Southern Poverty Law Center: Freedom Fighters Or Communist Infiltrators?

Southern Poverty Law Center: Freedom Fighters Or Communist Infiltrators?

Some of the lies of the SPLC is this straight from their web site.

“White nationalists want to reverse changing demographics and the loss of absolute white hegemony.”

White nationalist, really that is how dumb the members of the SPLC are! They focus on small fringe groups and disregard, large communist groups like ANTIFA because they are a part of the SPLC globalist communist hive mind. It seems to me the SPLC is nothing more than communist hive propaganda hate machine. Hiding behind their own lies much like the Democrats in the US Congress,  trying to hide their misdeeds of lies and deceptions by accusing everyone one who has an independent mind.

White, nationalist, wants everyone in America to be a Nationalist. So we would have a nation of Nationalists who are brothers and sisters of Nationalism.  Black Nationalist, Oriental Nationalist, Latino Nationalist, and of course, White Nationalist. All of us of every race AMERICAN Nationalist. That is what nationalism is, not that is all white but that it is ALL-AMERICAN. All nationalists agree with ICE and against deceptive organizations like the SPLC. Which throws out labels of hate on anyone and any organization that does not bow to their hive social program. The communist ideology of submission. Communism is the hegemony the SPLC wants to see in America and especially so they can force all nationalists into submission to their global communist hive mind. All Nationalists are individuals who value self-reliance, freedom, and above all truth.

They accuse people who disagree with their self-righteous view of their right to global domination. You see this same behavior in the major media outlets, in the US Congress by the Democrat Party. If you disagree with them that makes you a hate monger, but in the fabric of reality, only twisted minds can be turned by such propaganda or minds that have been lied to over and over, and they now believe the lie. Truth does not hide from the SPLC, the SPLC hides from the truth as all good communist organizations do.

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