Women Have Rights!

Women Have Rights!

This raging argument about abortion is very strange to me. I hear people saying it is the woman’s choice, her right. I hear Planned Parenthood say it’s health care. It’s reproductive rights. Talk about people who hate humanity, End Unplanned Pregnancy should be their name. As their only plan is the abortion of as many human beings as possible.  Perhaps them and the SPLC can join forces and murder every non-communist in the country if they can just deem anyone who disagrees with them a “hate” group. What irony two of the most prominent hate groups in the world Planned Parenthood and the SPLC hide behind the guise that they are the moral arbiter of society. HAHA, they are a part the cause of the moral break down of society. Both of these organizations hate life and liberty and fight against life and freedom while hiding being their disguise as the moral arbiter of our democratic society at large. When in fact they are two of the very reasons our moral fabric is breaking down as these two organizations do all in their power to destroy freedom of anyone who disagrees with their communist anti-God, anti-life, anti-liberty agenda. They are both hate groups. Left-wing communist hate groups.

Um, Yes, a woman has rights. The right to say no to sexual advances, she has the right to keep her legs closed, she has the right to know her cycle and avoid pregnancy, and the right to use birth control, she has the right to control her sexual relationships. She does not have the right to commit murder and demand that I and others must agree.  Oh, it may be legal, but it is still murder. Premeditated murder. And it is a conspiracy to commit genocide on the part of the abortion doctor and staff. One must consider the political officials who vote to allow abortions as part of the plot to commit murder and should be charged as well. Is that too harsh? No, it is not. These traitors in elected office are nothing but liars and hypocrites. Betrayers of all righteous and good. Hiding murder behind reproductive rights, what hypocrites are the elected officials of America who support a women’s right to murder a helpless child in the womb or out and calling it reproductive health. What a lie. Soon they will demand those old people but put out of their misery. Soon they will demand that they are allowed to murder their three-year-old. All the while Demanding we all bow to their lying, murderous laws of our humping dog society.

Why do women always say it’s my body. It is your body and the child’s body you are talking about.

You wish to destroy one to make up for the moral mistakes of the other. Weak minded women, making poor moral choices demanding all of society agree and allow her to abort a helpless baby.

Living in a world where states like R.I. Is trying to pass a law saying no matter what the Supreme Court says the state of RI will make abortion available to RI women. O.K. So is it ok for other states to outright ban abortion. It would seem if states like RI say outright, they will defy the US Supreme Court, what is the problem with Alabama and any other state, outright banning abortion? It’s tit for tat, in the game of kill or be killed. In this mindless, godless, morals of our humping dog society. Where women scream, Let me MURDER MY BABY!. Uh, NO. NO NO NO.

If you don’t have the sense God gave a jackass and can’t stop getting pregnant in the 21st Century, and you are not smart enough to have control of yourself. Don’t demand from me your right to butcher and murder an innocent child in your body because you are dumb as a stump. Birth control is not abortion, Women’s reproductive rights are not abortion. That is simply outright murder. Blind as a bat and dumb as stump are women today who scream about their rights. Yet they give not one twit about anyone else’s rights. What about that human being in your wombs rights? What about the father? Does he not have any rights in the making of a human being? He may want the child, does he not have any rights to demand the child be born and turned over to him since the women do not want it. I propose legislation that requires the consent of both parties in an abortion. Oh, what do you mean that it’s your body? No, it’s not, you are talking about destroying another person’s body, not yours. The baby is it’s own person, with its own mind, with its own choices to make and life to live. Yet you crying, pathetic, cowards, who call themselves women, You are not women, you are mental children. You are right; you should not have a child, you should have it and then give it up to someone who wishes to raise that child as their own child.
Women have rights, trying not whoring, try not being a total slut. Try telling these pathetic little boys who will have sex with you but will not take the responsibility of manhood and raise, defend and protect the women who had their child and the child. What a nation of crying cowards, Let me murder my baby, the women shout, and the little boys say, it’s not mine. LIAR. Be a man. Marry the woman who is willing to make children with you. You are a bigger whore than all the women when you go from women to women pretending this is manhood. It is not.
Being a man is taking care of his own. Taking care of your women you are with and the children you have together. That is being a man. Don’t sleep with these little girls who call themselves women, who in the 21st Century with all the “modern technology” can’t stop from getting pregnant! Just like a little child, not smart enough to avoid pregnancy. In a society of moral humping dogs, the women are humping as much as the men. Where is your dignity? Where is your self-respect? Do you not love yourself enough not to destroy innocent life. You would not abort a litter of puppies or kittens, but you will abort a human being? Is this the right you should demand? God hates the murder of innocent children, maybe more than anything else. His wrath will be hard and swift on those who refuse to repent of this sin.  For those Godless deniers who continue to have abortions or perform abortions. May God have mercy on your soul. I pray that all the people in this industry see the beauty of children and stop this wholesale slaughter of American citizens.

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