Spirit Worlds of Good and Evil

Human minds are guided by good and evil. The Lord Jesus Christ is good and righteous. The Lord Jesus Christ is the spirit of righteousness, clean and beautiful.

But there is evil afoot in the land. A spirit of evil, unclean filth. As we live in the material world never forget there is a spiritual world. A world of beings guided by evil.

The lines of separation are clear and easy to see. Good and Evil exist side by side but are separated by two different spirits. The Spirit of the Holy Righteous Jesus Christ and on the other side the unholy spirit of anti-Christ. Against God. Rebellion at all costs, even if it means the loss of your soul.

“I AM”, was, Is and will be. All else is futile.

Many people think of our world in terms of man’s view and are hard-pressed to see a different view of our world. People find it hard to believe that a being, spoke and our reality came into existence. Yet if one studies the reality of vibration of sound you would realize that there is much more to sound vibration than meets the ear.

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

Try to think of the voice of God as sound vibrations, just as yours are. Vibrations can be manipulated by humans, imagine how “I AM” can manipulate sound vibrations! We cannot. The power to manipulate sound vibrations for us is almost non-existence. We can speak and sing and break glass with some voices. Manipulating matter with a sound we are able to observe.

If the voice exists then the spirit for the voice must also exist.

But there are two voices of two different spirits. one creates, one is pure, righteous and holy.

The other voice exists to deceive, trick, mislead, and fool you into thinking that evil is good and good is evil. One spirit offers life and hope, the other offers self-glorification and unrighteous self-satisfaction and death.

The voices are easy to hear. The world’s spirit of evils voice screams to you to come and be a part of the world. Glorify your self, satisfy all your unrighteous desires and your lust for what you know is wrong.

The voice of Jesus says come out of the world, separate yourself from the world of self-glorification and unrighteous self-satisfaction.


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