They Do Not Fear God!


Dying on a cross, spilling his blood for all humanity was the Son of God, Jesus Christ. God incarnate who became a man to save humanity and suffered unto death for the debt to be paid for the sins of those who dare to believe. Yet many have been misled, lied to and deceived. They have been caught in a web of deception. They refuse to see love, instead, they see hate. And they hate for one reason, they do not fear God. They believe in their own beauty, in their own power to bend God to their will and they refuse to bend to God’s will.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given all that was possible to humanity and yet most of humanity refuses to acknowledge his power to save human them.  This twisting of reality has turned minds into people who believe that there is no reason to fear God. They believe that the magic of God is sweet and kind and gentle and loving. But they do not understand God is LOVE, and sometimes love hurts. No one gets to the father without the son. This is what they hate, they hate the moral obligation that is demanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. And they are afraid to exalt his name. They are embarrassed to say that Jesus is God. They are conflicted by the deceptions and lies and half-truths of their ministers, preachers, priest, and their Rituals and intercessors, like the Virgin Mary. The Synogauge of Satan is all the churches who are not preaching the power and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  For those congregations that say they are for Jesus and but are not are false churches. Those churches where the preachers and priests are more concerned with social justice instead of preaching the good news of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ for them, who willing suffered your punishment for the sins you commit are Synoguages of Satan, false churches.

Those who hate Jesus, hate themselves. They hate but yet refuse to come to the truth. They hide behind their false beliefs and hold them up as truth when there is no truth in them. The truth of God is simple, love your enemies and your neighbors. But that does not mean you will allow them to abuse you, lie to you, steal from you, or bully you into submission.

Many people in the world hates the Lord Jesus Christ and many people hate themselves and thus their hatred affects everything they touch. Hatred is like a terminal disease. It eats away at your well being and destroys your love of other people. You hate the Lord Jesus Christ because he sets guidelines to your behavior and he only accepts those who are willing to admit their mistakes and change their ways. It is not complex but most people refuse to bend their knee and acknowledge that they have done wrong.

Read Your Bible.



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