The Rise of the New Class & Four Women of Color

“Only in the Communist Party is a “ideological unity” or an identical concept of the world and of the development of society obligatory for its member.” *

“Founded by force and violence, in constant conflict with its people, the Communist state, even if there is no external reasons, must be militaristic. The cult of force, especially military force, is nowhere so prevalent as in Communist countries.”** Thus the rise of ANTIFA,

Muslims invaded Europe and murdered millions. Muslims took white women for sex slaves. Muslims beheaded millions of people who would not convert to Islam. The worshipers of the Roman Catholic Church murder millions of natives in Africa, South America, North America as well as millions of Christian Europeans. Yet, you never hear these people talking about the Muslim slave trade. You don’t hear them talking of all the natives the Spanish murdered. You never hear of all the people Muslims have murdered, and they continue to murder Christians. But according to the New Class its only white people and Christians that are the evil people of the world, this is the hive minds of the “New Class,” of socialist, communist people. The New Class is everyone who is anti-Christ.

Did you ever notice that people who call others racist are generally hiding behind their own deceit? Take AOC, and Ilhan Omar both have told multiple lies, they are the racist because they continue to shout racism at everyone who does not agree with them. No Muslim should ever be in Congress because they are sworn enemies of Christians and America. Democrat lies never end, such as BO saying America was founded on white supremacy. Beta O’rourke, who is a liar when he tells people America was founded on white supremacy. This person is running for president, and he declares America was founded on white supremacy, wrong. Freedom was the reason. Religious and social freedom. But these people of the Democratic party hate America, hate God, hate Jesus, hate Freedom, they demand the right to murder their children, they hate white people in general. As they shout that white people are racist period. Their goal is simple, just like communism, power is the goal.

White people came here to escape the Church of England and The Roman Catholic Church oppression. So when you hear people like AOC and O’mar and Beta and Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and on and on and on these people are self-righteous who spread lies about how America was founded.

America, the nation of freedom, founded in the blood of liberty, filled with the blood of mistakes of social injustice. Boiling over with the blood of millions of innocent children murdered as they lay helpless in their mother’s womb. Even your opinion is wrong if you don’t agree with them. They are communist, they don’t say it, but all their actions show that they are. These people are out to create a “New Class” of people that will be the proletariat. Meaning they will be in control of everything in the country from the money you make, to the money you earn, to your health care, to your rights to free speech, to your right to bear arms, to your right to worship as you see fit. These people are haters of God. O’mar hates Christians and Jews, why is she allowed to serve when she has sold her soul to Shari Law, she is committed to an “Islamic State” and Shari Law, both are enemies of America. AOC is a communist, who calls herself a Democratic Socialist, which is just another branch of Communism. But make no mistake when they call people racist, they are the racist, they are the ones who hate Jesus, hate Christians, hate Jews, hate All who disagrees with them, they hate Freedom, Free Speech, they hate your Right to Bear Arms. They hate you, you are garbage if you don’t agree with this communist hive. There are in lockstep just like the NAZI’s of WWII, who allowed no dissenting voices. This is the new liberalism, the new Democratic party. You are a racist, bigot, homophobic, white supremacist if you dare not to agree and bow down to their communist dogma. They are Self-righteous supremacist, who demand you bow to their authority hide behind their insult and slurs to hide their own hatred and racism.

Our answer is simple you are breaking a commandment of God, you hate, you are a murderer, you wish to steal our wealth under your “socialist” policies, you are a thief. They wish to deny you free speech. All speech that does not agree with them is “hate speech” to them. Yet all of their speech is “Hate,” vitriolic hatred of all things American and all things white. Their hatred of white people is so obvious to the world, but they cannot see themselves as racist bigots, Christian phobia, whitepobic, freedomphobic, free speech phobic, armed citizenry phobic. Capitalismphobic, Americaphobic. Which is how they appear to the moderate liberal and deplorable conservative garbage of America.

These people are enemies of America, Communist enemies, and religious enemies of America.

These people are the very bigots and racist they accuse everyone else of. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” They are Anti-Christ, bearing false witness against humanity.

Proverbs 14:5 “A faithful witness will not lie: but a false witness will utter lies.” So ask yourself do you wish to a society controlled by people who bear false witness and lie? A community where you are not allowed to have a different opinion, and if you do, you mark yourself as the enemy. Or do you prefer a society where you may not agree, but you will fight to defend those persons right to disagree? They pretend to offer freedom in the disguise of slavery, this is the choice being offered by Socialist, Social Democrats, as they like to hide their Communist beliefs behind words that give false meaning to the truth of their ideas.

* Page 75 The New Class, by Milovan Djilas 1957

** Page 95 The New Class, by Milovan Djilas 1957

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