Doom & Gloom Is The Mind of the Enemy

Doom & Gloom

Is The Mind of the Enemy

When I wake up in the morning, I am happy for many reasons. One is that God has given me the good sense to understand love is God. Love of the desire to serve God. Love of seeing your wife, your children, your neighbors, your pets, your world. So why do so many people live in the minds of doom and gloom of their lives? When you wake up, you should turn to the joy of life. Life is not doom and gloom if you love your families? If you love God, then you have no reason to wake up miserable, in fear, in doubt. God is love, and there is a message of love when the sun breaks the dawn, there is a message of love when the birds break the dawn with their message of its a new day. God is love. Love is the power that heals, love is the message of happiness. Love is wholesome and happy, love is kindness and charity. Love is believing, love is knowing the power of God is real. God is the force that heals the mind.

Doom and Gloom is the mind of the enemy. Love is the mind of God. Who will ever say that hate is good? Who would ever say that sorry and anger or good? Love of God is not about hating yourself. The wounds of life are different for each person, and “I AM” heals all wounds of those who will allow him to. He asks nothing but trust and belief and love.

Nearly every time I speak to someone on the street or where ever. When people ask, “How are you? I respond. I woke up, I’m good. That surprises many people. Many chuckle and laugh, many say that is a good one. Meaning the comment. Never the less it’s true, its a reality I have learned. Another reality I learned very young is, never hold a grudge. Holding a grudge against someone, especially those you say you love, leads to hatred of them, and of yourself.

People say they cannot face up to this world anymore and desire to take their own lives. Love is the answer. Give some love, give some kindness, give some happiness to the world, and give more of God to the world. As children of God, show the world his love. His birds chirp in the morning a greeting for all to hear if their hearts are filled with love. They see and hear the beauty of a beautiful day.

Give up the grudges against all the people. Even the communist, we understand they are enemies of God and will live in peace with them if they will allow it, knowing they are enemies. We will pray for them. However, we stand with God and Jesus with our full suit of armor ready for battle on the side of justice, righteousness, peace, and our love of wives, daughters, sons, friends, neighbors, strangers, God and country.

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