Gods Chosen Few

Every person on earth who “believes” in JESUS is hoping they will be chosen by God to enter into his kingdom. They are already chosen because they believe. All those who believe are chosen to be saved. But God has chosen a few to be the ones who act in ways others cannot or will not. In the world today many people preach a prosperity gospel of wealth attainment, but all are wealthy who believe in “I AM.” Those who believe in JESUS are the richest people on the planet.

There are those who say that in the twelve years that is unaccounted for in the life of JESUS he went and studied with the Buddha. But in Luke 2:49, when JESUS was only  12 years old knew more than the “doctors” and they marveled at his knowledge. They wondered where he had studied.

When Mary and Joseph found JESUS missing and in their search of 3 days they found him where? They found him in the Temple. Luke 2:49 “And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?

Twelve years old the child had become a man and knew more than others who marveled at his knowledge and wisdom and his words. Why would Jesus need to study with anyone when he already knew more than others?

But around the world, many people still do not believe in “I AM.” We are not coming to a time of pure hatred for Jesus Christ and in this time God has chosen a few who will dare when others will falter. God’s chosen a few will stand when others run. God has chosen a few who will be strong when others are weak. Standing strong in the Word of God. In their trust in JESUS, in their strong conviction for truth and righteousness. Sinners all, believers all. Standing with the full armor of God wrapped around their minds and bodies, following JESUS.

The chosen few will speak and they will be hated. The chosen few will point out the hypocrisy of each and every one of us. They will point out our sins and our self-deceptions just as was done to them by the will of Jesus. Many will believe them and trust in the Lord JESUS but many will turn away because they will believe the words of men who seek wealth and power and not salvation through belief in Jesus Christ, “I AM.”

Never will anyone bow without belief. If you do not believe in “I AM” if you are afraid to be mocked and called a fool. If you are afraid to live for the Lord Jesus Christ it is natural. Fear is a great deterrent. But belief overcomes fear and belief guides you to the truth of the “Word of God.” The LORD JESUS CHRIST, faithful and true.

So let the mockers, mock. Let the haters, hate. Let the pretenders continue to pretend. Let the believers pray for them, that they may one day come to believe the “Word of God.”

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