The Cross, The Blood & The Hope

The Cross, Jesus taking on the sins of humanity so that each and every soul born can be forgiven of their sins.

The Blood of Jesus cleanses the sins of all humanity who would dare believe.

The Hope is the Faith of Jesus that he will forgive you for your sins and the sweet feeling of salvation.

But there is nothing you can do to purchase this. You cannot barter for it. You cannot earn it by doing good deeds. You cannot steal it.  The gift is freely given. You only have to accept the gift and try your hardest to follow the rules of God’s Kingdom. His holy and righteous kingdom.  As sinners, it is never easy to take the first step. Once the truth begins to open your eyes, the next step is harder. Doubts linger in your mind, sin pecks away and tries to pull you back in. But if you take the next step, it becomes clear that with every step towards God, you will see the world for what it is. If it is not clear to you already as you see the rise of the spirit of antichrist, it will become crystal clear as you move closer to following the one who offers forgiveness of sin if you dare to believe.

Read Your Bible.

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