Federal Reserve Banksters: License to Steal

When was the last time you heard of a banker going to jail? The Federal Reserve Banksters print fake money and steal the wealth of a nation! This fraud is not a fantasy; this is a reality. Sadly most Americans think the Federal Reserve is owned by the US Government. However, it is not. It is owned by private banking interests around the world. They steal your wealth with their weapon of choice, inflation. Inflation steals your money’s value as you continue to pay ever-higher prices for all commodities, as your fake money loses its buying power. Bankers have a license to steal because they are a fraud. Don’t think the corporations and governments are not in league with them. When a global corporation in America is in financial trouble,  the banksters print the money to bail them out. No bankruptcy for these company’s; the Banksters just print money and give it to them with little or no strings or interest attached. Because these companies have been deemed “too big to fail” by government officials. This is a fraud. The Federal Reserve System, the World Bank, and all the global banking institutions are what is wrong with the world. Their fake money fraud has driven Millenials to think socialism or communism is a better form of government. When, in fact, it will merely make it worse on a broader level.

Banksters: License to Steal this is the fraud that the US Treasury, The US Congress, and the Federal Reserve System of Banks are putting over on the world. While corporations take full advantage of the fraud to protect themselves for bad choices and mismanagement.

Read how this fraud is wrapped in words by Moody’s Credit Rating Service.

“Moody’s said political and geopolitical turbulence is exacerbating a slowdown in national and global GDP growth, aggravating structural ‘bottlenecks’ centered on massive banking and sovereign debt and increasing the risk of economic or financial shocks

◆ Moody’s identified the emergence of influential “populist” movements and suggested this is undermining the effectiveness of the domestic policy, weakening institutional strength and compounding social and governance risks.”

Yet they have reality twisted backward. Moody’s blame the people of the world who disagree with the stealing of their wealth by Governments and the Banksters and Corporations for their downgrading.  Citing “influential populist” movements are to blame. Really! Not the fraud of the printing of fiat currency, paper money that loses its purchasing power each and every day. The government lies when it says, “there is no inflation”. Trump should stop misleading people. If he bought groceries, he would see inflation as it grows weekly.

Moody’s has reality turned upside down by not saying by the continued decline of average interest rates, continued printing of fake money, the growing of the stock market that is based on fake assets. The Banking system, the Federal Reserve, the Government, the US Treasury,  the ECB, the IMF, the World Bank are pushing the world to the problems cited in Moody’s downgrade of world debt. It is time for the “institutional strength” to be held accountable for the continued criminal activity and arrested for their outrageous “mafia” organized crimes they have committed upon the people of the world. Fiat money, US Dollars, and all the world printed money is the theft of your wealth.

Banksters around the world have plotted and destroyed nation after nation for the sole purpose of profit. Millions have died because of Banksters. The Federal Reserve is the biggest PONZI Scheme ever conducted, it has lasted for nearly 100 years. Slowly over time, so people never notice the rise in prices over time. But now the dollar is so weak everyone can see it if they look. The destruction of the wealth of America citizens is all because of the fraud of the Federal Reserve. The banksters all need to be arrested. The Owners and investors in the Federal Reserve, The IMF, The World Bank, the ECB, these are the culprits who are destroying the world with their monopoly money which they keep printing and putting out at a record pace that is causing inflation, lowering the standard of living for most humans. Polluting the planet with useless plastic products all the while reaping the profits of “fake money.”

No, it is not the “populist movements,” Moody’s. It is the Banksters and their Ponzi Scheme of “fiat money.” They print what they want when they want it and be damned to the population who cannot afford more inflation in their budgets. That is caused by their printing press. Moody’s shows how out of touch they are, or how much in league with the Bankster Frauds they are.

Our elected officials are allowing this fraud to continue. Money is gold and silver, not fiat currency printed and declared valuable by a government that forces you to accept their PONZI scheme of “fake money.” The US Constitution states Gold and Silver coins are money. Not paper notes.

“No State shall … coin money; emit bills of credit; [or] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” Art. I, sec. 10, cl. 1.

Gold and silver, money that has existed for thousands of years.  By printing “bills of credit,” or I.O.U.’s, or another way of saying paper money, US Dollars, and all the countries of the world fake paper I.O.U’s. Are allowing the governments to exceed their purchasing power because they are pushing the debt onto future generations and not paying their current bills.

Business is no longer allowed to fail. The banksters bail them out at our expense. God forbid that rich friends should go broke and lose their wealth. But let anyone else owe the city, state, or federal government, and they will take everything you own for a single penny owed to them. All the while, they steal your wealth, and you are not even aware of it.  Central Bankers are the enemy of all civilization. Fake money, “fiat currency,” is a more significant threat to the planet than global warming will ever by. It is because of “fiat currency” that nations and corporations can afford to pollute the earth at uncheckable levels.

Do any Democratic candidates every talk about our fake money, US Dollars? No they just continue to raise the US Debt Ceiling and keep on spending. It is not their problem, they have all become rich and can afford to pay more for the basic needs of living. If democrats cared about US citizens, they would demand we have money that is backed by something more than empty promises of people who could care less because they have already lined their pockets by working with the Banksters.

Gold and Silver are real money, time to call out this Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme played out on the American people for the last 80 years. Time to call out the US Government for not following the constitution  Fraud has been committed and it is time for people to pay the piper for their crimes. Crimes they stretch out decades. Time to abolish the Central Bank, this entity is the biggest problem in America today and other central banks around the world today. Fake currency is allowing the destruction of America. The destruction of other sovereign nations, and the rampant pollution all across the globe. The quest for more profits has destroyed the concept of savings. The dollar printing press is the enemy of civilization.

Now you hear people suggesting a global currency, or maybe a digital currency. So let me understand this. You want to allow elite globalists to create a one-world currency that everyone on the planet is required to use? Or a completely digital currency that is on your phone or computer or other such devices, that everyone would be required to use? So what the elites are telling you is that you will do as you are told or you will not be able to buy or sell anything if you do not fall in line with their “fake money” Ponzi scheme. Where they create money out of thin air and you and I and the rest of the world must work long and hard to receive something in return that has no value at all. This is nothing but a replacement of the same problem we have today with the US Dollar.  Overprinted out of thin air like monopoly money. Daily, it loses its purchasing power.

If you were to go and look at the Venezuela stock market in the last year, you would see the same indicators in the US stock market today. In June, the Venezuelan stock market was at 20,000, today it is at 60,000; as their currency collapses, their stock market rises. If you look at the US Stock market, it is following the same patterns. In June it was around 20,000 today it is at 28,100. How quickly will it go to 35,000? To 60,000 as the Federal Reserve and the Government continue to print money out of thin air and raise the amount of money they can spend every year. All the while, pretending they are doing what is best for America. What a scam! The owners of the Federal Reserve Banks need to be held accountable for this fraud played out on the American people and the people of the world



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