Satan says, Democrats Are My People

Satan says join the Democrat party they are my people. They hate God. I hate God. They love open borders. God believes in nations. They love illegal invaders in your country, they worship the globalist UN Atheist. God calls them unrighteous. They will never do the right thing.  Satan says Democrats are my people. They murder babies for me. They want freedom for perversion to run rampant into normal society, their goal is to redefine normal into their image of depravity. Grown men walking into bathrooms where children and mothers are is totally perversion, and Satan says he loves them, democrats. They are his people.  “Satan Says Swallow,” Beautiful girls are being taught and falling for sexuality depravity, being taught in the public school system.  These education officials are more of the children of Satan. Doing his bidding, and pretending it is protecting the children who are suffering from being bullied. Um, OK. Protection of children is noble, but the perversion of children’s minds are the very ideas of Satan. So Satan says, these education officials are my people. Pervert the minds of the children, the more, the merrier. Continue to worship me o fools of education. Continue to destroy the values of the highest god that I hate. Satan says, Democrats, I love you for the sick and perverted things you do in my name, and you wallow in my filth and call it righteous.  You are indeed my people, go further pervert the whole world, and for those who refuse, they will feel my wrath.

Satan’s army is rising, they are gaining momentum they have perverted many generations and are now working on all future generations. The battle is now against wickedness in high places.  Lucifer is calling his army of Democrats, and they are answering his call. For they wish to wallow in the perversions these elected Democrats are demanding that all American’s must follow them to our destruction and deny the MOST HIGH GOD, I AM, The ALPHA & THE OMEGA, JESUS CHRIST, The Living God of reality. In a world of wickedness, Satan is calling his people. Now Jesus Christ is calling his people to stand up for the unborn in the womb, stand up against the invasion of our country, stand up against the transgender perversion worship of the Baphomet. The worship of the Baal by sacrificing children to this ancient god.  Abortion is child sacrifice, worship of ancient evil.
The Democrats are demanding and passing laws that will deny anyone to speak against anything they want passed to pervert the minds of American’s to worship their Transgender God, and their God of Death. So Satan shouts and cheers his approval of the Democratic Party. He supports the democratic party. He is the unelected official leader of the Democratic Party, and many in the Republican party are starting to march to the tune of Satan.  Allowing invading swarms of unknown evils to flood into our country hidden in the sorry of innocent people caught up in the lies. Democrats have betrayed God, they have betrayed Jesus and now worship Satan, outright, without out actually saying, they just pass laws that allow evil to flourish. It is no longer the fake news that is the only enemy of the people, but so too it is the Democratic Party and many of the Republicans.

Now is the time for a new political party, The Patriot Militia Party. Well armed, well versed in the constitution, believers in law and order. Willing to die to protect their individual freedoms, the freedoms of their neighbors and family and friends.

As the Democratic party turns it’s back on God and Jesus Christ, we Patriot Militia will stand with God, His Son. Our constitution and bill of rights and the rights of all American’s not to be forced into worshiping their transgender god and their god of death and their perversion of our innocent children with their perverted education lies and indoctrination into the worship of evil and hatred. Satan says I love you, Democrats, you do all that I demand. You worship like blind fools and the feet of the Baphomet, at the feet of Baal. Your sick, perverted confusion is what I love. Thank you, Democrats, I know I can depend on you when I need you.  You hail me as your leader, and I accept, you are my people, so Satan says.



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