The Holiness of God, The Evil of Men!

There is a feeling in the hearts of those who feel love for God and Jesus. This feeling is a feeling of hope and faith. Yet the hearts of those who love Jesus and God aches from the evil that is raising its ugly head in America. Political leaders are now allowing the murder of babies out of the womb. This is an great sin to the living God.

Enemies of God defile themselves and destroy their own bodies and souls. Let me be clear to all, I too lived in that world, until the moment I understood that I was being misled by foolish men to believe the lie. What is the lie that was told?

Look around, at your children, your parents, your spouse we are all suffering, and we need to understand that the world is changing and what is happening all around us is the love of God is diminishing, and the Evil of Men and the spirit of antichrist is raising its ugly head. This is not a time to be submissive to anyone on earth. Now is the time to call out the evil of pro-abortion, pro LGBTQ, or trans-sexuality, or trans-humanism. Many will say that way of thinking is backward and has no place in the modern world. That it is bigoted, homophobic, etc. etc. But I would say it has a place in this world for anyone who God has not given over to a reprobate mind.

The great sexual liberation that struck the right chord with many of the 1960’s generation. But what was left out of this great mantra was the sanctity of marriage. One man, one woman. A holy union. A union of love and unity. When a man gives up his life to protect his wife, that is love. History recalls these actions in many places, such as fathers on the Titanic or Pioneer women staying with their husbands on the plains and dying with them that is love.

The world has confused sexual lust for love. Pornography is the mind-numbing reality of many men and some women’s sexual desires. Sexual desires of perversion are accepted as normal.  Even I agree that no one should bother, or harm or lock up anyone who chooses sexual perversion as long as they are harming no one. But let us not fall for the lie that it is perfectly acceptable behavior that we who disagree must accept the behavior as normal.
Simply put, no, we do not.  Calling evil good and good evil is not a solution to anyone who can see that men, together or women together bears of no fruit. The only thing they offer is the love of their own sexual perversion. They bring forth no fruit for they are a withered branch unless they repent.

We all need to repent. We are all wrapped in cloaks of wickedness that we need to cast off with the truth. Many say their truth is the only truth. These people’s minds are reprobate for they reject the truth for the lies of men.

Society is building a new Tower of Babel. Creating a culture of diversity, a society that is so blind by their own prejudices and the lies of society they cannot see the truth for truth. They see truth as a lie, and the lie is the truth. Diversity is the new mantra of evil. We must all accept each other for our differences. No Thanks. I do not accept the murder of children, homosexual behavior as normal, transgenderism, trans-humanism and the people who continue to live in a world where Darwinism is their playbook to human reality and that humans are nothing but a mere blink of the evolutionary eye. They tell you a human born of the unity of man and woman are nothing but mere splotches of life and not worth worrying about if they are aborted in the womb or murdered out of the womb. But that is a lie, a fetus is precious, and as it grows, it becomes more and more precious. A baby being born is a precious gift to the parents.  It is not something to be ripped from the mother’s womb piece by piece and thrown in the trash. Babies are precious living beings, and sixty million plus have been butchered in the womb. Now evil people want to murder babies out of the womb. This is pure evil, this is antichrist, this is the future in our society.

Who’s next? Who will the Supreme Court allow to be murdered next? Why does our nation allow the murder of children in the womb? This is against everything our moral standard declares. It is illegal to commit murder in America, yet through the rise of evil into positions of power, 60 million babies have been murdered without anyone being held accountable. Serial killers are abortion doctors. Legal serial killers. Now the murder will take place after the child is out of the womb. If this occurs one time, every person connected with the actual act and the legalizing of the law should all be arrested for murder.

If you do not speak up now, you will not speak up when they come for your grandparents to murder? If you do not speak up now, you will not speak up when they come for your children? If you do not speak up against the abomination that we, the people, have allowed the murder of 60 million unborn innocent victims with a no voice at all? Then why would you expect Jesus to speak for you?

If your church is not telling the abortionist, the LGBTQ community that their behavior is wrong under the laws of God. Just as when one breaks the civil laws of men, a price must be paid. Fines or time in jail but the penalty must be paid.

Gods moral code is demanding, and unbending of those who refuse to admit what they have done is against his law and what they continue to do is rebellion against the law of the Creator. All of us are guilty before God. But to understand the error of one’s ways is true enlightenment and to repent of those sins and stop sinning is the beginning of  the process to reconcile your morality with the standard God has set forth for men to live by and have joy in that God is willing to forgive for those who have the courage to put their faith in Jesus to trust The Word of God and repent.

Read Your Bible.



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