What Bernie Sanders Does Not Understand.

I have listened to Bernie Sanders rail against billionaires, yet he is a millionaire. Wealthier than 99% of all other Americans. What a hypocrite.

He talks about taxing the wealth of rich people. Well, he should include himself in the crowd who he plans to steal from. This man has no clue what is wrong with America. Nor do the rest of the democratic candidates. They blindly throw out ideas just to see what sticks on the wall. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren suggest plans that cost more than the American nation pays in taxes combined for years. What a joke. If this is the best Bernie and Elizabeth can offer, I suggest they quit today and all the other elected officials who do not understand what is wrong with America resign as well.

And what is the biggest problem THE FEDERAL RESERVE and Central Banks, to BIG TO FAIL Banks and the IMF, ECB, The World Bank? Central Banking is the problem of this world. These owners of the private Federal Reserve is stealing the wealth of the world, and they proclaim it in public records. They have a target rate of 2% inflation per year. So they are telling you we are stealing 2% of your money year after year after year. And we are going to charge you interest, fees, upon fees, upon fees to simply steal your money. And if you would like to get a return on your “money,” they will offer you a fraction of what they will charge you on any loans. What a deal. It’s a deal, you can’t refuse. Because private bankers control the money system in America and the world. It’s their game and their rules with the power and the authority of the corrupt politicians to keep to going.

Yet here is old Bernie and his sidekick Elizabeth Warren saying Communism can work and how it works is we steal all the wealth of all the citizens. And our friends in the Federal Reserve will print us quad trillions of dollars out of thin air. Uh, counterfeiting you mean. Printing pieces of paper that lose more value each time they print another batch. Just as the Federal Reserve is doing right now.

What gives the criminal reserve banksters the right to steal our wealth with out of control money printing? What gives this giant PONZI Scheme called the Federal Reserve the right and the power to lie to the people and steal their wealth? The Federal Reserve does not allow the bad debt of the banks and too big to fail business to go into bankruptcy. They bail them out and add that to my tax burden. I did not give the Federal Reserve permission to put more debt on my back as a citizen. They are stealing my wealth and committing fraud by putting debt on my back I never agreed to. But the rich bankers are not bankrupt, they were given a bonus and become wealthier. Yea, O.K. What an outright scam on the American people and the citizens of the world.

It is their right because the American people put their faith in a system of lies told to them by bankers, i.e., the Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve Notes are just pieces of paper and are nothing but a lie. They have no value except your faith in them. Of course, the law demands you use them, but they are still just I.O.U. Notes. A promise to pay.

Yet good ole Bernie, yells, and wails against billionaires and not the Ponzi scheme the Federal Reserve is running on the people.

Socialists and communists like Bernie and Elizabeth Warren would be happy to continue on with the Ponzi scheme as they enrich themselves. And the struggle of the 99% would become harder as the counterfeit Federal Reserve bills roll off the printing presses of the US Treasury. What a scam.

All the political hacks who bemoan the billionaires are all millionaires and are just unhappy that they are not billionaires, and if they take power, they will become billionaires.

“You can fool some of the people some time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

The Federal Reserve Banking System is a Ponzi scheme, much like the stock market, which the Federal Reserve Banking System inflates and deflates. The Federal Reserve inflates it on purpose to drive up the value of stocks, bonds, properties, and goods. They push it as far as they can. You see that right now in the stock and bond market and housing market. But the bubble usually deflates unexpectedly, without notice. Just like when a balloon burst, it reaches its maximum capacity for expansion and it burst and is destroyed in an instant. This is what is going to happen to the US Federal Reserve Notes. Puff, here today, gone tomorrow.

And America and most of the world will be thrown into a Greater Depression. Open your eyes, can’t you see it coming at you?

Everything that is placed on the bubble is the illusion of wealth growth, but in reality, it is the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme affecting the value of stocks, bonds, properties, and goods.

It is not a free market system, it is a controlled system. If it was a free market, then all the businesses that should have failed in 2008 would have failed.

It is not consumer demand driving up prices; it is the counterfeit money system we are living under. This is the problem, Bernie.  Not to mention the over-taxation of property ownership. Too many state and federal employees. More state and federal employees need to move back into private employment. The government is growing into the monolithic nightmare of pampered, overpaid, over-compensated workers, who cannot be fired. Simply do away with the positions. Send them back to private employment.

Help lower the debt by reducing the amount of city, state and federal employees. Specially committees, boards, and oversight panels, in other words, bureaucrats. Or make all city, state, and federal employees minimum wage workers. Who can pay their own health care, get no paid vacations, get a raise once every decade! Who can save for their own retirement?  Reduce the size of government and save trillions.

From the website http://www.cnsnews.com

“21,995,000 to 12,329,000: Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 1.8 to 1”

We have a population of 330 million that is approximately 6.5% of the entire us population. The very thing you and many democrats and republicans want to increase is a financial burden on the whole nation. More people are being paid to oversee, manage, and control us than are producing and creating for us.

So please stop railing against the billionaires. Think of people like Michael Jordan, he worked hard for his money, he earned it honestly. Why should he be stripped of his money?

Capitalism is not the problem. It is fraud and corruption that is the problem. We need a fair judicial system that is not rigged in favor of the wealthy and the criminals.

By the way, Bernie,  my wife, and I live on about 32K a year.

We are not asking for any of the billionaire’s money, nor are we asking any of you millionaire’s for your money. We want to be left alone to live in peace, with the right to gun ownership, free speech, less taxation, less government, a less invasive government, fewer business monopolies, and NO To Big To Fail Business or Banks. That is the price of capitalism if you fail.

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