Prepare Your Mind For the Salvation of God

Holy and righteous Lord Jesus Christ wraps himself around your mind and soul if you accept him. Yes, there are travails we as humans must endure. Some just the pains of living, for others persecution and death.  Through all our history humans have sought out a way to live longer. From the “Fountain of Youth”  and such tales were told and then science began to explore the reality of nature. The scientist discovered DNA and now see reality is far more than they could have ever imagined. The “I AM”, the living waters of life, the essence of reality exist even though you deny “The Word.”

Science explains reality under man’s terms. God explains it under his terms. Science is no longer exact knowledge but is equations and theory. Sophism pure and simple, vain imaginations with fancy tales of what if and what might be. God says “I AM” and no explanation is needed.

As children, we are told not to tell lies, as adults we are told to get degrees and teach lies to the children. This “relative truth” is taught, and its foundation is lies. So there is no truth in “relative truth.” Either a thing is true or not. Words of men are lies and thus the foundation of relative truths is nothing but lies. Who is the father of lies? Lucifer.

God is truth, Jesus is truth and the Word is the truth of all reality. Simple and true, righteousness and holy, pure and glorious. Have faith in the Word of GOD. This is the foundation of the Church

The beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, I AM, The Lamb, The Living Water of Life, Jehovah, The Lord Jesus Christ. Bow down and pray. Jesus will wrap you like a small child in swaddling clothes of righteousness.


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