The Journey to Righteousness


Broken-hearted human being abounds on the planet earth. Their minds have lost faith and their hearts have turned cold as their broken hearts suffer in pain, as they torment themselves without understanding. Lost in a wilderness of confusion. Lost in a landscape of lies and deceptions. Tormented by their own lust and wickedness.

The broken-hearted are living a lie of deception and suffering a great delusion and thus believing a lie. A lie told to humanity by other human beings. Lies told to deceive and confuse. Lies told to lead people away from truth and righteousness. To lead people to a world of hatred of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and all who bow to the holy spirit of God’s righteousness.

Broken hearts are suffering and pain invades their minds and bodies from their own hatred. Yet they never understand the pain until their minds turn from hate. Blind, they cannot see that their hatred is the cause of their broken heart.

The journey to righteousness begins with truth. Not relative truth where you think that whatever you believe is truth, or whatever you feel is true. Righteous truth does not begin with you, it begins with Jesus Christ. God walking on the face of the earth, healing the pain and suffering of humanity, guiding the hearts and minds of humanity to righteousness. The belief in the power of LOVE. GOD. the LORD JESUS CHRIST and his righteousness and glory.

When you have that moment when you can see clearly the mistakes and wrong you have done, then your eyes are beginning to open. When you accept that you have made the mistakes your eyes are open. When you reach to God, the Lord Jesus Christ you are reaching towards righteousness.

Though each of us is unrighteous by moving towards righteousness we move closer to God. Many of us know we do not deserve to be allowed into the house of God, but we will be allowed because we have believed that the fountains of water are flowing through the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, “I AM”, Jehovah.


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