Freedom from the chains of “UNITED STATES, INC”: The Swindling of Freedom

2 Peter 2:3 “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you:”

How many people know that we live under “CORPORATE” laws? How many people know that your freedom from the constitution was removed by the creation of “UNITED STATES, INC?”

I do not mean the corporations in America. I mean the “UNITED STATES, INC.” Yes, we are all employees of the corporation. America is a corporation, “UNITED STATES, INC.” Hard to believe right? Look at your birth certificate, notice the all capitals letters in the name! Do you sign your name with all capital letters? So there is one part of the swindle. Look at the back of your birth certificate, get a magnifying glass and examine the fine print and notice that your birth certificate is a “BOND”. A debt instrument. You are being swindled by the “UNITED STATES, INC”. You have no freedom because you allow them to swindle you. Just as I have done and nearly 99.9999% of all American’s have been swindled out of their freedom.

People hire lawyers not knowing that their first duty is to the court and the state, not the client, not you the one who hired them and are paying the bill. You have been swindled. Hard to believe. Vetting these statements I have made are easy. These truths are in plain site of you look.

We need a political class that believes in Jesus. And does not believe in the “UNITED STATED, INC.”, but believes in the United States of America a sovereign nation. We need a nation that can follow the constitution as written. We need a nation with states with a well armed militia to defend the people’s rights under the original constitution of the United States. We need a nation that uses silver and gold as money so that we as a nation can be free from debt and continue to maintain freedom without having to pay for our money which enriches bankers and pushes citizens into debt.

The current legal system, Bar Attorney, is a system that is swindling your freedom as part of the corporation. Why do you think most people in government are lawyers. They know how to swindle the people out of the most money. Middle class American’s get elected to office stay 20 years and become multi millionaires, they could not do that if they were only making their government salaries. Think about it? Nearly all of the congress and senate are a part of the great swindling of your freedom, my freedom, and the babies just born freedom. Think of it, one great ponzie scheme that is driving humanity to the brink of complete socialist, communist slavery to the god government. How long before we are forced to bow to the government god the all powerful UNITED STATES, INC?

Citizens, today is the day we start the revolution for a more righteous government. A government of common law. Commonsense law. Today is the day we start the revolution to take back the power from the democrats and the republicans. We the 40 percent in the middle, who do not agree on all things but can accept and agree on many things. While our democrat and republicans elected officials will continue to conduct soap operas for the amusement of the masses with the pretend crisis, their fake worry about illegal aliens, there fake concern about freedom of the people. With their fake wars and false flag attacks, their stealing of the wealth via the Federal Reserve System. Taxation, Regulations and through the ignorance of the people to know the truth. Will the truth set your free?

We the Moderates are sick of the lies and deceptions of both parties. We believe in the Constitution,

many of us not afraid to say we follow Jesus Christ. We declare, God is our final authority, not the federal government, not the state government, not the county government, no the city government can force us to accept them as the final authority. We demand rights in the constitution, and abolish all the rights of the “UNITED STATES, INC”, which as swindled our freedom and your.

Freedom must be taken back from the lawyers, the Zionist of all religions, and the Federal Reserve Banking System, The entire population of independents need to join together to form a new political party. One that believe in true freedom and not corporate and legalized slavery. Your belief in Jesus is a question of freewill and you have the right to believe and practice or not believe as you wish. We only ask you to join us in preserving the rights to believe what you will and speak freely in a free country.

Never forget what was said:

2 Peter 2:3 “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you:”
“for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10

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