Lift Yourself Up, Smile and Be Happy


Though I write about things as they are in the world today. Every day I wake up I choose to be happy. No matter the sun is shining or rain is falling. No matter my aches and pains, no matter my problems. Waking up with the chance to continue to share life with my wife and children, that alone is a reason to smile, be happy. and lift yourself up.

When you do you lift others up. Just a smile, a nod of courtesy, a kind word. None of these things are costly to you, nor are they hard to do.

Yes, we live in a world controlled by people who have and are losing their moral compass. You must steer the course of your own ship and choosing to be happy, choosing to smile and living a life of moral behavior that lifts you up is the right course.

Lift yourself up by doing the right thing. Not lying, cheating, stealing, whoring,  committing adultery, not caring, drunkness, drug-induced stupors, not believing in the words of men. Laying around never doing anything but playing games, staying high, watching movies and tv.

Lift yourself up, smile, be happy. Open your Bible with the belief that it can guide you in life. Its old stories have lessons of morality, both moral and filthy immorality. This old book has more knowledge in it than man is able to comprehend. But if you read it will begin to slowly force your eyes open to its ability to explain, wisdom and foolishness, morality and immorality.

Many people think the offer of salvation that the Lord Jesus Christ offered is a fairy tale. Yet man himself continually offers men salvation through their knowledge and power. What could make you happier than to know you will not die the final death. The end of you. We are offered by men, salvation through all things, not of Jesus Christ.

Humanity embraces everything but the Son of God to save them. Humanity has been given the power of creation, this power fools many into thinking it is within their power to become gods. To be the saviors of planet earth and humanity. Some say and believe they are gods.  They are not.  They are fooling themselves with their own self-importance.

Smile, be happy, lift yourself up you do not need humanity to do this. You do not need anything to do this. When you wake up just choose to be happy. Just choose to lift yourself up, just choose to smile as you go about your day in the world. Being friendly and polite is a moral path.

Choose a moral path that reflects a morality of righteousness, though it can never be righteous, yet moving towards that moral path is a step towards God. Choosing to be happy is a step towards God. Choosing to smile and lift yourself up is walking towards God. Reading your Bible will lead you down the path towards God.

Remember the truth is in the Word of God, not in the words of men. Especially those who have and are changing the Bible to suit their offer of salvation too you.

Read your Bible and believe it.



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