Silver & Gold: God’s Money

Silver and Gold

Genesis 13:2, “And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.”

****This is not financial advice, this is God’s advice.******

We, as the descendants of Abram, are poor. Yet Abram was a rich man. Very rich in cattle and silver and gold. However, we generations of children are poor. Why are we poor? You hear prosperity preachers shouting the joys of being wealthy, you hear them exclaim how God wants all his people to be rich, and in their minds, he means with dollar bills. But dollars bills are not wealth, they are a debt IOU’s. Can you see the illusion you live under? Do you have any cattle? No, most of us do not.

Do we have some silver or gold? Most have some small trinket or utensils of silver or silver plated but very few people today have silver and gold. Most people have video game consoles, New smartphones, etc. etc.

But very few and I mean very few at all have and own in their possession silver and or gold. Surely you have no cattle tucked away in the house somewhere. Yet you have no silver or gold tucked away either.

You give your “money” to the church, that tells you lies, and you believe them. You would be better served to give the money to poor people around you. God is a believer in moral behavior, not self-glorification of many of the prosperity preachers of today. You hear them on TV saying all sorts of ungodly comments. People think that they have built a vast and beautiful church with six thousand in attendance every Sunday and giving millions of dollars to the ministry. But let me ask you? Your church is rich in money, but is it rich in righteousness? Did not the Lord say “sell all you have an give it to the poor?” Would it not seem more logical to believe that God wants you to help poor people, not some prosperity ministry that spits in the face of God, and spouts words against the Creator. Yet you continue to give your “wealth” to the false teachers of iniquity. Have they said even one time that they will go out into the community and give away all the collection of the week to the poor in your community? Should not the congregation be supporting the local community instead of buying million dollar planes, homes, or building million dollar churches? Etc. Etc.

You the descendants of Abram are poor. Not just in silver and gold, but in moral ability to see through the lies of the prosperity gospel. These evangelical con artist. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, liars, deceivers, and thieves. Robbing you of the church of all your wealth for their own satisfaction. And stealing away your faith in Jesus Christ.

Should these evangelical leaders be allowed to say what they want without being corrected? Should they be allowed to continue to deceive the people? Remember this. God said his children are lost for their lack of knowledge. Who needs the money more the widow or single mom with three children whose husband ran out on her or the prosperity preacher? Who needs the money more the little old lady struggling to feed herself, keep herself warm, pay her bills or the prosperity preachers who lies to you and your smile and raise your hands to God and smile and sing and never once are called to repent of the evil you have done. The lies, we all have told them, the stealing, that many of us have done, the whoring of both men and women that we all have done. The lust for others or for things that we do not have. Have you been called to repent of your sins by your rich church? No! I bet you have been called to give more money to the church. Have you been called to put on the full armor of God? Do you know what the full armor of God is? No! I bet you have been called to make yourself rich, to prosper because God wants you to be rich. That is an outright lie. God wants you to repent of your sins, believe in the “Faith of Jesus” and preach the Gospel of Christ Jesus to anyone who would hear. Many want to hear, and many do not want to hear it. It is not your job to force people to hear. Nor can you. God will make you rich if he deems it to be. You can get rich without God, as well. Many who have committed sin have become wealthy. Many good men have become wealthy through hard work.

But when a person who calls himself a preacher of the Word of God makes comments like this “When God says I Am, I smile and say me too.” This claim that he is God is blasphemy. Those who make such claims cannot prove it. They can only proclaim it. Throughout our history, many people have proclaimed to be God. Yet only God has proven to be God. Abraham did not proclaim to be God, he simply told of the mighty power of God. Daniel did not proclaim to be God, no he served God and only God. So you Mr. Hinmen are lying to the people. Claiming you are “I AM,” there is only one “I AM” and you sir are not God. But you are a deceiver, leading the people astray. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Many of these evangelical leaders do much the same in their own deceitful way. They tell the people we should worship on the day the Roman Catholic Church declared as their mark of authority that they have the power from God to change his Holy Sabbath. The Sabbath is from Friday at Sundown to Saturday at Sundown. They moved it to Sunday, the day the pagans worshiped the sun gods of the past. It all its forms and manifestations so they might worship any god but the Creator God.

