There Are Murders Among Us!

Today in America and the rest of the world, we have murders among us. Who are these murders you may think of people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and the mass killers that go around shooting innocent people? But these are the apparent murderers among us, but what of those we do not call murders because the law has made the murder legal in the eyes of humanity. Who commits these heinous crimes that are deemed lawful. Unrighteous people delighting in the destruction of another human being knowing that society will not punish them. They have immunity from prosecution for their heinous crimes. They say that all those who disagree are narrowed minded, superstitious people, living in the past.

Murders have been with us from the time of Cain and Able. Brother killing brother. Murder is nothing new to humanity, many humans delight in the act of destruction. We see it today in the mass killings by strangers going around and killing innocent people for no apparent reason.  The only answer to their killing is that they are utterly mad, insane. Lunatic.

Yet the horror of murder seems to escape people in this world when it comes to the killing of innocent children in the womb.  Today people justify murder with all kinds of excuses, such as a fetus is not a baby. You hear people say all the time that an embryo is not a baby, but they lie. Indeed if the pregnancy is not interfered with by nature or man, then there is an excellent chance that the embryo will indeed turn out a baby. It will not turn out a blob of nothing, it will be born a baby. Yet some members of society will scream and throw a tantrum and insist that the embryo is not a baby. These people will not abort a litter of puppies. But they take delight in murdering a human being in the womb.

The murderers all around us work in abortion clinics, not only the doctors, nurses, the receptionist, and even the people outside directing the women and young girls into the clinic. All are guilty of the murder of the innocent lambs of God. His little children are being butchered like pigs for meat, but for their body parts. The women who have abortions performed. The lawmakers who create and pass the pro-abortion laws and the judges who passed this law into the American conscious. It’s their right; we always hear.  And what right is that? The right to commit murder and we the members of this society have no choice but to accept it!

We do not accept your plea to murder children. We do not accept your desire to destroy a living being, a human child because you think it is a women’s right.  This is not a right, this is an act of murder. These doctors who take a salary to abort unborn innocent children are perhaps the wickedest people alive.  Along with the lawmakers who passed these laws, they all are the EVILEST, people alive. Like Alistar Crowley of the 20th century. Doing what they want with no regard to the innocent beings entrusted to humanity to love and protect.  So to the women who have abortions, they too are guilty of murder.  They will sleep with anyone, and everyone and the innocent unborn child must pay for the bad moral choices of the mother and the father, by having its life snuffed out because the woman does not want the responsibility of raising a baby. And the fathers deny it is their child and shirk their duty to the innocent victim, the unborn child.

Society is making a victim of every child aborted and should be added to the murder statistic.  The Liberal left decries the rights of all of humanity except unborn babies. They wail and moan about the rights of homosexuals, they cry about the rights of people to break into our country illegally, the cry and shirk about transgender rights, the right of people to be mentally ill and we must do as the left commands and address these people not as mental cases but as normal human behavior. But do you hear even one of them cry and wail about the rights of the innocent, helpless, victim of abortion? Never, they only bemoan the rights if the sick, twisted reality that is their hatred of everything not like them.

These people live next door to you, you work with these people. Your friends are these people. Are you aware of the murders among you? Why the sacrifice of innocent blood? Why the desire to destroy your unborn baby? Why this desire to scream let me murder my baby? What pushes the human mind to such acts. Who is profiting off of the blood of these innocent babies? Everyone who is proabortion profits, by the continual sacrifice of the blood of innocents to their god of death and hatred. For only someone who is filled with hate could have a baby ripped from her womb, or be the person ripping a baby to pieces, limb by limb, from a mother’s womb. This is a barbaric practice, conducted by superstitious, believers of evolution. They see the book of life written in the body of an innocent baby in the womb and their only desire is to destroy it and as many other helpless victims as possible.

Can you hear the voices calling me every name in the book because I dare to say out loud what many people are thinking? They say I have no right to this opinion, the law has made it legal and I am the evil one for daring to criticize this evil that has gripped America by the throat and murdered sixty million of our AMERICAN CITIZENS. The babies have the right to be born. Any anyone, mother, lawmaker, nurse, doctor, even the secretary who works for an abortion clinic is a murderer. All should be charged and tried. There is no statute of limitations on murder, so if we look back in history to the first abortion committed in America that is where the arrest should begin. Everyone involved in the legalization of abortion murder should be tried and punished if found guilty. Every doctor who has committed an abortion should be stripped of their medical license and if found guilty sent to prison. For their oath to help patients have been turned upside down, and it is their sworn objective to destroy one of the two patients. Is this not a contradiction in the reality of medicine when doctors are supposed to help their patients and not murder their patients. If these people dare say the baby is not their patient as well as the mother, then they deny their own doctor-patient oath as. If one is not affected by the other, how can you separate the two from each other? Oh, right murder the baby and leave the mother intact. There are murders among us, reaping havoc on the innocent lambs of God. Reaping havoc on the minds of the women who have destroyed life to avoid unpleasant or unwanted choices they have made.

Reprobate minds have turned from God to the evil of “Do What Thou Wilt Will Be The Whole of The Law,” mentality.  The murders among us glorify the destruction of babies and believe that all who are against abortion murder are narrow-minded bigots. Yet their bigotry destroys, causes harm, brings profit to their pockets and is hailed as women’s choice. Since when did when having the option to commit murder legal? Oh, right, since the evil voted Roe vs. Wade into law. The right to murder a helpless child is a woman’s choice. What would society think if husbands demanded the right to abort the life of their wives who have committed the abortion of his child? Should we now legalize the power of the father to abort the mother’s life because he wanted his baby and,, she did not. God forbid. One murder does not justify another.  Yet that does not mean that we as a society should not hold lawmakers, nurses, secretaries, pro-abortion advocates, doctors and mothers responsible for the murder of these helpless, innocent unborn babies.

Please do feel free to call me any names you like, I delight in your hatred of me. Knowing full well the more you hate me, the closer I am to the right way of thinking. People’s whose mind is twisted into a ball of confusion? Those who engage in and support the abortion murder of helpless children of God? Or those who stand and say it is wrong and fight to end the vile barbaric practice from the world of Anti-Christ paganism and haters of life and God.




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