Murder the Children in the Womb and Take Away Gun Rights.

Chuck Schumer is betraying God with his enthusiastic desire to murder America’s unborn children in the wombs. By the way, there will be consequences for your soul. You are from Brooklyn, and you use strong language.  You and the women who support you are so happy to fight to keep the MURDER of Unborn children legal are all going to reap the whirlwind of the wrath of God.

Chuck Schumer is a threat to every child in the womb of women who do not have the moral backbone to not abort the baby. What a hypocrite. Chuck Schumer says he is not threatening the Supreme Court, and I believe him. But he is threatening every child that is in the womb when he says he is enthusiastic about keeping the butcher of children in the womb legal. How do you justify destroying millions of unborn American’s and pretend that keeping abortion legal is not destroying the lives of millions of people, the born, and those not allowed to be born.

But oh, you are all for taking the guns of American’s so you can protect us from ourselves. When it is you and Nancy and Adam and Jerry and Maxine and AOC and Ilhan and Bernie and Elizabeth and Biden all you want to do is disarm the American population. And then what? Will you begin to murder us then?

We will fight for the Unborn and the right to own guns.

Because guns are the only thing that is going to keep us from being enslaved into your communist/socialist/fascist/nazi idealogy of your politically correct social justice children, of the born. Fake Political leaders, fake people, two-faced and hypocrites. I believe it will be you who reaps the political whirlwind Mr. Schumer and all your party hacks.

Childlike in his outrage to ensure that women can make bad choices, and he is enthusiastic about keeping it so. Murdering children in the womb is the lowest form of hatred of God. So it appears we have a political party that hates more than it can ever love because they revel in the destruction of life in the womb. They demand the right to murder.

Murders belong in prison.

And their next goal is to take away guns from American’s so they can start murdering with impunity anyone who refuses to bow to their demands. This is the communist agenda, which hides its self in the socialist economic wing of communism. They pretend they want to protect you from yourself but who will protect you from them if you give up your guns?

The democrat party seems to hate children, hate guns, hate free-speech, hates the right of people to make money. It seems they hate all things American. And love all things, communists. Uninformed people continue to vote for these hate-mongers whose anti-American sentiment is becoming a raw nerve to many citizens, no matter their political affiliation.  Joe Biden saying he would assign Beta O’rouke to help take the guns away from law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. But not one damn word on punishing people to the full extent of the law when they commit crimes. Joe Biden will sell Americans out to the Chinese Communist Party. Just like Nancy and Chuck and Maxine and Adam and all the other political hacks of both sides like old Mitt, the hypocrite Romney was happy to do so they could line their pockets with billions of dollars.

It seems the entire democratic party leaders are all about taking everything they can from the American people and forcing them to bend to their demands without any consideration for the law-abiding, tax-paying citizen who pays their salary.  It’s our way or the highway with democratic socialist leaders.

So old Chuck you are about the reap the political whirlwind of defeat at the hands of people who love being free, love the right to bear arms, hate abortion, love being able to make money and improve their lives. And we will fight to overturn Roe Vs. Wade at the earliest possible moment as it is an abomination each and every time a woman aborts her child and you are the enabler of this genocide.


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