Do You Love Evil?

Do you love evil? Or do you love your brothers and sisters? Do you live in a state of slavery? Yes, you do! Do you not see the truth of your reality. Evil controls the power of the deep state members who believe they are the rightful rulers of this world. These New World Order disciples of their religion of superiority believe they have the right to rule over you and me and all the people of earth.  We are to be their slaves. These bought and paid for political leaders who have sold their votes not to the people they were elected to work for but to the highest bidder of the deep states New World Order globalist. Political corruption is rampant throughout the government of America. The power of the “Deep State” is destroying America. Their system of prosperity is nothing more than a system of debt and enslavement for valueless pieces of paper, monopoly money printed by the trillions. Forcing people into a life of poverty.

“Paper is poverty and is only the ghost of money. It is not money itself.” Thomas Jefferson

When Bush said we have the opportunity to create a New World Order, do you realize he is saying we have the opportunity to take control of everyone and everything on this earth for our desires? “Oh, that is crazy,” you say.  You might want to think about it a bit before you decide it is crazy. Let me remind you, you are forced to live under the rules of a society that demands you obey.

You are forced to accept perversion as normal behavior.  You are forced to accept laws and rules that deny God and deny humanity the truth. Our “fiat” money supply, is money that has no value backing it. Monopoly money that has no worth except the citizens have been fooled into believing it has real value.

A chicken has more value than the US Dollar. It produces something. Dollar bills are nothing more than debt spread around the globe that we are forced to accept even if it is worthless.

Just as the US monetary is a false system so to, you have heard the false gospel of the churches across the globe. The murder of children in the womb and soon after birth. You are not free in America. You are only free in the knowledge if you dare to believe in the offer of salvation from the blood of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Word of God. He threw himself on the grenade of humanity’s sin, to save all those who would dare to believe in him. Believe that he was raised from the dead and ascended to heaven. Most of humanity is not capable of truth because he is afraid to believe in God and his Son, Jesus Christ. It takes courage to believe the Bible, to believe God and to accept Jesus Christ as God Almighty on earth who suffered for the sins of all humanity.

Ask yourself is the key to reality the words of men? Or the reality of the Word of God?

Let the world see the truth as lies are spread across the eyes of understanding of humanity by the “deep state,” New World Order disciples.   Haters of humanity. They see the earth as their private reserve, and 99% of humanity is just useless and destroying the planet.

This New World Order plans to take total control of all resources on this plant. Mineral as well as human. Like in China today, they wish to have complete control of all aspects of your life. Who would even think like this? What kind of mind could think they have the right to rule and control the entire planet and the whole population that lives upon it.

Does the government have the right? Does the churches have the right? Who is to be believed? Who has the right to make you a slave? Only you and it your choices. You may be lied to or fooled but you must decide who and what you will believe? If you see freedom without sacrifice then you are not free.

Look at the reality you are living. The New World Order is just a new Tower of Babel. The people leading this idea are against God, and they wish to build their name above the name of “I AM, THAT I AM” , and THE WORD OF GOD, JESUS.

Psalms 109:6  “Set thou a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand.”

Did you believe it? Satan is standing at the right hand of the leaders of the NEW WORLD ORDER. The leaders of the “Deep State,” here in America and around the world.  Through lies and deception of half-truths or merely leaving out the facts, the deception is played out upon the world, all in the name of the “betterment of humanity.”  Global Warming is a perfect example of this scam.  Fake science preached as a religion of science fact. Is it humanity make the changes or is it the world we live in making these changes. Mars’s weather is changing! Did you know that? Is that man-made as well? Um,
I think not.

When will you open your eyes? When will you take your head out of the sand? When will you hear their evil, when will you see their evil? When will you believe they are capable of and are committing evil? If you are still wondering who they are, let me tell you. Democratic Socialist, Communists, Progressives, Socialists, Globalists, UN members and here are some of their names. Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, AOC, Ilhan O’mar, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and many others like Beta O., and many Republicans who bow to the lies and deceptions. Like most governors of democrat controlled states and cities. Many of the nation’s news outlets are no longer news but part of the Orwellian dystopian reality of the novel 1984.: Control Control, Control. Obey, Obey, Obey. Join our New World Order or you will pay the price for your disobedience. This is your freedom?

Read Your Bible.









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