So you sit there on Sunday and worship in a pagan church, to a pagan god, or gods. Have you once looked in your bible read how you are committing blasphemy at the request of your evangelical leaders? Every single Sunday you make offerings to a god, it is not the God of Abram. It is not “I AM.” You do not follow Jesus Christ you are looking anywhere else but Jesus Christ.

This confusion of power, greed, lust is not holy attributes for leaders of the church of God. Men themselves who try and serve God are flawed and weak, without the Armour of God, they would not stand and tell you the truth. They would not be able to stand at all without the mighty hand of God reaching out and saying in a clear and loud voice. Repent, for all have sinned. God does not care what you have done unless you are one of these church leaders leading the people away from his message of repentance. He holds a particular hatred of these men. Jeremiah  Chapter 23 V 1 “Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! Saith the LORD.” But for the sheep who the pastors have scattered his message of love through faith is more important to him than your sin. He can forgive if you will repent.

God does not measure prosperity by wealth but by how many souls have turned to Jesus Christ and repented. God cares about how many souls he can save.

It is not for you to make and buy yourself a million dollar planes. How many people could have been fed or clothed with that million dollars? But these evangelical pastors continue to lead people away from repentance into the worship of mammon, i.e., money.

Even the poor little churches all across America have fallen prey to building bigger and better churches. Yet every single one of these churches doesn’t seem to understand that the church of Christ Jesus is no a building, but a gathering of believers. It does not require a ten million dollar building to house 6,000 people each Sunday. These deceptions are played out every week throughout our country. You hear people say all the time how they are no longer working on Sunday. Not realizing they are honoring the pagan gods. Just like all the churches that follow the “Mark of Authority” of the Roman Catholic Church. This church dedicated to pagan worship, in all its forms. Mother and child worship, Sun worship, worship of dead people, as well as relics. All pagan forms of worship that have nothing to do with the words of God.

Every person who trusts in the “Faith of Jesus” should go out and buy silver and gold if you can afford it. Instead of buying a new boat, buy some silver, instead of buying a new pocketbook, buy some silver.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to watch a live performance of music, sports, etc. don’t go and buy some silver. Instead of eating out every week, skip a week and buy some silver. Instead of buying a new cell phone, but some gold.

Store up a bit of silver and gold for the truth of wealth is not in dollars or stock or bonds, nor mutual funds or bank CDs, or treasury notes. True wealth is silver and gold. Read your Bible and see how often silver is mentioned. Just as a man uses silver for many things, so to the God of Creation. However, man tends to want to make idols out of silver and gold and not use them for there true intent. Money and wealth.

Working and saving are common sense, no longer taught in America. You are encouraged to work and buy debt that puts you in poverty. In a world controlled by manipulation, buying silver and gold would be the actions of a lunatic. Yet you cannot destroy silver or gold, you can only reshape it.

Society already thinks you are crazy because you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior, and as the world’s savior for those who trust and believe him and the Word.

If I have 100 paper dollars, what is it really worth? If I have 100 bonds, what are they really worth?

If I have stocks, mutual funds, IRA, Bank CDs, Retirement, Social Security, What do I really have? Think, what do I really have? Pieces of paper that are simply I.O.U.’s. Debt notes. They have no real value, they only have the illusion of value. Abram was rich with cattle, silver, and gold.

I don’t think you want to buy cattle, but why are you not buying silver and gold. The real money in the time of Jesus. Not this illusion of money, dollar bills. They are I.O.U.’s notes noting more. Their wealth is an illusion and false trust. If you wish to free yourself from the slavery of poverty, be rich in silver and gold.

Silver and Gold are God’s money, not debt, I.O.U.’s.

Trust that God’s word is the truth and not the deceptions and lies of men. Gold and silver are real tangible wealth, there is no illusion in them.

The government demands that only licensed people can give you investment advice. So I do not give investment advice. I give you the word of God and what he values. Read Your Bible and Believe It.

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