Flight of the Fundamentalist!

One by one we are called, the people no one would have ever thought would be called, have been called. The people’s relatives and friends never thought of as people who could or would ever hear the call. No, not the call of the wild. The call of the Voice of God. The voice whispering in your mind that asks you, is this right? The voice in your mind that says, hate is evil. The voice that says if you believe me, the do as I ask of you.

This is the flight of the fundamentalist, moving away from all that society says is good and right to a world where one does not need to say something is right, it does not need to be declared and made a law that all must obey. This change calls good evil and evil good. It merely flips reality on its ear for those in society who cannot see the slight of mind perpetrated on their sense of reality. Ask yourself, are you being lied to. You cannot tell the person telling the truth from the person telling a lie.

People speak of fundamentalism like it is cancer, a plague, a hoard of locust, violent without committing violence. Do you hear these words from the mouths of people? Who can differentiate between the liar and the lies told? Who can hear hatred and recognize it for the evil that it is? Is society so gripped in the deception of people in power that they would believe such accusations against people and seek to punish them for their fundamentalist belief. Accuse and punish, accuse and punish, very much as the ROMAN Catholic Church did. Punish the heretics and kill anyone who will not recant their heretical beliefs.
In many cases, they murdered the people who recanted, because the power of their faith was stronger than the tyrannical hold the ROMAN Catholic Church had on society. A Murderous cult, like Islam, Like Witchcraft, and many Protestant denominations who have and would follow this example. The Pilgrim Quakers punished people, which is also very cult-like.  The truth is blind to humanity; it cannot see the difference between lies and truth. Humanity is blind to the truth; humans hear the truth and turn from the truth and declare that truth is not valid. They deny a fundamental value of reality, wrapping and bending the truth into a ball of confusion. People are so confused living in this society so twisted into a ball no one knows the beginning from the end. Few know the right from the wrong. Many do not see the value of truth, and minds get twisted into a mass of confused thought that they genuinely have a hard time understanding truth from lies. Without question, people are deceived into believing a lie.

So begins the flight of the fundamentalist. Someone speaks, wrapping their words in confusion, yet the person hearing it knows it is not the truth. The core being of their thought process says that it is wrong. This is not a question they are asking themselves, but a statement of fact. A fundamental belief in a few core values.

1. God is real.

2. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and died a human to save anyone who has faith and the courage to believe against all “normal” thoughts that he was raised from the dead and ascended.

3. Truth is evident in the word of God. But lies are apparent in the words of men.

4. There is no greater love than God for humanity.

Many people will go on and on about all the other religions that have a virgin birth, a mother and son, a divine birth, and a resurrection. This story is as old as the sun. It has been repeated many times. Even today, we hear of the scientist saying they will give human beings immortality, we can live forever. The Physicist is saying they will be able with enough computer computing power, resurrect all of reality in their infinite reality of quantum computing. So the story goes on.

There is one difference in these stories. Jesus Christ offers all of humanity the opportunity to join him in his world of infinite possibilities. If you will obey his father’s government and live under his commands and repent of all the wrong things, you have done have faith and believe in the son. Every human is guilty before God, and Jesus offers to wash you in his sacrifice of life to bring you closer to the Father. To make you free of the addiction of the sin evil. Your mind will be washed clean from the confusion that causes sin and ends in death.

Read Your Bible.



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