Dare to Love God when the World Hates Him!

We sit here in the middle of unrighteousness, the world turns with a slow moral decay. And in the middle of this world of unrighteousness are those who hate God. They hate Jesus, and they hate themselves. Therefore there is no love in them. Who will dare to Love God when the world hates him. You? The world will hate you if you love God. If you dare love Jesus Christ, the Lord of humanity, you will be hated. This message of the world is to hate God, to hate the Lord Jesus Christ. These words are from people who hate you. Oh, they will say how they will accept you and anything you do as long as you bow to their rules and rituals and give your money and devotion to their gods.

What do they say to you? You hear these people not praising the Lord Jesus Christ or The Alpha & The Omega, Jehovah, the Creator. No, they praise men and what men can do.  They praise science and technology; they praise Mary and the child. They praise anyone who will deny Jesus Christ as the savior of humanity. Such as Pope Francis. This man says it is dangerous and harmful to have a personal relationship with Jesus. He said this a few years ago, and he wants total world control via the UN. Or as I see them United Nazis, ready to murder anyone who will not bow to Pope Frances and the UN One World Government.

This is why they want to bring America down. If they disarm America, they will have complete control of the world, very shortly afterward.  Since we are the most armed citizenry in the world and the only nation left standing in the way of their One World Government, Cashless Society, Where no one will be able to buy or sell without the right mark. A world where all humanity bows to Pope Francis as the leader of world faith. Everything a part of the hive mind, or else it must be destroyed. No one can think outside the hive, no one can act outside the hive, no one can exist outside the hive.

Most of all, humanity lives in a vacuum of society where we exist, and not much more happens to people. We work, we play, we raise children, we grow old, and we die. Because the social engineers of society believe in their cause, they care nothing about you. They simply care about the end result of their social experiment.  Anti-God people all over the planet have laid their seeds of falsehoods, and now the lies have sprung forth as truth in the minds of those who have been deceived. Have you heard God is Dead? Then where is the body? Have you heard that Jesus was just a wise man and a prophet? Yet the truth is there for all to read; still, most people refuse to believe the words. You hear people every day saying the Bible is just a bunch of fairy tales and myths. Yet as time passes, new discoveries reinforce the historical truth of the Bible.

So if you refuse to even consider that you might be wrong, do you love yourself? Do you refuse to believe that you have been told lies by the great thinkers of human society? Did you ever consider that man is wrong about everything he thinks he knows about God and the Lord Jesus Christ? Just as history comes into clear focus as more discoveries are found, so too words and ideas of humans become more muddled and confused by the reality he continues to discover all around him.

Is it not interesting that humanity cannot accept the prophecies of the Bible. Yet they have no problem believing the prophecies of palm readers, tarot card readers, astrologers, witches and shamans, aliens, and familiar spirits. They will believe anything except the prophecies of the Bible, even as they come true.

Society is preaching a new “gospel”, A gospel of anti-christ.

Our media outlets lie to you daily. Our elected officials lie to you daily. Bureaucrats are socially engineering an anti-Jesus society. You see it in our schools with the teaching of perverse sex acts. You see it in churches with the leaders telling complete falsehoods to the people.  Preaching the new gospel of hate. Hatred of God and hatred of the Lord Jesus Christ. The hatred of his moral standard. This is the battlefield of the 21st Century. The minds of humanity that linger in the darkness of man’s lies. This new gospel is leading billions down the road of dark immoral behavior as they are lead by the Piped Pipers on the Church pulpits.

Love God above all things. Do you see a world that love’s God above all things? No, you see a world that loves, sex, money, and power. This is an anti-christ reality we live in. A god-hating society that wishes the Lord Jesus Christ would just stay dead. They cannot understand how anyone can believe a man could die and come back to life after three days. Impossible they say. Yet even in modern medicine have there not been miraculous recovers? Unexplainable.

Why do humans believe we “know it all.” Why do you trust the words of men who have been known to make plenty of mistakes? Men who have been known to hide information, to leave out information, to deny and lie about the information they have. You would trust men over the obvious truth of God!

Just as many of the leaders of churches are working the same deception upon the congregation when they declare they are little gods. There is only one God, they blasphemy with the very utterance of such words. When the people are told that all religions lead to God, except the one that says you must repent and be born again. The world religious leaders are telling the world “do what thou wilt, will be the whole of the law,” these infamous words of Alistar Crowley are the new moral guide of the church of antichrist.

God’s church demands moral integrity. When people go around saying they are Christain and living a homosexual lifestyle they fail to see reality from God’s point of view. It is unclean and unnatural. So even if you believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ you still must repent and be born again to the spirit of God’s moral standard. God will forgive you for this sin if you will with earnest repentance ask him and stop engaging in the behavior. It is not complex, it is not hard to understand. We must seek to reach God’s moral standard and yes we all fail and that is why repentance and changing your behavior is the offer of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  No human being is above sin. Not the Pope and not your local church leaders, we are all plagued with the desires of our mind. Reach out to God with true repentance of the shameful actions you have taken against yourself and others.  Slam the door on the sin in your mind and God will help you if you are willing to realize it is a sin to him and repugnant to him. To then repent and change your ways he will forgive and he will give you the strength to withstand the onslaught of sin that you desire. It is a battle in the mind and the body for humans to change.  All sin is repugnant to God, and we have all wallowed in the sin of our bodies and minds.

We sit in a world falling into a dark moral decay. We are living in a world where the very word righteous is looked on as shameful as people turn good into evil and evil into good. This is the battle for your mind. Will you accept the unrighteous behavior as good or will you see the truth? This is the battle in all of our minds. Let the Word of God lift up your mind and spirit. Let Jesus Christ be the King that you pledge your faith to. Unwavering in the face of worldwide hatred. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and place your trust in him. You have his words to read and be guided by. You have his son to stand with you. His standard waves in the wind waiting for any and all to repent and come to him, who would, as he waits for the word from the father!

Read your Bible and let it be your righteous moral guide.




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