Transgenders, and the worship of Baphomet


and the worship of


There are great lies told around the world daily. Great lies about truth, right, and wrong, evil, and hatred, delusion, and choices made. Great lies told by many of our fellow human beings who live in a world of a reprobate mind. People who cannot grasp the reality of the confusion in their minds about gender. Truly minds so reprobate that they cannot look at a little child’s sex organs and identify the sexuality of that child. They cannot see because their minds are reprobate. In reality, they live in confusion. Yet, live peacefully in their world of false illusion. Gender dysphoria the crazy psychiatric community calls this. This profession makes up conditions, redefines mental problems, and truly expect the rest of the world who can see clearly that if a little child has a penis, its a boy. Now surely that little boy may as he grow up in the fake world of the LGBTQ socially anti-normal behavior he may become confused. Sadly it appears from the outside point of view that this is not about the child’s rights but about you, the LGBTQ society gaining equal footing to the world of the normalcy of human history. Let us be clear, you a tiny fraction of society expect us to respect your rights to turn normal human behavior into any kind of behavior you desire to proclaim as normal. See how crazy you are, see how reprobate your minds are. You cannot look at normal and call it normal, no you have to twist it to your own perverted definition of reality.

It sounds like everyone who is trans is mentally ill, and everyone who supports trans is mentally ill. If you loved yourself, you would be the human you are, not change yourself into something you are not and can never be no matter how many body parts you cut off, or have surgical changed. Your mind is the problem, not your body, your sexuality is not fluid, only your sexual desires are fluid. So yes, a little boy could grow and start acting and dressing like a little girl. Yet when he continues to grow, he may grow out of that and simply enjoy and accept who he is, a boy. He may become homosexual, ok, he is still a boy. You see the confusion in the homosexual community when women and men refer to their partner as my wife or my husband. This confusion is starting to take hold and will only get worse. I will be called all kinds of names for these comments, so thank you in advance for your hatred.

Transgenders and abortion advocates hate all humanity who will not accept their outrageous demands. If you refuse to accept their demands, you will be called every name in the book. I have thanked you already for the hate-filled comments you will make. However, in light of your hatred of truth, let me give you some. You are science deniers, as you claim Christians are. You are blind to the truth as you live in a state of worship to the Baphomet, the transgender god of old. Part male, part female, party beast. In your quest of lust after the perversions, your mind desires you destroy yourselves because you hate yourselves. And you want us the people who disagree to walk right down that road with you. Well, forget it, we are not going to walk with you, accept your behavior, or ever agree to have anything to do with you except pray that you can overcome your self-hate before it is too late. We will not accept your mental illness and hatred of human life as a part of our world view.

The abortionist commits murder, the judges who passed Rowe vs. Wade are murders, abortion advocates are murders, and elected officials you pass abortion laws are all murders. No matter what courts say, every person who loves life knows, abortion is simply the murder of helpless Americans, unborn Americans. We will do all in our legal power to fight transgender mental illness spreading and the killing of Americans in the womb and after they are born.

We will never accept your turning our children into something they are not and murdering the ones you can in the womb. We pray that God will have mercy on you, but I doubt God will have any mercy on those who harm little children, perverting their minds and butchering them in the womb. Read Your Bible.

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