Will You Dare Believe What The World Condemns?

Who will you follow? Who will you believe? Who will you listen to? Who will you trust? All, our lives we have heard many things about our reality. You heard the stories of the old men of renown and deemed them myths and legends. So to “I AM” has been made into a fairy tale, a myth, an old legend.

This being “I AM” is the creator of our reality. He died on the cross for the sins of humans he created. He has not done so for the angels He created, who sinned against “I AM.” Rebellion for humans starts in the mind and once it makes its way to the heart, evil fills you with the wickedness you desire. Thus you must ask forgiveness for your sin, repent and be “Born Again,” clean from the sins of the mind and body. Clean to follow the path of righteousness or walk a different path back to the sin you love. If you believe and are born again you will not backslide. You will “go and sin no more.” Fight the fight against sin and “I AM” will strengthen you daily in the fight. And as time goes on you will have walked away from sin down a path of righteousness towards “I AM.”

God loves all humans and will forgive all humans who come through his Son to him. Yet God will punish any who will not “be born again.” Oh, I can hear the voices of doubt rumbling through society. How many times are you told by society things that were good are now bad? For instance, saying you believe that people engaging in homosexual acts is wrong, a filthy act, and an abomination to “I AM”, is now considered wrong, mean, hateful and homophobic to speak against. Thus the wicked things are turned into good and the good is now considered wicked and evil.

But that is not true. Honorable, heartfelt concern for your neighbors and family and strangers is not wrong. To say out loud what the world is now afraid to condemn is considered mean. And as the people sit silently in the face of all the wrong happening around them, the abominations grow. Only Jesus has the power to make you understand, the words of men are lies. Believe Jesus when he says the acts of homosexuality are done by people given over to reprobate minds, people filled with hate.

Consider all the sins of humanity by us as different individuals sinners, liars,  thieves, adultery’s, murders, sodomites, idolatry all of these sins are pure wickedness. But so too is hate. That is why people who love God and trust the LORD Jesus Christ will speak the truth if they truly wish to preach the gospel.

As our society unravels from the homegrown neighbors and friends society that cared for and took care of family and friends. Into a society that hates everyone around them including family and friends and neighbors. All because we have believed the lies of society and not the “Word of God.” The Word of God, I AM, Jesus Christ this is the truth. And generations of unbelief have spawned a nation of reprobate minds.

But the beauty of reality is God forgives anyone who will ask for it. Yet God demands what most people are unwilling to give. Belief, Honor, Trust, Humbleness. God knows our weakness, he knows our strengths.  He knows the sins of the heart and the sins of our minds. He also knows the kindness of the heart and the intention of the mind of each of us. Because humans know the right that is in their hearts and they know the wrong that is the intention of their minds. This free will is given for you to choose, man’s path, or God’s path, the choice is yours to follow. It is about choosing it is about understanding and knowing the Word of God.

There is truth where you least expect it. There is honor where you least expect it. There is righteousness as a path laid before you to follow to God. “I AM”, will lead the way, Jesus Christ says to all humanity, repent of your sin. Love my Father and trust in me for “I AM” and I will forgive you and wash you clean with the blood of my lamb.

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