Satan was not a snake, he was a brilliant beautiful being with evil intent.

Have you learned that Eve was beguiled by a snake in the Garden? But was it a snake or a beautiful shining being? Beguiling with beauty, deceiving with words. Separated from the Lord thy God and with malicious intent to harm God’s new beings. Beings created in the image of God. Male and Female, Adam, Humanity, you. Satan wants to destroy you. He wants to take control of your life and have you turn against God. Just as he did Adam and Eve.
This being that people think was a snake cannot seem to hear that this was the curse on the beautiful, brilliant being who had evil intent to deceive God new creatures, Adam and Eve, humanity.

The covering cherubim, a beautiful brilliant being that fell into iniquity.  Was cursed by God and slithered in the dust for all eternity. Sin is the dust of Satan’s world.

A snake is not going to come to you and speak to you. But a brilliant beautiful being or light may come to you and speak to you. Claiming knowledge that will enlighten you and bring you to a higher plane of existence. Information that will be shared with you if you will bow to him. This is Satan or Lucifer who beguiles, confuses and tricks people. Demanding obedience.

To speak of the Lord Jesus Christ you hear people trying to confuse the minds of humanity. If you believe in God and you trust that the only way to get to the father is by following Jesus Christ there should be no confusion in your mind. This is Jesus.

The Lord Jesus Christ is clear, simple and true.

So many will claim to be the Lord Jesus Christ but just remember this one thing.

“Let know man fool you by any means.”

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

This statement excludes all religions on earth. This is the reason Jesus is hated so very much by people in the world. People confuse religion with belief. Religion is a man-made reality of control. Belief is understanding and accepting the truth as it has been written and born out by the Word of God.

Read Your Bible

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