Freedom is Dying Under the Yoke of our Monolith Government

“Don’t Step on the Grass.” Remember that refrain from the 1960s? This suggestion of control now permeates every aspect of the society we live in. Control by a monolithic government with over one million people working from the foundation to its head. We the taxpayer must pay for every one of these people who form the government, we the people must pay their health care in many cases, we must pay their retirement. Yet this Monolithic Government is not working for the people but against the people. The size of the state and federal governments are out of control with no one able to put on the brakes of the un-elected officials of bureaucratic red tape that strangles the very whisper of freedom. Freedom from the regulations, licenses, taxes that need to collect to continue the overreaching, overbearing jobs of bureaucrats at all levels of government.

Goliath is beating David to a pulp. David’s people are running in fear of the Monolithic government bullies, elected or appointed or hired. Freedom in America means to pay us the taxes we demand our we will throw you in jail. Yea that is true freedom alright. Buy a car pay it off and you still are required to pay taxes for the right to own it. And fees for the right to drive it. Yes, this is freedom for sheep, obey, pay us or else we will punish you.

Ah, America, once the land of the free and now home of the enslaved. When will you see the lies of the hypocrites who have ruled this nation all your lives? Not until Donald Trump shook up your safe and secure reality did you even care? Now you are crying for the government to grow even bigger with even more power and then the tyrants will destroy their enemies by claiming that they are the enemy of all humanity.  The corrupt elected officials, corrupt appointed officials, corrupt employees, corrupt companies that line the pockets of the government officials.

Never forget what the Roman Tacitus said about government. “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

I hope that no one in the right mind would think that America has more laws than any country on earth. Thus from Tacitus’s point of view, we are the most corrupt nation on earth and are ruled by liars and thieves for the most part. Maxine Waters has been named as the most corrupt person in Congress many times. Of course, it is not limited to any particular party, many Republican and Congress members are corrupt. A lobbyist is just a legal form of bribery.  Companies hire a lobbyist to represent their companies and they go to the members of government and offer them money for their reelection if they will sign a bill that helps the company the lobbyist represents. Bribery, plain and simple.

Corruption is killing America, it permeates our society like a disease. The people are distraught and are eating themselves to death, drinking themselves to death and drugging themselves to death. Corruption is killing the minds of the weak and hopeless. Homelessness is rising as the elected officials and the corporations are so greedy and corrupt they line their pockets with the fruits of their corrupt labor. While the American people are told everything is fine and good in the world. Yet anyone with the ability to think knows this is a lie. Our society is collapsing all around us and you cannot see it. Why are you blind to the truth but believe the lies of men?

We need to reduce the size of the government, it needs to be downsized so that the corruption that is rampant in all federal, state, county, city, and town governments across America can be rooted out. Elected officials are lining their pockets at the people’s expense. This overbearing government is the problem with our country.  With a double standard of the law for those in power and those with money than the rest of the population. There is no freedom under a government as corrupt as the American government. This is why the country is in its death thoros, now every vile lust-filled thing will raise its ugly head and point the finger at people who disagree. Political correctness is the language of cowards who are afraid of the truth or are corrupt and hate the truth.

Tacitus words have never rung truer than in the world today. “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

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