Democrat Party Into the Wastebin of History

I know that many people believe Jesus is a pacifist, a socialist, a man that never gets angry or promotes violence. But is that really true? In the book of revelation, we are told by the Lord Jesus Christ to put on the Full Armor of God. Is not armor an indication that you are going to war?

Genesis 11:6 “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”

Now the Lord said man would not be restrained from the things that they can imagine. Here you see the future foretold. Today we are looking at the stars, we are studying the quantum reality, we are changing humanity into our own images. Can humans restrain themselves from any desire or fantasy of their vain imaginations? Sexual perversion, sexual transgenderism is your vain imaginations and worship of the transgender gods of old. Baphomet, and all the other transgender pagan gods.

People seem to think that these transgender gods are worthy of their praise. But they are not. There is only one name to worship, Jesus Christ. Don’t fool yourself, you have been lied to, I have been lied to. In fact, the whole world has been lied to by the society you live in, i.e. Babylon. A world filled with the worship of unrighteousness and wickedness.

A world turning its back on righteousness, turning its back on the truth. Denying the liars are liars, denying the wicked are wicked. A war is brewing. A war between those who wish to destroy and those who wish to be left alone to worship God and align themselves with the holy righteous son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We know the war is coming, we know Jesus will spearhead the final conflict in defense of the righteousness of the “I AM.”

We are preparing for war, with our leader being the warrior Jesus Christ. He needs his people to be prepared in the full armor of God, standing fast against the lies of society. Lawlessness is raising its ugly head, the demand for you to comply is rising. Allowing illegal criminals to remain in America. Not forcing criminals to post bail, allowing people to use the bathroom on public streets. Political leaders and news outlets spreading lies and propaganda to the people to deceive them.  Allowing people to let children change their sex is the ultimate destruction of the human being. Pure and simple it is child abuse at the highest level. If and adult 21 years or order chooses to do such a thing to themselves, so be it. But to allow a child to change its sex is evil. To encourage it and prevent the parents from making the decision to prevent such acts.  That is pure wickedness, thus you see the worship of the transgender gods without even realizing the evil being committed. Or do they know evil is being committed?

Sexual perversion is not to be normalized but to be abhorred.  Please call me any names you like. If you are too blind or ignorant to understand good from evil perhaps you are living in a world of delusion.  Transgenderism is sexual perversion at the highest level for the insult is to God’s creation, and to the power and truth of God. Only evil wishes to change humanity from the Image of God into the image of itself.

This battle for the soul of America and its Christian morals is taking place right now. Networks are working to make illegal immigrant criminals into citizens who are a protected class. They wish to pass laws that make it illegal to arrest and deport them. You have political leaders, creating unsafe “sanctuary cities” across America that protects criminals and endangers hard working honest citizens. We have a political class, that thinks they have the right and them alone to tell the law-abiding citizens they are criminals unless they comply with the demands of their illegal gun laws.  Lawlessness is raising its ugly head. The spirit of antichrist is rising.  The Democrat party is working to make criminals the good people and give them the power and make the law-abiding people the criminals and hunt them down. This is the state of mind of the Washington Democrats, The VA governor, the VA democratic legislature, and the NC, OK, IL and who knows which state will be attacked next by the communist, socialist, liars and hypocrites who believe they and they alone should have the power to rule. Note I said rule not govern. They are stealing the power of the people and making criminals of the law-abiding American taxpayers. Anyone who is against their agenda will be made into a criminal as they pass laws that defy logic, reason, or justice.

Jesus is the warrior to follow. Put on the full armor of God now is the time to engage with votes before it becomes too late for words and only violence will be the means by which we gain our freedom from the monolithic bureaucratic deep state government.

Vote every democrat in America out of Office and the World will be a better place. What does the party offer as leaders? A homosexual that has a husband. A man who thinks he is a woman. No thank you. A communist, who is a millionaire, thinks he knows better than anyone how to implement the new “communist manifesto” in America. Making everyone equally poor except him and his followers. Of course, the “white woman” who hates white people and pretends she is a native American. And an old man who is obviously not up to the job of President and has failed as a political leader for over forty years. Taking taxpayer money and accomplishing nothing worth noting.

So vote the democrats and their party into the waste bin of history as a failed communist coup attempt to overthrow America. It took a long time for the radical left, Bernie and AOC and their ilk, the progressives, Nancy and Schiff, Waters, Nadler, and Schumer. it took years for these people to get into a position whereby they believed they could continue to lie and steal from the people with impunity.

We must also purge globalist republicans who believe in profit over all things.  Vote out anyone who does not believe in the Sovereignty of our United States of America.

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