Jesus Jesus Jesus

The holy and blessed name, Jesus. The holy one. In the flesh, a man, in the spirit GOD Almighty. Can you hear the sweet melody of love? The words of Jesus flow out like sweet water to the people who have the ears to hear. To the people who believe in the Living God, I AM. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Melchizedek, King of righteousness.

Love flows from the hand of Jesus like a cool stream on a hot day. Love flows from the hand of Jesus like the songbirds in spring. Jesus the great “High Priest” of the Living God. The shepherd of the people.
Listen, can you hear his words come alive. Love the neighbor as thyself. Beauty wrapped in gentleness, love wrapped in patience, and forgiveness.

Love is not gentle, love is hard. Because love tells the truth and does not hide, and truth can be very insulting to the personal feelings or morality of each of us. Especially those who choose to ignore the moral standard set by the Creator. This moral standard that so many people hate. Basically, like a parent, God tells you these things to protect you from yourself.  But who will believe it?

So much love flows from Jesus that he can make the worst criminals and people who have committed unspeakable sexual perversions clean. Minds and hearts washed clean, souls redeemed from the second resurrection.  Jesus, so many portray as a myth or fairy tale, or a mere mortal. You should ask yourself one question. Then why do so many people hate him? No one can deny the outright hatred of Jesus Christ today. The pope denies the deity of Jesus Christ and tells humanity that it is dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

But Jesus cannot be denied by the words of a pope. The pope’s words are nothing more than propaganda to confuse the people.  You hear, the hatred coming from the churches themselves against Jesus Christ. It seems most of the leaders of churches today preach a prosperity gospel, a charismatic gospel, or a dispensation gospel or a new age gospel.

But the people do not hear the good news Gospel. The good news is preaching to the people the intelligence that the Savior had come into the world. The Gospel, think, once you accept Jesus, once you accept the gospel of Jesus Christ, you have God’s protection of your spirit. You have Jesus to guide your flesh down the path of righteousness. No pope, no pastor, priest, preacher, or any other man can lead you to God, only the mighty one Jesus Christ can forgive your sin and lead you home to his father.

Hebrews 6:10 “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints and do minister.”

Read Your Bible

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