Gods Mighty Voice Rings Silent for Humanity

The Word was manifest, and the people could see. The word was visible, and the voices of heaven sang to the glory of “I AM,” the Creator of heaven and earth and all that the human eyes can see and all of what the human mind cannot perceive. The reality of things around us made manifest to prove the existence of “I AM” the Word of God. People are not worshiping God, but they worship their sports team, or their musical artist, the actors, or the writers. Humanities ears cannot hear; eyes cannot see; voices are afraid to speak. “God is Alive, and praises be to God.” But who believes you? Most of the world believe in any gods but the One God. Most of the people in the world believes they are good people, yet they turn there backs on the lies, deceptions, and outright betrayal of the “The Word of God.”  If sound created reality and God spoke reality into existence? Why does God’s might voice ring silent for humanity today? A ringing silence cannot be heard by society today.  The voice of God cannot be heard because so many have chosen not to hear the voice of God. Many have made their choice and agreed with the experts that they know what the real truth about man and his existence is.

We currently live in a world that says man and man’s ideas are the truth about our existence and that all who believe there is a God and especially believe the words of Jesus are ignorant fools to superstition. People proclaim people who believe in God are afraid to accept the truth of evolutionary reality and a big bang reality. How can anyone not believe they ask? It’s taught in school, so it must be true, they declare. They can only offer faith as their truth. Belief in the ignorance of experts, people who are said to be the masters on the subject, and anyone who dares question them is uneducated and ignorant.  Experts that are narrow minded and intolerant to their prejudices and beliefs but expect you to believe and not question them. What nonsense. Don’t question us we are the experts and you are and uneducated, ignorant fool.  This is absolute nonsense out of the mouth of experts?

I hear people say only uneducated people believe in Jesus. People who are afraid of death and of living itself. These are the same people who slander and defame anyone who dares disagree with their ideology identity. Like the hive mentally of ANTIFA, these people’s minds are now reprobate for they have rejected the knowledge of God and rejected God himself. So God as turned them over to a reprobate mind so that they can defile themselves any way they want and they will wallow in it like pigs. When they rejected God, they accepted Communism; they accepted lying to further their anti-Christ agenda. They have accepted homosexuals, transsexual’s, pedophiles, sexual perversion of any kind people which to engage. They have adopted lawlessness as the mantra of salvation. They are violent because they believe violence will give them the power to overwhelm anyone, and everyone with slanders, lies, threats, and violence.

But ANTIFA seems to have one major problem they cannot seem to understand. God has given them over to this state, their minds are reprobate, and God has given them over to “Do What Thou Wilt, Will Be The Whole of The Law.” This Alistair Crowley mantra is not the law of God. But is the code of Satan, These act of lawlessness, the laws of anything goes, lie, steal, assault, rape, murder if it makes you feel good, “Do What Thou Wilt.” ANTIFA wallows in hatred as their reprobate minds commit violence for violence sake, like the cult of A Clockwork Orange, committing violence for the pleasure of it.

Members of the ANTIFA hive cannot think for themselves. They hear the propaganda and ooh and ah, over the supposed Fascist, Nazi enemies. But unfortunately just as in pre-WWII Germany, the fight is real. It’s ANTIFA Communist against anyone in America who believes in God and Jesus. Anyone who has conservative values which say no to them. Anyone who dares disagree with their Hive mentality, their reprobate minds, is their enemy. These are the children of the protesters of the 1960s who were lied to and believe the lies. Many became violent,  joined the Weather Underground, Black Panthers. ANTIFA are the children of the communist of the sixties who lied to a generation.  Followers of the “Cult of Violence” theirs is reprobate minds that hate God and are anti-Christ.

Gods mighty voices rings loudly for those who are not abandoning human reality. We can hear him saying that the hive is taking over, the hive minds are reprobate, the hive minds hate you and all that you are just as they hate Jesus and moral judgment of God. God’s voice is heard by only those who are listening for it. God is not going to shout at you if you chose not to listen. To no longer discern what is right and what is wrong is a reprobate mind. When you have accepted that anything goes when you are given over to a reprobate mind that has been given a great delusion so that you can do anything you want and it will make you feel good. For your mind cannot see sin in theft, violence, rape, homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophile, bisexuality, group sex, bestiality, murder, and even human sacrifice and cannibalism. Your society is loudly declaring “Do What Thou Wilt, Will Be The Whole Of The Law,” announced manifest evil itself, Alistair Crowley.

Read Your Bible.



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