“The wicked walk on every side, when vile men are exalted.”

The wicked walk on every side, when vile men are exalted.”

This quote from the Bible seems very much to apply to our modern-day reality. All manner of filth is called good. All manner of manipulation of societal norms is being destroyed. Good is evil, and Evil is good. The quote above covers the reality of our existence perfectly today. As a society so consumed with this global family that many have looked past the obvious correlation with the Tower of Babel. This “New World Order” is the essence of the statement above. Vile men are exalted in our society, vile behavior is exalted, and normal human behavior is condemned and called evil. The evil of the world has raised its ugly head, and it is all around us. We all walk around in this world having to deal with people who have twisted reality into their own making and expect all of society to accept their truth as the only truth. People say to condemn homosexuality is wrong. Why? People condemn the Bible, is that wrong? The answer to both questions quite simply is a matter of perspective and belief. Is it wrong to condemn a thief? Is it wrong to live under a system of financial slavery imposed on us by thieves like Franklin D Roosevelt? Richard Nixon. The Federal Reserve and Central Banks Around the World?

We are living in a fake reality. A reality that says pieces of paper are money when, in fact, silver and gold are the only real money for over 5,000 years. We live in a fake reality when people say, “abortion is reproductive care.” That is an oxymoron, the reproduction is being destroyed so why the play on words? To say that evil is good. Abortion is evil. But in our fake reality, abortion is a reproductive right that is a fabricated lie. It is a simple way to commit murder without being executed for it. Legal murder. Premeditated murder at that. So why can people not criticize homosexual behavior? Oh, right because evil is now good and good is now evil.

Our schools are filled with programs of lies to feed evil to the minds of innocent children and to warp their reality into a mixed-up world where the children are told by the programs forced onto the public educators that teach evil is good and good is evil. So the teachers accept evil is good and good is evil and teach this lie to their students.

Everyone knows our elected officials at a national level and at state levels are twisting the truth of reality. The elected officials are turning their backs on the people and accepting the evil as part of their mantra against good. Most elected officials are untrustworthy. They will turn the truth upside down and call a lie and the truth, they will call a lie. This is the world of “when wicked men are exalted.” We can see with clear eyes the evil all around us. In all aspects of human life. Bob Dylan made his deal with Satan, and he said it best, “Even the swap meets are corrupt around here.” His Never Ending Tour is payment for the deal he made. Don’t believe me, ask him, or watch the 60 minutes interview where he admits it.

People today cannot see evil, they see it as “acceptable,” never realizing the evil of saying evil is good and good is evil.

It is not just political leaders or the education system, it is also the “money” system. We live in a world of fake money. Pieces of paper that we are told have value but in reality, are nothing more than an I.O.U. That has no real value at all. Yet we are living in a system that tells us dollars have value. Yet, dollars had lost 96% of their purchasing power since 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was created, and over time, US Dollars became Federal Reserve Notes. Pieces of paper backed by nothing at all. As of 2019, the dollars purchasing power has declined by 96%.

This leads to the very question have we exalted vile men? Our money is fake. FDR stole America’s wealth from the people with his gold confiscation order and sent us as a nation down the road to a worthless piece of paper that the world pretends is “real money.” Gold and Silver are real money, not these fake instruments of fake value. The world exalted FDR, it seems we have been lied to. We have been told evil is good and good is evil. You hear it every day, with people pretending there is such a thing as “hate speech.” Hate speech does not exist, that is simply political correctness at its most twisted and self-righteous. Social Justice Warriors are really just people who have been fooled into believing that Social Justice was politically correct. When, in fact, it is the actions of a mind that cannot act outside of the hive. SJWs are so out of touch with reality; they accept the lies of evil is good and good is evil. The ANTIFA movement is a simply reactionary force that works for the communist cause. First, it was words and slurs, then it was fists and clubs, then it was knives and guns. They shout they hate the Fascist, they hate the Nazi’s, yet they do not seem to realize this is exactly what happened in Germany before and in the early years of Hitler’s rise to power. Where the communist would not listen to anybody but themselves. Just like Adolf Hitler and the NAZI’s, Just like all totalitarian regimes, there is but one goal. Power, complete, and ultimate power. You see this in Catholicism, in Islam, in Democratic Socialism, in Socialism, and in Communism, ANTIFA, BLM. This behavior that demands you do as you are told or else. Even when you are being told Evil is good, and good is evil. “The wicked walk on every side, when vile men are exalted.”

This is the state of the world today. Read You Bible and Believe.

One thought on ““The wicked walk on every side, when vile men are exalted.”

  1. Great post. We are indeed living in a fake world. A world filled with deception and virtual reality. We need to get back to basic and renew our relationship with God and with our fellow humans.


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