American Communist and the Betrayl of Freedom

American Communist and the Betrayal of Freedom

“In the communist revolutions, force and violence are a condition for further development and even progress. In the words of earlier revolutionaries, force and violence are elevated to the lofty position of a cult and an ultimate goal. In the past, the classes and forces which made up a new society already existed before the revolution erupted. The Communist revolution is the first to which have had to create a new society and new social forces.”*

As you read this statement, ask yourself a question. Is not the Democratic party trying to do just as described above? Using ANTIFA force and violence, Maxine Waters using force and violence against her political opponents. Are they not a “CULT,” of blacked masked communist traitors to the very ideas of America and Freedom. Is not the democratic party trying to forge a new society? Legalized abortion, legalized homosexuality, legalized transgender. Soon pedophile and bestiality will be decriminalized and then legalized. This is exactly what a communist revolution does. Changes society into a God-hating, deniers of the truth and even reality itself. Haters of all things that are not in agreement with them. Shouting slurs, insults, assaulting with violence anyone or anything that disagrees with them. Just as Mr. Djilas says, “elevating violence to the lofty position of a cult” with the ultimate goal of destroying anyone who disagrees. You see it in social media, you see it in protest, you see it in lack of social engagement. It’s our way or the highway the communist says. No one is allowed to disagree with the agenda of the cult of violence of left-wing radicals such as ANTIFA (Against Nations Truth Individuals Freedom America) this is the real goal of this Communist thugs. ANTIFA and BLM are the violent cult of the American Communist who are aligning themselves with the Islamic Shari Law lovers, who follow their own communist cult of violence. The Koran is their communist manifesto.

Socialist, Social Democrats, Progressives, are all hiding their communist affiliations from the public. Look how Democrats are changing society, murdering babies outside of the womb. Legalizing mental illness, all the while the UNITED NATIONS declares transgender is not a mental illness. So now the United Nazi’s (UN) will tell the world what is and what is not normal. They show their communist causes right up front. Send the UN packing out of America. Nearly every country in the UN hates us, hates Christians, Loves our money and our freedom that they use to abuse their power trying to seek to steal the sovereignty of the United States of America. Since they have sworn themselves our enemies, kick the UN out of America. America does not need the UN. With Israel, the UK, European Nation, Mexico, and Latin America and Canada. New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, etc., and so forth around the world. The UN does not help Israel, they wail about the poor Palestinians who go out of their way to harm the citizens of the Nation of Israel. You attacked them, and you expect them to give back strategic locations of your country. Sorry, you attacked you pay the price. And the UN should be kicked off American soil. Let them move to North Korea, Iran, China, Turkey, Cuba, Venezuela or anywhere else that would accept your anti-God agenda. Your pro-communist agenda.

Now is the time to organize a well-armed militia to defend the country from domestic enemies such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Nadler, Booker, Harris, Sanders, Cortes, Warren, and the list goes on and on. Rhino Republicans, The Federal Reserve System, Large Banks, Large Tech Companies, Cashless Society, AI these too are your enemies. These are the enemies of America. Each and everyone is a communist and do not have the guts to say it to the public. But if you look at what they say under the guise of socialism it all adds up to a “Communist Revolution” right here in America. Make no mistake about the Islamic Community that wishes to enforce Shari law in America are right in lockstep with the communist, progressives agenda. Like Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Sanders, all communist hiding under the guise of socialism. They want to take the wealthy Americans money now and soon with their open borders, they will support everyone but Americans. They will expect the American taxpayers to foot the bill. When you no longer can afford the taxes, they will come for the property of every single American who has anything other than a crappy rundown apartment or shack, or cardboard box. This is the goal. Take all the wealth, while the ruling elite look down on your poverty and smile at their success. Lavishing themselves with expensive foods, expensive trips, expensive cars, expensive, homes, and basically a rich lifestyle that they will live. All the while, telling you to shut up and be happy they don’t just murder you outright. If you disobey in the world of AOC, Pelosi you will be put you in prison or murdered. Make no mistake this is and will be the ultimate goal of the social democrats, the socialist, who really are just light weight communist. However when the communist forces like ANTIFA get in control, wholesale murder will be their agenda against Christians and anyone else who resist their “dictatorship.” So now is the time before it will be too late to organize effectively. Standing with the full armor of God, with feet firmly planted in peace. Resisting the destruction of America and Christianity and the deniers of God. Defending against all enemies foreign and domestic.

* page 22 The New Class An Analysis of the Communist System by Milovan Djilas

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