Pray For Your Enemies!

With seditious democratic and republican elected officials doing all in their power to destroy the nation of America, now is the time to pray for our enemies. Enemies? Yes, people who hate the reality of America, the existence of freedom, the truth of God in the heart of America. God lets the heartbeat of America continue, but he is allowing it to fail. Why? Hatred of God and especially Jesus Christ, hatred of the idea that someone is telling them they will have to answer for all the wickedness they have chosen to force on the people. Good leaders are supported by the people, tyrants force control on the people.  We as believers of I AM THAT I AM need to pray for our enemies.
We are not praying for the enemies of God, we are not praying for the leaders who are lying and deceiving the people. We know the world hates Jesus Christ, we see the world hates God Almighty. We will say to our friends, God bless you. But we do not pray for our enemies. We must attack our enemy’s thoughts and lies and deceptions, but we must pray that God will allow at least some of them to believe. But we must pray for our enemies. We must point them out and their actions to protect ourselves from their mischief and hatred of you because they hate the Son of God.  They hate the idea that they have no control over anything in their lives and that they will die. As a believer in the promise of the life that you would dare suggest they can have a life if they believe in the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his resurrection and ascendance to heaven by the Word of God. Why because they have no control at all, but they like to pretend they do. The more laws they pass, the more they destroy the belief in the morals of God. The more they destroy the morals of society, the easier it is to turn truth into a lie and a lie into the “new” truth. Deceiving the people with words.  Calling good evil and calling evil good.

Pray for your enemies. Pray for the family member you feel like you never want to speak to or see again. Pray for the family member who is destroying their lives in whatever manner of unbelief. Our enemies, such as Nancy Pelosi and the radicals like Bernie Sanders, are enemies of God. By their very words, they prove it, and yet they seem to think if they use words like “protect the constitution” and  “God-given rights,” they pretend to be on the side of the people, yet with every vote to destroy citizens rights and freedoms, they prove themselves, hypocrites. Democrats voted to pass the Affordable Care Act, i.e., Obama Care. Forcing Americans to buy something they do not want. Now Bernie and Elizabeth and Pete and the rest are saying they will force us to purchase health insurance from the GOVERNMENT. That is tyranny. This is what the democratic party and most of the republican party offer you, slavery and oppression. The new freedom.

They want to have gun control by turning law-abiding citizens into criminals because they say so.  Yet they do not attack the criminals who are using the guns for the most part. Turning truth into a lie and lies into their truth to force you to obey their demands.  Pray that the God in Heaven is listening, and maybe if he hears enough prayers, he will turn the hearts and minds of some of these people who deny him, despise him and reject him. But we must pray for our enemies. If prayer is a sweet incense to God, then even one prayer by just one person is still a sweet odor to God. If each of us will pray for just one enemy of God. God will bless those who pray for their enemies.

Matthew 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you:”

We, as followers of Jesus and believers in God and with the truth of the “Word Of God” we must pray for our enemies. Pray for Nancy, Pray for Bernie and Elizabeth, and Pete. Pray for the Governors who hate and are willing to allow the murder of babies in the womb or outside the womb on a table lying comfortably till it is decided to murder them, a living human being. How far must America fall before we pray for our enemies? Who did Jesus die for? The saved or the sinners? Who are the enemies of God, the saved, or the sinners? Who denies Jesus as God? The saved or the sinners? We cannot change these people’s minds, but the Lord Jesus Christ can.  If God so chooses to, he will work a miracle in those people’s lives just as he has done in us who are sinners and know that sin is a state of mind if you believe in the Word of God.

Matthew 5:45 “That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

Pray for your enemies so that the Lord may love you and know that you love him.

Read Your Bible.

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