Liberal Privilege the Right to Decieve

Liberal Privilege the Right to Deceive


We hear a lot in the news about White Privilege. Yet we never hear anything about Liberal Privilege. What is liberal privilege? Is it different than white privilege? From my understanding, if you have white skin you are privileged, um! Do you really believe a white person has privilege in Africa? Or South America?

Money has privilege. Yet the rich and middle and upper middle class liberal progressive socialist-communist is one giant voice of self-loathing and bigotry. Scream everyone is a racist, a deplorable, a white supremacist, homophobic, Islamophobic or some other such brainwashed idea of their LIBERAL PRIVILEGE to tell lies, half-truths, and which allows them to deny the truth, deny factual science (Exact Knowledge). Yet they accept made-up theories from chicken littles who scream the world is going to end in x amount of years because a computer model says yes and that makes it a fact? UM

Can these people see the future of the whole world? Or are they using “computer-generated models” in which the data entered can be manipulated and adjusted to scream the direst outcomes based on made-up theories producing models by human beings who have no idea how the earth actually works? But oh, they are the scientist and they have the knowledge. Really! You mean they have the liberal privilege to spin climate change any way they want so they can force the people of the world to do their bidding. Just another liberal lie, excuse me, I meant liberal privilege to tell lies.

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Richard Feynman.

Liberal Privilege extends far beyond the lies of “climate change”, or the lies of a democratic party who said.  Health care costs would go down and you could keep your doctor.  These liberals lied about health care, under the ACA, the prices soared. I wonder how much money did Nancy Pelosi have invested in Health Insurance companies at the time of the vote? Democrats passed a law that harmed people by forcing them to buy the “communist” health care. Buy health care or else. Threats from the Liberal Progressive Privileged Class. Do what we say or else. Yea, they respect your freedom and liberty and rights about as much as they respect Donald J. Trump.

We see it with the (Liberal Privilege) to tell outright lies and there is no one paying the price for the lies. In fact, the Liberal Privilege allows them to accuse everyone who disagrees with them of the very behavior they commit. Liberal Privilege racism is rampant in the government. Liberal Privilege has a two-tier justice system. We are innocent but you are all guilty who disagreed with us.

Bernie Sanders says he is for the working class in America. That is a lie, Bernie is for the LIBERAL PRIVILEGE A class that takes from everyone and sends everyone into equal poverty. Bernie is for the working people just as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, and Maudaro were all for the working class. But they forgot to tell you one thing; only if you agreed with them.  If you disagree with them, in the modern terms you are “a deplorable” in a basket of all the other deplorable’s. Liberal Privilege has deemed you scum of the earth not fit to exist. Bernie wants to support the murder of babies in the womb worldwide to control the population growth. I suggest that all men who agree with Bernie should volunteer to have a vasectomy and women who agree should get their tubes tied. That is a positive outcome for climate change and population control.

Liberal Privilege allows you to be an elected official and fleece the public funds with schemes and scams. Telling lies to distract from the criminal behavior of your own “LIBERAL PRIVILEGE.” Why do these people not go to prison? Um!

The Liberal privilege of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters and the host of other long time democrats and many rhino republicans who are stealing away Americans legal rights, “the Patriot Act”, ACA, or affordable care act, The Green New Deal are all Ponzi schemes of government officials forcing Americans to bow to the power of the “Liberal Privilege” that allows these people to commit sedition right in front of us and pretend that the other party is the guilty one. Never for one moment giving a damn about the rights of Americans. Stealing every right that Americans have, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms. This is the communist hive mind of social democrats progressive liberal privilege as well as many rhino republicans, hoping for their own New World Order. All of these are the globalist elites who are working to steal everything America has to offer and give it to the world and send you the tax bill to pay for it. Liberal Dystopian Privilege. The right to degrade and dehumanize you with insults, threats, and violence if you dare disagree.

You hear the Liberal Privilege say that many minority voters cannot get a State ID to present to prove they are American citizens with the right to vote. That is a laughable lie. The only people having a problem getting a state ID is people who are physically ill or too old to get out or as is most likely they are illegal and do not have a legal right to vote. But Liberal Privilege says that is racist. So this is actually racist screaming at everyone else they are racist, Liberal Privilege turns truth inside out just like the Communist Party. They believe that every person on earth has the right to vote in US Elections. I’m sure they would welcome any Chinese communist votes if they could get them. Complete communist control is exactly what the Socialist, Progressive, and the Liberal Privileged want to force all US Citizens to bow to their power, their control, and their demands. They think they have the right to make royal decrees and you deplorable’s had better obey if you know what’s good for you.

So it seems the Liberal Privileged believe they can take the rights of gun owners, the right of free speech. But make no mistake if the Liberal Progressive Privileged is not careful they are going to have a shooting war on their hands. I do not own a gun. But I believe in the right of every American to own a gun to protect them at home but to also create a well-armed militia to prevent “LIBERAL PRIVILEGE” from destroying Constitutional rights. Exactly what the Republican party did under George W. Bush when he passed the unAmerican “Patriot Act”. Just more Liberal Privilege lies to destroy the rights of the citizens of America. Which is exactly what the Democrat party is trying to do today. Since they are walking in lockstep like the Nazi soldiers of Hitler, and locked into the ideological communist hive government state of mind they must be called what they are. Seditious Communist Traitors. LIBERAL PRIVILEGE, the right to betray America and accuse the people who fight back against the real enemy.  Tricky and lies, the right to deceive, this is Liberal Privilege. What hypocrites.

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