God, Man, Woman, Child: The Order of Reality

God, is he your creator? No, so the primal soup is your creator?

Where are your aliens? Where are the creators of your reality if it is not God? Does the beginning have and end? God does not end. Where is your ability to think if you cannot see reality right before your eyes? No matter how far your technology goes, no matter how much information you can learn, your limits will be reached. If you believe in man and man’s technology then you may want to look at history and see that humanity always ends up destroying with his technology.

Is there more than God in the reality of creation?

Humanity is a creation. With the ability to create. Why is that? Why can man create but no other creature on earth can create the way a human being can? The beaver creates a damn but he does not write a book. Some apes use a stick to pull termites out of dead trees, they are thinking and creating but they cannot create a plane to fly in the air. So ask yourself why does the human race, each and every one of us have the ability to create. Creation is with thought, creation is not magical, creation is your direct ability given to you from the Creator.

However, each of us is not created equal, with the ability to create equally. Some people have minds that can go far beyond the ability of most of us. Yet, all of us can create with minds that operate freely and without force.

But if humanity can create, why do so many think that a being we call God cannot create? Creation is the reality of God, he speaks, and the forces of the universe obeyed his commands. Just as we humans force the atoms to split and bring forth great power, and many people think there is no God. But does not reality itself create great beautiful things! How can a mind of humanity bring forth reality when understanding is limited. Yet God has brought forth the universe that you live in and but you still follow the misguided beliefs of men. Open your mind to the words of creation, and your mind will see what you were not able to see before. Those people who mock the Bible, Jesus and God are all around you, pointing at your ignorance while they hear nothing, see nothing, and speak nothing but theory and sophistry.


1: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation.
from Miriam Webster dictionary.
Subtly deceptive reasoning, Darwinism perfectly described.
However, God tells you the beginning, and you laugh at him and mock him.  God created, and you do not have the logical thinking mind which accepts the truth but rather is taken in by subtly deceptive reasoning and arguments of men.
Ask yourself this! Why can human beings create inventions that we have not seen any other species create? If human beings are not special in any way why are they able to create? Should we not be like all other beings on this planet? How can evolved beings understand and create if no other species is different from us? Darwin merged the lines of science and sophistry, and the world was deceived hook line and sinker.
God, man, woman, child, this is the correct order of the universe. The sophistry of men is leading us down a dark path of self-worship. Transhumanism is self-worship, and in the world today, many human beings look forward to the day when they can become a part of the Self-Worship Universe. In step with the “hive mind” of self-worship.
Man has always wanted to be a god, many humans have declared themselves a god.  But no human being is God. No matter how hard they try to become gods, they will fail. Because humanity is a created being, it has limits that have been placed upon him no matter what his mind creates to help him. His mind may be able to imagine, but his body and his mind cannot take only so much before it shatters like glass and is broken into pieces that cannot be put back together.
Humanity limits itself further by not accepting the Word of God. Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Humans would be in a far better place if humans could simply take God at his word.
Mankind’s words are pure sophistry.  If you look, you can see it, if you listen, you can hear it, if you speak to Jesus, you will know the Word of God is creation. God, Man, Women, Child, this is the order of the Creation.
To believe otherwise is to be fooled.
Read Your Bible and Believe It.

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