Sin, the nature of the human mind.

Adam and Eve defied the will of God. Cain murdered his brother Able. This is the beginning of the nature of the human mind. Too curious not to act, too afraid to trust and believe God. Unwilling to bend to the will of God and sin sprang forth like a dying flower. Its days are numbered, its time under the sun is set for a season. It withers, grows old, and dies. Each of us individual human beings’ days are numbered.

Some of God’s children are ripped out of the womb before they are born for evil controls the minds of many. They sin and glorify it. They call it a woman’s choice, they call it a woman’s reproductive rights, but its true nature is sin. It should be called for what it is murder. A Sin, an abominable sin. Destroying life on a whim shows the lack of respect for themselves, their child and God himself. They must really hate God to murder his innocent children in the womb.

The human mind cannot contemplate the reality of their sin for they believe abortion is no more a sin than stepping on an ant as you walk down the sidewalk. But they are wrong. Abortion in and of itself is a sacrifice to unholy gods. This is why they sell the baby body parts of the babies this is their ultimate insult to God.

These murders of God’s children should be seen for what they really are. Butchers of innocent life. Like all good communist and socialist or progressives, life means nothing to them. One more million dead babies mean more profit for them. For their eyes are glazed over, and their minds are closed to the truth, and their hearts are wicked through and through.

Some of these abortion butchers can claim their faith in God, but I would ask what God. What God allows you to murder unborn innocent American’s, God’s children? What god tells you it is ok to destroy life? Pagan god’s that is who you worship. Baal, Moloch, Shiva, Satan, and any pagan god that demand that their followers sacrifice the blood of their children to them.

Your mind is warped to commit sin because you truly hate yourself and have no love for God. You probably blame God for all your bad choices in life. Like most people who never want to accept the responsibility of their own actions, sinners deny they have sinned. They all say the same thing. “I’m a good person.”

Let me say to you, “good people,” do not murder unborn children in, the womb and are not a part of a money-making machine that commits murder every single day. Christians don’t make a living in an industry that butchers children like chickens and sells their body parts for profit. Good people stand against such wickedness.


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