The Great America That Was, That is, That will be.

The Great America That Was That Is, That Will Be

Here were are 2019 America that is finally in my lifetime (65) that is the real America. A nation where most of the people want to be free from democratic government oversight at a micro-level. Who does love America, freedom, and all the things that the Constitution and our Bill of Rights stand for.

It was not that way when I was growing up. I’m tired of the lies of the liberal, progressive left who told my generation that we should experiment with drugs, we should experiment with out of wedlock sex, we should experiment with anything that makes you feel good. That knew what they were doing and how do I know that? Look at society today, most couples do not get married and stay married, and their home is destroyed at some point in time as society prods and criticizes people who do not accept their lifestyles, especially people with higher moral standards.

Just to set the record straight, I grew up in the height of the social and political upheaval of the lies of the communist who pretended they were our friends. How many of your friends have destroyed their lives by following the advice of the liberal, democratic party thinking of the sixties? They had a few things right. The Vietnam war was a mistake. The corrupt political officials working with corrupt businessmen to make cheap money was a mistake, and the youth saw the truth of that. The quest for capitalist profit lead to corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen creating misery thru out Vietnam and across many homes in America as members of those families never came home, came home handicapped, or with PSTS or drug addiction. It was useless carnage, so anti-war demonstrations were good.  But the political ideology of the protesters was anti-American which I now see was indeed a mistake. We should have been more anti-Johnson and anti democratic party policies of the entry into the Vietnam war. These are the type of mistakes corrupt political leaders and corrupt businessmen make that hurt both nations and degrade the standards of the American perception in the world looking at our nation. In the sixties, we held “America” to blame, when in fact it was Lyndon B Johnson and the War hawks in Washington, DC on the Democratic side and the War hawks on the Republican side.

We blamed America, not the War hawks, not the corrupt Johnson administration, not the corrupt businessmen profiting off the war. No, we held America and the individual soldier to blame. That was a mistake many of us made due to our mindset, but it was totally communist within the movement spreading this disinformation.

Beyond Vietnam, is the reality of the lies of the societal influences of people and their lies and deceptions to the youth of America. Many of the liberal college professors today are nothing more than failed ideologies of the sixties. I read many of the political left, yippies, and radicals of the sixties when I was very young. Including the Little Red Book, The Communist Manifesto, Malcolm X. Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman.

I grew up when there were still whites only and “colored” only drinking fountains. I was 16 in 1970, the unwinding of the societal normal’s had created havoc for a generation that was, that is, and that would be. Drug use was rampant from many of us. Going to concerts was a big deal. Most of my friends we read things like the Hobbit, but very few if any would read Malcolm X. Many of us believed that America was bad. We believed that it was tyrannical. We believed the lies of the left. They did not differentiate between a corrupt political system, corrupt financial system, corrupt business people. These were the lies of omission.

America was great when it broke from England, America was great when it abolished slavery,

America was Great when it defended freedom in the First and Second World Wars, even though both wars were manipulated into existence by corrupt political, business, and economic systems across the systems. America was great when freedom is upheld. America was great when it did not allow the abortion of children in the womb, America was great when it elected minds like John F Kennedy. He understood the “Deep State” was watching his every move. His desire to destroy the system of slavery we as Americans have been forced to live under since the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Which is a system of debt slavery, that few understand. Little did we know what the liberal democrat ideal was a system of slavery. We thought the rich were enslaving us, but we too did not differentiate between those who were and were not lying to us.  We also thought that nihilism was perhaps a better way of life and did not realize the ignorance of such an ideal. No moral’s is a great lie. Many people have fallen because of this demand to have the right to have no morals, which has to lead to the destruction of the standard of the reality of America.

America is a nation of moral standards and what we the Baby Boomers fell hook line and sinker for the lies of communist, hippies, yippies, black panthers, weather underground.  People like Bob Dylan and Neil Young lied to the youth. These people raised the new generation of ANTIFA, BLM, LBGTQ, Transgenderism, these are the new lies of the Communist Democratic, Progressive, liberal minds. Think about the destruction of moral standards from the sixties to now. Then the youth were encouraged to experiment and have sex, encouraged to use drugs, encouraged to hate American values. I did drugs, I had sex out of wedlock, I learned to hate the ideals the liars who spewed forth the lies of the communist, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Many people have fallen prey to this reality. Many lives have been destroyed to buy this moral freedom. Let us think of today, and now the children of these liars are saying do drugs, have sex, be gay, be trans. Do you ever hear them say our moral standard is to low? No, you do not because as communist they don’t give a damn about anything but power. The very thing they rail against that allows people freedom, they will take and destroy the freedom of everyone they can. They hate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They hate freedom, free speech, truth, and mostly, they hate God.

They did not say they hate God back then, they said try Buddhism, try meditation, try biofeedback, try astral projection, try drugs, try orgies, try primal scream, try spirituality, in fact, “do what thou wilt, will be the whole of the law.” This is the real goal. These democratic, liberal, progressive, socialist want a Godless, moral-less society where any perversion, mental illness, in fact, anything goes as long as it DOES NOT LESSEN THEIR POWER to control every single person’s life.

The Youth on college campuses have been lied to just as we were in the sixties. By the very people, you think, have no reason to lie. Well, they do. These lies are one step further than they were the last time this communist rose there ugly, lying, god hating heads.

The communist goal was to change American society, they have, their goal is to have a society of morally depraved individuals, godless who care about nothing but their own pleasure or power. Image a society where every individual will only be looking out for themselves. No one will matter to them but their own comfort and power. The abuse of power will flood down the ladder of bureaucratic power and hammer away at normal human behavior. Destroying your peace of mind, family, homes, neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities and states, and finally America. From sea to shining sea freedom will be destroyed and the ideals of freedom will be destroyed, and the very idea of being free will fade into the memories of the past and finally a return to totally slavery for all Americans. Slavery to the power of an elite few “Party Leaders” who will have control over the lives of every single living American. Many people will disappear into the night never to be seen again. Many will be arrested and executed.

This is the freedom we have to look forward to under the socialist, communist ideals of power and government. Slavery for all but the few elite and everyone else does what they are told. Or else.

Patriot Militia Party, well armed. Well organized, registered to vote, feet planted in peace but ready to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Domestic, political leaders, national police, domestic military if and when they ever try to destroy the 2nd Amendment or any other Amendments in the Bill of Rights. War will be declared against members of the ruling class that try and take away Free Speech and the Right to Bear Arms. With these two rights come all other rights we enjoy as citizens of America. No political party should mistake that American’s will not stand by and let you vote our rights away. Once you do that, you will have declared war on the American people and we the American people will respond. This is why we need a well-armed militia throughout America. Once that serves only to fight against enemies foreign and mostly definitely domestic. Which are people who own the Federal Reserve and the people who work there are domestic enemies? This banking system we live under is Debt Slavery, but you cannot see the threat. We have a political class that is against freedom and wish to further enslave all American’s is their Godless society of communism.  And we have technology companies infringe or free speech, and they too are enemies of the people. A news organization that does not report both sides of the story. A society of “Do What Thou Wilt, Will Be The Whole of The Law.” PMP be prepared to defend a nation that believe in Jesus and God.

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