They Want You To Betray God

The world wants humanity to betray God. This is what they want. This what the Zionist Evangelical Christians, Roman Catholic Jesuits, Muslims extremist, Jewish Zionist and all other faiths that are antichrist all want. Not to mention the new age, witches, satanist, other nonbelievers.

Like Judas, this is what the world wants for all of us to do, is to betray God. They want to rid the world of Christian believers, followers of Jesus Christ and white people. The world has seen western democracy and seen the freest society so far in our history. Yet today in the freest nation so far on earth, you see people betraying their own civilization. It seems white people have no place in this modern world! This is racism that everyone accuses whites of. But hatred of any kind is evil. Hatred of your ex-friends, relatives, people you meet, different races, religions, etc. etc. Hate is a betrayal of God. God commands all to Love, love each other and love everyone. What does it mean to love? Kindness, politeness, forgiveness, never holding a grudge, belief in the Alpha and the Omega, belief that a man named Jesus threw himself on the grenade of sin, that had exploded into humanity and ripped into all humans and wounded many souls. But this man of Love, Jesus fell onto that grenade of sin and took the shrapnel of sin into his body and died to save all of his father’s children. Those children who Love, who believe in love, who follow the faith of Love. God is Love. Jesus is Love.

Of course, the human mind is so perverse it thinks of love as sex. Love is not sex. Love is kindness, love is sharing, love is forgiveness, love is standing your ground and your belief in God and his son Christ Jesus. Funny how the world wants to kill LOVE. Imagine killing off all the love in the world and living in a world without any Love. Mothers are killing their babies after they are born. Imagine that. Legal Murder in every sense of the word. Soon it will be the murder of old people, crippled, mentally ill. How long before we live in a world of Soy-lent Green.

Christians, many of our political leaders are lying to you, many of your 5013c churches are temples to Satan, and the leaders are disciples of Satan. Don’t believe me? Hundreds if not thousands of Catholic Priest, Bishops, Cardinals from top to bottom evil lurks in the clergy. Evangelical preachers lying to their congregation using their 5013c status to avoid taxes, and spew pro-anti-Christ sermons or even worse staying silent on all the terrible things the government and the people are doing. Never calling the people to repent, but just keeping quiet. See no evil, hear no evil. Speak no evil. There is nothing worse than people who are lukewarm in their belief. People who do not wish to commit until they see which side will benefit them most. Or they just don’t believe so to them the power of Jesus is a fairy tale. The power of people to avoid the truth will lead to their very destruction. Evangelical preachers are traitors to Jesus Christ, for lack of knowledge my people will be destroyed. So why do Jews, Muslims, Non-Believers want so bad to kill the believer in Jesus Christ? Don’t think it true. Go read the Talmud, Go read the Koran, Go read about the New Age Movement and you will find hatred of Jesus and the followers of Jesus Christ.

Yet that does not matter. We believe that the power people deny it is as real as the fingers on our hand. Funny how people believe in the power tarot cards, ouija boards, astrology, witchcraft, necromancy, magic and all kinds of superstition even when they say they are not superstitious. The world exists, no one has created another planet, no one has created a tree, no one has created an ocean, no one has created another human being. The universe lies in order, and God has laid it out yet man pretends to be able to explain 3.5 billion years of supposed reality with a math equation, with a computer model. I find that no one really questions these new ideas of reality. Throughout history, man has challenged God’s explanation of existence. Society demands that we all betray God and deny Jesus. Why, why this visceral response to a being they don’t believe in, don’t care to learn about, why such hatred for someone who many claims he never lived or was only a man.

I don’t see them getting upset with the Hindu’s who worship cows, people who cover themselves in cow feces and worship filth. I don’t see them getting upset when Muslims beat their women, having three or four wives. You hear them say it’s their culture. OK THEN. Following Jesus is the culture of America, believing in God is the Culture of America, these are the things that made the little backward outpost on a gigantic frontier into a Nation for all who believe in freedom. God fearing, Jesus following people built the foundation of our nation on “the Rock,” faith in Jesus. Faith in God. Now the very children of the nation demand we betray God and Country and accept Socialist, Communist government as our new God. They want us to accept their anti-god.

But they will never understand that we can see anti-Christ no matter what disguise they use. Truth is simple to hear and see, and their words are not the truth.

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