When Public Opinion is Mislead and Deceived?

When is Public Opinion is Mislead and Deceived?

When news outlets do not report fairly and accurately. When politicians lie and expect you to believe them. Weapons of Mass Destruction was a lie. We have been in wars for nearly two decades because of this lie. You can keep your doctor, and prices will go down was a lie. Many people saw their health insurance quadruple from $500 to $2,000 per month, and they did not get to keep their doctor. Many people are hurt by lies and laws passed by political leaders. So the biased news outlets and the lying political leaders have misled and deceived public opinion. No facts, no truth, just deception, and lies. Many people believe that God will take care of all things if they pray, and I agree. However, God expects people to speak out, and many preachers are not speaking out against the decline of moral behavior in America and the world at large.

What is the preacher’s job? What is the job of preachers is it to speak out against moral decline? No, it is to preach the Word Of God. Many people believe that every church has its own path to walk. But that seems counter-intuitive to following the righteous path. Yet God moves people to do as he commands so though it seems counter-intuitive,  we are all doing as God ask us. The preachers are mostly all good people. Yet a few who are not good have risen to the top of the evangelical community and stand to deceive many of the followers with their prosperity gospel. Deceptive lies all around us. I have been deceived, and each of us must judge the words of each and every person who says they are preachers. Their words must be judged against the Word of God, against the “faith of Jesus” against the truth and freedom. With moral decay killing America and many political leaders and religious leaders are misleading the people by not speaking out against this moral decline in our nation and around the world.  Most of the preachers are focused on the Good and the Righteous, and they are doing what God wants them to do, and it is not their mission to speak on some things. This was my error, not realizing that each person and church has its own mission. Lay people like myself also have a mission, and we must be careful not to speak out against all churches but just the ones preaching against the will of God. Thankfully, God rebuked me for saying all of any group are following Baal. We must pinpoint the enemies, identify them clearly as enemies of Jesus, and I AM before you speak. The enemies make themselves know by the fruit of their labor.

What is the Church? Is it a building? Is it an organization? The questions beg an answer that many of us have never even thought about. ”It denotes the whole body of the redeemed, all those whom “the Father has given to Christ, the invisible catholic church.” “The church visible “consists of all those throughout the world “that profess the true religion, together with their children.” “It is called “visible” because its members are known and its” “assemblies are public.”*

Many people preaching the “true religion” are on the pulpits of America. Yet, the few who are not preaching the “true religion” are the most popular in many cases. The prosperity they preach, they preach the holy ghost making people act like dogs, cows, lunatics. I have in the past condemned all the 501c3 churches but now realize it is only some of the churches are not preaching the true gospel message. That act was wrong to criticize these tax-exempt churches if they are preaching the true religion. Most are good people, trying to do good. Yet in the midst of many of the churches across the world creep the wolves in sheep’s clothing, those preachers not following God. The good people only preach love and kindness, peace and humility, brotherhood, and common sense. They may not speak out against moral evil, and now I realize that is not their mission. People like me who do speak out who are not preachers but just a part of the “visible church.” Are not bound by laws of man. Many good people are doing their best to lead people. Many evil people are doing their best to mislead the people, and each and every person must look at the words spoken by the preachers, ministers, pastors, priests and even people who are not preachers and use the Word of God to discern truth from lies. Common sense is a great equalizer for believers. I have made a false claim against many good people, and God has been kind enough to send me a message to rebuke my condemnation of all 501c3 churches. Let each person judge the church based on the message being given by the preachers. The truth will reveal itself as the Word of God, and that is all any of us can expect when we trust in Jesus and the father, who says, “I AM.” Read Your Bible and believe it.

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