All sold to you like it is a sweet roll instead of the bitter fruit that will make you sick. How long before American’s start turning in American’s like the communist British government is encouraging its people to do at this very moment? Traitors to freedom are what Britain’s Government is at the current time. So entangled in the web they cannot escape. Just as the web entangles America and forces us all to choose at what point will, we cut ourselves free and destroy those who would enslave us to the Corporate Bureaucracy of the “Corporation of America” and the un-elected group who have placed themselves as the overseers of humanity. The lawyers and the maritime “corporate law” that is used to rule the “Corporation of America,” and thus your life. This has allowed freedom to be stolen, you have been indentured to serve at the owner’s demand. Stealing your wealth and calling you greedy for not wanting to pay them their tax money they demand from you, to support themselves, and the bureaucracy.

They say you do all the work, you make all the money. We will tell you how you can spend it. This is the freedom you are being offered. Be a slave, do slave labor, and we will give you what we think you deserve, it could be nothing at all. Yet you want to blame white males, but there are plenty of males of different color playing the game. Yet no blame is placed on those people of a different color. Why not?

Revelation to the mind of humanity is not a slogan it is a truth. You are being lied to. You believe the lies. You look at the truth and see a lie. You look at honesty and call it greed. You like at lazy and call it needy. You look at an opportunity and call it discrimination. You look at freedom and call it slavery. Your mind is reprobate.

You move toward unrighteousness and cannot see that it is unclean. That it is against humanity, that it is death, swimming in a sea of light and calling itself life. It is a trick, to get you to see the blackness of the human spirit beautiful when it is rotten to the core. Filled with filth and death, blind to honesty and hater of truth.

Soon will be the time of the great wine press of the wrath of God. This will take most of the human race into it. Because we live in a world of sin, most people do not call it illegal. They call it legal. Legal to murder your child in the womb. Innocent, defenseless, murdered. The light of darkness covers your mind. You cannot see for the darkness and are walking blind right into it.

Your mind is reprobate. You would not rip a puppy from its mother’s womb, but you have no problem ripping a human from its mother’s womb. Committing murder that you pretend is legal in the eyes of Creation. You are wrong, this is the blood of the innocent.

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