Traitors to Freedom are Playing the People For Fools

Here in America we see the betrayal of the Freedom and the Rights of the people by these elected officials and bureaucrats and the media plays along mocking and lying to the people who refuse to open their eyes and see. The people are being played for fools by the traitors to freedom. Elected officials who mock the law, break the law, have double standards of justice for themselves and other “elites.”  They pretend they live in the world of reality yet without a doubt anyone can see they live in a world of their own making, a fantasy. A vision of self worship of their own right to power and wealth at the expense of anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

What is the agenda of the people who do not want to enforce laws. What is the agenda is mayors and town councils who vote for sanctuary cities in America! What is the agenda of politicians who wish to make the murder of children legal who survive and abortion. What is the agenda of the state governments that want to take away the rights of the legal citizens to own guns, the right to shoot guns in private and other gun restrictions that punish law abiding people and makes criminals if they do not comply. These states representatives are making allies with the illegals and criminals and making the illegals legal and the American citizens illegals. This is their goal create enemies of the state, targets for their wrath.

Remember what they did to Judge Kavanaugh? They put forth accusations without evidence. Convicted him with accusations by false witness. Lies

They are turn good into evil and turn evil into good with words that are nothing but lies.

The governor of VA and all the VA state legislature who voted on destroying gun rights should be arrested and charged by the State Police for attempting to overthrow the legal law abiding government with a outlaw totalitarian police state run by the elite democrat criminals who have voted themselves into power. Much like Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.  Making criminals out of law abiding citizens.  This is the plan, this is their goal, make no mistake democrats, elitist, globalist and people who believe them are the biggest threat to freedom because they refuse to listen to anyone but themselves. Thus putting themselves above most of the citizens of the nation labeling them inhuman, deplorable’s, making them outcast because the elite believe their own lies.


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