Governments of Cowards

Governments of Cowards

When is a Social Democrat really just a Communist?

Did you ever think that when Barrack Obama signed the Affordable Health Care Law into effect that it was the act of a communist dictator? And a communist Congress? I did. I wrote the White House and told Mr. Obama that he was a traitor and I had no respect for him what so ever. I also wrote my congressmen and said to him that he to was a traitor when he voted for it. When did the government have the right to tell me how, when, and what I will do for my health? I do not like being told that I must follow the law dictated by a communist dictator created by the elected communist members of Congress who’s leader told them don’t bother to read the massive document just sign it and we will find out what is in it later. I can only say that all members of Congress who voted to create the communist law, a social democratic law, telling me how I will buy health care or else, are indeed just communist. Oh, I mean social democratic, “Big Difference,” according to Comrade Cortes. If you force it on the people because you think you have the high moral ground just like the health care law you do not understand what social democrat is. Um, sounds familiar right? Comrade Pelosi, Comrade Waters, Comrade James Jim” Langevin and of course Comrade’s Hillary Clinton & Barrack Obama and on the list is many more.

Of course, people will say they were elected. That does not mean they have the right to steal your freedom. There should have been a revolution then. But social democrat’s, excuse me, communists were in power, and they rammed it down all people who love freedom throats.

Forcing cost up and forcing the middle class to pay the bill. Social Democrat’s at work, “Big Difference.” Communism is communism no matter how you slice it. It comes in all colors of humanity, in all faith’s of humanity. It’s nasty like viper head spews lie, after lie, after lie.

Most social democrat’s think capitalism is evil. So they purpose to steal the wealth of the people who have it. But make no mistake, they will take not only from the wealthy but the middle class as well. Your house could hold 3 families, and you will be told you must make way for them. Or raise your taxes so high you will be forced to give up your home. Comrade Cortes will take everything she can get and give it to everyone who she deems worthy and deserves what you own. Or at least thought your own. Sadly what nearly all American’s don’t understand is they are already slaves to a socialist system.

Fake money, fake property rights, fake corporations in your name, fake leaders, but plenty of laws to suppress your rights.

What America needs is a revolution. We need a revolution of people not afraid to say this is still a nation that believes in Jesus Christ. We are still a nation that believes in God. We are still a nation that is not afraid to have free speech even if it hurts your feelings. Yet I don’t think people should go out of their way to hurt people. However, one cannot flinch from the truth because someone will be offended.

Better to be offended and know the truth, than to live under the illusion that the lie is the truth.

Our society is slipping from freedom into tyranny. Sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, are run by cowards who are afraid of the truth. Or are plotting to destroy the truth. Why you may ask. Simple, they are owned by communist or social democrats, “Big Difference,” remember. This is why if you fail to speak out with your family and friends who may only interact via these platforms, the rise of tyranny will grow. Governments of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism are governments for cowards. They are for people who usually hate. They are governments of Narcissist and Psycho paths, atheist, zealots, jihadist, people who grab power and destroy everyone who disagrees with them. All the while saying “It’s for the people.” No, it is not, it is for the power they want. Murder is the name of the game for these governments. Nazism Murdered, Fascism murdered, Socialism murdered, Communism Murdered, all in all, in the ten of millions have died under these forms of governments. In America, they would do the same were it not for the constitution; it would be so. The right to bear arms, the right to free speech, the right to worship as you wish, will all be destroyed under these cowardly socialist democrats.

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